Books & Cookbooks

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When I’m not mixing up a fresh batch of chocolatey (healthier) muffins, chasing down backyard chickens, or concocting homemade formulas, I actually take a moment to sit.

Sit and enjoy the quiet few minutes of nap time, with a big glass of Kombucha, and read. Nothing inspires me more– a good story, delicious recipe, the quiet moments of reflection.

Here’s where you may find me spending those quiet moments of inspiration.


  • Nourishing-Traditions
  • The-Nourishing-Traditions-Book-of-Baby-&-Child-Care
  • In-Defense-of-Food
  • Real-Food-for-Mother-and-Baby
  • Baby-Led-Weaning
  • food-rules
  • food-matters
  • French-Kids-Eat-Everything
  • the-unhealthy-truth
  • Pandoras-Lunchbox-by-Melanie-Warner
  • Cooked
  • Nutrition-and-Physical-Degeneration
  • Real Food: What to Eat and Why


  • Nourishing-Traditions
  • The-Old-Farmer’s-Almanac-Garden-Fresh-Cookbook
  • The-Meat-Lover's-Meatless-Cookbook
  • The-Juicing-Bible
  • The-Healthy-Juicers-Bible
  • The-Elliott-Homestead
  • The-Earthbound-Cook
  • The-Baby-Led-Weaning-Cookbook
  • Real-Food-Diet-Cookbook
  • Food-to-Live-By-Earthbound-Cookbook
  • Gather-the-Art-of-Paleo-Entertaining
  • Homemade-Pantry
  • super-natural-every-day
  • Super-Natural-Cooking
  • sprouted-kitchen
  • organic-family
  • farmers-market-cooking
  • deliciously-organic
  • ancient-grains