5 Secrets to Using Non-Toxic Cleaners

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For years, I used cleaning products without giving any thought to what I was spraying in our home…

I trusted that my cleaning products were safe.

A few years ago, this all changed.

I began to research my favorite cleaning products, curious as to what was used to make these products.  Figuring out what cleaning ingredients to avoid and which products are safe and what to ditch took years of research and trial and error.

Now, I help families all over the globe simplify natural cleaning.

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Join the Challenge: 5 Secrets to Using Non-Toxic Cleaners


Over the next 5 days, you’ll learn…

7 cleaning product ingredients to avoid

7 easy-to-make swaps for a healthier home

how to make and use 3 DIY cleaning products

how to build a natural cleaning caddy with products and tools that will clean your entire home

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5 Day Natural Cleaning Challenge Live Simply


live simply

Join the Challenge: 5 Secrets to Using Non-Toxic Cleaners

At Live Simply, we believe in small and intentional actions, progress over perfection, and that joy is found in simplicity and getting back to the basics.