March: Things I Love

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Today, I should be posting a silly April Fools. You know, Avocado pudding or some funny little concoction, but I’ve got nothing. Sorry, folks. Growing up I have fun memories of April Fool’s Day. My fondest is of the year my mom served cat food to look like pate for our bagels. Mmmm. Don’t worry friends, she fessed up with “April Fools” and a laugh before we enjoyed a tasty bite.

With March at an end, April ushers in spring. Hooray! Open windows, food on the grill, and the house smelling wonderfully clean from homemade cleaners (I shared a couple of cleaning recipes last month to get you started). There’s something incredibly refreshing about a new season. Before we fling ourselves into spring, let’s look back at the March.

Home Sweet Home

Piper turned 4: My little man turned the big “4” in March. It’s incredible to think back over the last couple of years and how much he’s grown and changed. I went back this month and read his story of healing.

what I loved March

New chicks: With the death of two of our hens in February, we decided that Piper’s birthday was a great excuse for new chicks. We’ve been enjoying the blessing of new little babies running around, but also know they demand a huge responsibility. If you are thinking about new little chicks, I shared three important questions I ask myself before adding to our flock.

Strawberries galore: February means big glorious strawberries here in Florida. Strawberry picking was top on my list for March. A day spent in the local field yielded forty pounds of sweet berries. Strawberry jam, syrup, and frozen berries have been stocked to enjoy all year long.

What I love: march

In the Kitchen

1. Strawberry-Beet Salad: My new go-to spring salad has already graced our table a number of times. It’s deliciously sweet and crisp. This former beet-hater just can’t enough.


2. Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies: Candice stopped by the blog last month to share her perfectly-chewy homemade chocolate chip cookies. And guess what? They are soaked to help with digestion. If you haven’t made these you need to, now. Wait, wait–after you finish this post.

3. Homemade ToothpasteIt may not be food, but it’s awfully close! Homemade toothpaste is a family favorite and is made with only a few simple ingredients (some from my kitchen). Plus, it actually tastes good. Who wants to brush their teeth with yucky-tasting toothpaste? “Not me” said the natural blogger.

Around the Blog World

1. Homemade Foundation That Works: I’ve been using my homemade foundation powder for over a year now and absolutely love it. It’s perfect for light to moderate coverage, but when I want something a tad bit more I’ve been buying expensive (and questionable) “organic” foundation at the store. I was so excited to discover Scratch Mommy’s recipe for homemade foundation that actually works. This foundation is perfect underneath my powder (or by itself). Plus, as summer approaches it doubles as a sunscreen.

2. Balsamic-Strawberry Black Pepper Jam: With forty pounds of strawberries there was bound to be lots of jam making. I love a good ol’ plain strawberry jam, but when I found this delicious recipe from Real Food Girl Unmodified I was beyond excited. An adult jam for those moments when I need a break from the basic stuff. Delicious!

what I love: march

3. Frugal Meal Plan: You know I love a good meal plan. I love the simplicity a meal plan brings to day-to-day real food eating. Plus, a good plan helps keep me on budget. My friend Tara from We Got Real started a new monthly series, a frugal meal plan designed to feed a family of four for $80 a week. I’ve gained so many practical meal ideas from her ideas.

4. Easiest Vegetables to GrowI have a section here at Live Simply called “gardening”. Pretty cool, right? Before you rush over to check out all my awesome gardening tips, let me share a secret–there aren’t any. I garden, but not very successfully. I grow a few broccoli and collards over winter and tomatoes over the spring, but other than that I’m a bit of a gardening wannabe. When Kris over at Attainable Sustainable shared her post, “Easiest Vegetables to Grow” I was so excited.  Thanks to her I actually may reap a nice harvest next season.

What I love: March

It’s been a fabulous March. I look forward to sharing the simplicity of life with you this April!

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