No-Stress Lunch Challenge

5 Days to Easier, Healthier Lunches

We’ve all been there…

  • staring at an empty lunchbox
  • finishing off the last few drops of coffee
  • trying to think of something new, different, healthy, and super easy to pack for lunch that day

Lunchbox fatigue is a real thing!

Now, imagine waking up each morning with a plan for what you’ll pack for lunch that day and food ready to go in the fridge. And not just any food: healthy, nourishing food that you and your kids love.

For years, I struggled with lunch fatigue and stress, until I made a few simple tweaks that totally simplified this daily routine.

The 5-Day No-Stress Lunch Challenge gives you the tools and strategies to take the guess work and stress out of making and packing healthy, nourishing, family-approved lunches.

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Over the next 5 days, you’ll learn…

the “secret sauce” to easily creating a lunch meal plan

how to prep food components and mix and match those components to easily build lunch and family meals throughout the week

how to make 9 healthy recipes that will quickly become family favorites

5 simple lunches to pack over the next week and rotate throughout the school year

2 strategies to simplify and take the guess work out of the question, “what’s for lunch today?”

How it Works

Sign up below, then check your email for the 20-page lunch guide: a ready-to-use meal plan, food prep guide, shopping list, recipes, and a welcome video.

Check your email each day over the next week for that day’s lunch plan. Each day’s lunch plan is short and easy to take action on (we’re all busy and no one has time for a long homework assignment–we’re about simplicity here!).

The school lunch guide is yours to save, download, and print! Reuse the guide over and over again to simplify and save time this year.

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Simplified School Lunch