Kitchen Tools Every Real Food Kitchen Needs

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Favorite Real Food-tools

I started Live Simply with a mission to return back to the “simple life”. The age when gardens flourished in backyards, and chickens and children freely roamed. When families celebrated time spent in the kitchen preparing food from scratch and took pride in making homemade cleaning products.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that a real food life must be full of elite kitchen gadgets, specialty appliances, and expensive ingredients.  I easily get sucked into this mentality, particularly when browsing the endless pins on Pinterest. A serious addiction.

When I think about what I use in my kitchen, what I really need to make the very best food for my family, I only need a few simple tools. Tools I use daily, multiple times a day, to prepare homemade nourishing foods for my family. Sure, I have more specialty tools, like a Kitchen Aid Mixer (which I picked up for $25 at the sale of the century),  slicers and dicers, and a little spinner thing that perfectly dries my wet greens. While the fancy tools come in handy, they are not what I use in my kitchen daily to make the bulk of our from-scratch meals.

So, what are the essential tools I use everyday in my real food kitchen? You can click on the links below to view the essential tools I use and love.

Real Food Crash Course

Today, I’m sharing via video how with these simple tools can make just about anything.

Anything! Really.


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