Healthy Kids Resource Vault

“If you think saving money for college or moving to a neighborhood with a good school system is important, then consider the importance of ensuring that your children are as healthy as they can be.”

-Dr. Catherine Shanahan, Deep Nutrition

Nourish Your Kids and Family with Real Food

Healthy Lunches Guide

Free Healthy Lunches 5-Day Guide

Learn the basics of how to plan, prep, and pack (if needed) nourishing lunches for an entire week. Your kids (big and small ;)) will love this week-long plan and you’ll love the simplicity it brings to your days. The 20-page PDF guide includes a meal plan, shopping list, prep tips, snack ideas, and recipes. Enjoy video instruction from yours truly along with food prep ideas and daily meal photos and ideas for an entire week.



Live Simply Lunch Course

Simplified School Lunch Program

The simplified, time-Saving approach to healthy, kid-approved lunches.


Live Simply Snack Guide

Healthy Snack Guide

Whether your children are young or grown, this snack guide will empower you with the recipes, store-bought recommendations, snack combining ideas, and more to help you fall in love with nourishing your family in a simplified way.