Parenting in the Age of iPhones and Facebook

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I have an iPhone.  In fact, I’ve had 4 iPhones! (Apple really needs to make a child-proof, drop-proof, shatter-resistant phone!)

I have active Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, and Twitter accounts.

I love my iPhone and social media!

That's me behind the cute little blonde boy. On the beach. On my phone.
That’s me behind the cute little blonde boy. On the beach. On my phone.

I love being able to connect with the rest of the world with just the touch of an app on my phone. I am able to connect with family and friends and share words and pictures in Michigan, Chicago, South Florida and and all over the world.

Real Food Crash Course


I love being able to find wonderful recipes from fellow bloggers, which in the past would have meant buying cookbook after cookbook. I love having my calendar instantly available, my email constantly updating, books I’m reading a click away,  and my personal secretary, Siri,  issuing constant reminders of what I need to do each day.

And Pinterest, oh how I love thee!

Okay, I am slightly addicted!

I have fully embraced the technology age I live in!

Recently a fellow mom wrote a blog post called, “Dear Mom on the iPhone,”. The post went viral and stirred up a lot of emotion in moms all over the globe! Some moms complained of feeling judged while others eagerly re-posted with a big “Amen”. It is obvious that these little devices are quite a sensitive topic with moms. After reading that post, my first reaction was…

“What?” You don’t understand! I do so much on my iPhone! It’s such a blessing and used for good! Without this little device my life would lack any organization!”

That was where I stood!

I wasn’t backing down!


Last night!

It was my night for bath duty! I filled up the bath water, the kids eagerly jumped in and bodies were soaped up.  It was a typical bath night.  Now, don’t judge me, I’m just being honest, but some nights, okay, many nights, I use bath time to check emails, update Facebook, brainstorm and write blog posts, check Instagram, and check out my calendar for the week. But last night was different, I forgot my phone downstairs. The kids played as usual, however, this time I engaged! 

I engaged in bath play: we splashed, we giggled, we looked in each others eyes.

Last night made me think…

How often am I so consumed by the business of my phone that I forget to stop and connect with my kidsWhile I am seeking to connect with the world out there, I am loosing the connection, the play time, the special moments that won’t come again with the world that I have been given to nurture, grow, and build upmy kids!

How often are my Facebook and Instagram perfectly updated, yet a pretend city of Legos is desired to be built.

How often is my Pinterest packed full of recently pinned recipes, yet I can’t find the time to make my kids favorite snack or spend a few moments making homemade cookies together.

I have a desire to connect with the world out there, with other people. Being a stay-at-home-mom can be lonely job many days. The world of social media can be a blessing for the connection it provides with just the touch of a screen and click of a button, but I now ask myself:

How often in seeking that connection am I failing to connect with two little people in my own house? Sure, they may not be able to talk about current issues or provide recipe substitution advice, but they are also people who desire connection!

How often do they glance over at me, busy on my phone, connecting with others, with a desire to play, connect, share their world and just talk about what’s important to them?

photo kids

This week I am pledging as as a mom to connect with my kids!

I am pledging to put down the phone, turn off the computer while they are awake, and enjoy the moments we are given.  Moments to play, giggle, talk with one another, and connect


Live Simply, 



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