Real Food Meal Plan: April 14th-20th

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One of the keys to eating real food for our family is a meal plan.

Fresh Veggie

While I will be going into more detail about the logistics of how I meal plan in the Our (Real) Food Journey series,   I wanted to share with you what our family will be eating this week.

A couple things you should know…

I shop bi-weekly at a local coop, where I get fresh dairy and fruits and veggies, along with eggs, raw honey,  and a few other goodies.  I plan our meals for a 2 week period of time (occasionally I plan for a whole month, plan not shop).

I like consistency but variety!

I visit our local health food store, Nature’s Food Patch, on a weekly basis, to restock items such as cream (the farm we get our milk from currently doesn’t have cream, I buy Natural by Nature right now), bananas (we run out fast in this house), a local brand of fresh OJ (the only way I can get my son to take Cod Liver Oil is by mixing it with the OJ),  and a couple other items.

Our family recently became members at Costco. I visit monthly for a few items like Kerrygold Grass-fed Butter, Kerrygold Cheese, organic tomato paste, Wild Planet Tuna,  and a couple other items. I will be going into more detail about the great items I find at Costco in a later post.

I purchase our meat twice a year through a farmer. Recently we bought 50lbs of beef, soup bones, 6 whole chickens, and 15lbs of pork. This will last our family, with careful planning, until I can order meat again in the fall.

I purchase grains through a different coop which specializes in grains, oats, and a few other products twice a year.

I will be going into more detail about how all this works for our family later this week so be sure to subscribe via email and like livesimply on Facebook to follow along. 

Breakfast is highlighted in orange and dinner in blue. I usually don’t plan lunches, as I use lots of leftovers from dinner or the boring old Pb&J (hey, I have two kids) or some type of more adult sandwich for the husband and I. Links for the recipes, which I am using from other internet sources are provided.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Scrambled Eggs with banana bread and Kiwi and blueberries    Soaked Oatmeal (recipe coming soon)with butter, cream, honey, Berries and chopped bananas Omelet with cheese, green onions, and tomatoes, cantaloupe, and toast with homemade strawberry jam Homemade Granola with milk and chopped bananas and blueberries Smoothies: berries, peaches, apple juice, spinach, flax, yogurt, and banana and breakfast burritos Paleo-Beakfast Bars with hard-boiled eggs
Roasted whole Chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes, saladNote: save chicken bones to make overnight crock-pot bone broth Chicken Salad sandwiches with celery and red onions topped with sprouts, Garbanzo bean salad, sliced cantaloupe Black Bean Enchiladas (made with leftover black beans from Sunday and chicken broth from Monday) and green salad Lasagna Roll ups packed with broccoli and spinach,  homemade spaghetti sauce, asparagus on the side Pizza Pinwheels loaded with leftover veggies with leftover spaghetti sauce Lentil Soup (use chicken broth from Monday) and add swiss chard and ground suasage with fresh bread and green salad

For snacks this week we will be having: fruit, Mary’s Gone Crackers with cheese, and Cranberry-Date lara bars (recipe coming soon), smoothies, popcorn with coconut oil, butter, and real salt (made with our popcorn popper).

How are you nourishing your family this week?

Live Simply,


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  1. says: Gen Falleur

    Pretty cool Kristin! We are very committed here to eat well! We have been gluten-free for almost three months now and watching hidden sugars in our diet. We are doing this for one of our kids- it has made a tremendous difference. We are eating lots of protein and making smoothies for breakfast. This is great!
    Good job!

    1. says: kmarr

      Thank you! That is so awesome! It’s amazing how much the food we consume affect us and our children! Check out deliciously organic online. Carrie Vitt, has many awesome gluten-free recipes we love!

  2. says: Tricia

    Great stuff, here! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope this is not too personal, but can I ask what your weekly/monthly budget is for food? We eat similarly in my household, but I’m always looking for ways to eat well but to save where I can.

    1. says: Kristin

      Hi Tricia, Thank you for stopping by and commenting. My family budget is around $600-800 a month. I know that’s a large gap, but it really depends if we are purchasing in bulk in a given month (such as a cow share or big wheat purchase). There is a section under real food called “where to shop” and goes into detail on how I shop and what I spend on items :).

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