Special Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

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Special whole wheat bread recipe

When life gets stressful I often turn to my kitchen. My little 70’s kitchen may not make the cover of Better Homes & Gardens, but to me, it’s an oasis.

The appeal really isn’t the kitchen itself.  It’s more than the old brown cabinets and speckled cream counter-tops. It’s the work, the art, the act of kneading and chopping. The smell of hard work simmering on the stove, and fresh baked bread rising in the oven. The act of flour covered hands and an apron in need of washing.

special whole wheat bread recipe

Out of everything made in my kitchen, bread tops my “must make” list (I’m a list-maker, remember?). The kneading, rising, and little eyes peeking over the well-worked counter to watch the action, calms my stress, resulting in a delicious loaf of homemade perfection.

While bread may appear hard to make, it’s really one of the simplest homemade foods one can attempt. The trick to a good bread always starts with an active yeast (or a natural yeast if making sourdough). Followed by just the right amount of flour to produce a dough that’s stretchy and workable. And finally, a healthy amount of kneading. With those three combos from-scratch bread is just a pan and hot oven away.


Today’s recipe is a new favorite, a bread made with an ingredient that often doesn’t receive much bread attention: cottage cheese. Now, I hear ya, “No way! I’m not putting cottage cheese in my bread. Yuck!”. Or maybe that was just my response? I too was skeptical. But friend, sometimes even the biggest skeptics can be proved wrong.

This easy bread (made with Red Star Yeast) is moist and soft, easy to cut, and makes the most delicious toast or sandwiches (without a cottage cheese taste).  It’s a bread that won’t disappoint, leaving behind the pleasant taste of homemade satisfaction.

special whole wheat bread recipe

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Special Whole Wheat Bread

Calories 1905 kcal



  1. Find the full instructions over at Red Star Yeast.

*The original recipe calls for bread flour. You’re welcome to use bread flour, I chose to use white whole wheat.

Special whole wheat bread recipe

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  • Yummy!!

    What exactly is “white whole wheat”? I saw that it isn’t bleached which is amazing!

    I too am looking for ways to balance the health of whole wheat and the texture, rise and fluffiness of white bread. I have found spelt helps a bit with this, but has it’s own challenges (messes with my water/flour balance and has an unpredictable rise).


    • Hey Emma, There are a few different types of wheat berries, two of which are: hard wheat and soft wheat. When hard wheat berries are ground, they produce a hard “whole wheat flour”. When the soft wheat berries are ground, they produce a “white whole wheat flour”. The only difference is the actual texture of the final ground flour. While white whole wheat may sound like white flour, it isn’t stripped of any nutrients, it’s simply a different kind of wheat berry. I also love spelt and einkorn, but both can be bit a tricky to sub for wheat particularly in yeast breads.

  • Bread flour provides gluten, which is important to the structure of the bread. I add vital wheat gluten to my whole grain breads, it really makes a difference. That way you can exchange whole wheat flour for bread flour without having a final product that is dense instead of light. You can find vital wheat gluten in the aisle where flour, yeast and baking powder are, usually in small boxes about the same size as cornstarch.

    • Thanks for sharing, Carol. In this recipe a sub of white wheat works well for the bread flour, without needing vital wheat gluten. But, you’re welcome to add it. Enjoy!!

  • This looks amazing! And pretty easy, too. I find that if a recipe’s not easy, it doesn’t make it into my routine. I’m going to give this a try and see if it does(: And I want to try the cinnamon swirl variation, too!

  • Hi Kristin! Great recipe, made it today and I love it! I was curious though how you store this bread? Is this one that works well in the freezer?

    • Hey Katie, I’m so glad you loved the bread. There’s nothing quite like freshly made bread!

      I usually cut each loaf in half, wrap each half with parchment paper, and place them in gallon-size freezer bags. I store the the wrapped halves in the freezer until needed. All that to say, this bread is very freezer-friendly ;).

  • Would this recipe work in a bread machine? I just got one for Christmas and I want a wholesome recipe like this to be the first thing I try!

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