Real Food Meal Plan: May 13-19

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If you are new here, you can check out more info on what our family eats here. And also where I shop and how I meal plan here.

Here is our family’s meal plan for this week. I only plan breakfast and dinners as we tend to eat leftovers for lunch or stick with simple sandwiches and fruit and veggies. Breakfast is in orange and dinner in blue. Links for some recipes are provided.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Scrambled Eggs with Cinnamon Streusel Muffins (make ahead on Sunday)    Soaked oatmeal (recipe coming) with bananas and berries and chopped walnuts with raw honey and cinnamon sprinkled on top and raw milk    Sautéed spinach in butter in a cheese omelet with left over Cinnamon Streusel Muffins Homemade Granola with homemade yogurt with raw honey, berries. Cantaloupe slices on the side. Clean Eating Cherry Beet Smoothie with toast and butter with cinnamon sprinkled on top Fried Eggs with cantaloupe slices and soaked biscuits (I really can’t get enough of these!) Soaked Waffles (I will be using raw milk to soak the flour) topped with blueberries  and real butter with pure maple syrup and pastured bacon on the side 
Food Babe’s Open on Sunday Sandwich (My husband declared he has a desire for a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich so this is my answer)Sweet Potato chips   Parmasean Frittata with  Fresh Rosemary and Greens  (I just found raw grass fed parm. at my local health food store…I’m excited!) with a big green salad with homemade dressing and fresh bread  real butter Homemade Beef Taquitos with homemade guacamole, homemade salsa, raw sour cream, grilled pineapple slices on the side. Spaghetti and meatballs (I am doing another week of spaghetti and meatballs because I’m eager to try this recipe…I’ll be using fresh spinach), homemade sauce (recipe this week) and green salad with homemade dressing Pizza Pockets with sauteed  veggies, and leftover spaghetti sauce from yesterday for dipping with roasted green beans with parm. Cheese   Minestrone Soup (I will be using Kale or swiss chard in place of spinach)with chicken broth from the freezer with a green salad with homemade dressing Chicken Gyros with apple slices 

Snacks: I am addicted to these Granola Bars! I added dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice) and didn’t have any Chia seeds this week. We will also be having: grapes, carrot and cucumber sticks, pineapple in homemade yogurt, left over homemade salsa and gauc from Wednesday night’s dinner (see above) with tortilla chips, apple slices with this dip (I be using my homemade yogurt), and green smoothies.

For a treat this week, I will be making Chocolate Banana Pops! Super nourishing…the perfect summer treat!

Have a great weekend!

Live Simply,


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  1. says: Kelly Smith

    What a fun site! Thanks so much for the shout out on my cinnamon streusel muffins and minestrone soup. So happy you enjoy these recipes enough to share a link to them with you readers. Appreciate it! Blessings, Kelly

    1. says: kmarr

      Thanks, Kelly! Those are just a few of our favorite recipes from your site! I can always count on your site to have some great recipes! Thanks for letting me share!

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