Secret Ingredient Creamy Tomato Pasta

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Creamy Tomato Pasta

I’m so excited to have Jessica from Scratch Mommy stopping by to share a delicious recipe while I am away enjoying some much needed family time. Jessica blogs about real food and also runs an online skincare shop. Her products are truly AMAZING. You can find everything from homemade lip balms to body lotions to deodorants in her fabulous online shop.  I personally use and love her line.  All her products are: 100% organic, sustainably-sourced,  contain no preservatives, non-GMO, and offer *real* skincare solutions.  Be sure to pop on by her blog and online shop. And check out her yummy secret ingredient sauce below.

Hello! I am elated to be guest posting here for Kristin, one of my most favorite bloggers. I am both humbled and


You are here for a secret ingredient creamy tomato pasta dish. This has quickly become a favorite in our home, and it’s

Real Food Crash Course


easy, which makes me happy!

First, I run my scratch kitchen on a ‘good, better, best’ scale. What do I mean by that? Let’s use tomatoes, as an


BEST– Fresh, organic, heirloom tomatoes

BETTER– Organic tomatoes in a glass jar

GOOD– Non-organic tomatoes in a glass jar

BAD– Conventional tomatoes in a metal can (filled with preservatives and chemicals…yuck)

I have learned to use a few convenience food items on the ‘better’ spectrum of the scale, simple because it makes my life a bit easier. We still get to eat quality, yummy, made (basically) from scratch food, but in an easier (and quicker) to create fashion.

When you are running a full time organic skincare business (find my shop here), spending loads of quality time with our 2 year old, enjoying time with my hubs, and still finding time to blog…well, a few ‘better’ convenience items are okay with me.

Here’s the nice thing about this recipe. If you strive to always eat ‘best’ on your own personal scale, you can still do that with the proper substitutions. It’s easy! We only need to learn to think inside of the healthy box and do what works best for our families.

Let’s cut right to the chase now, shall we?

creamy tomato pasta

Secret Ingredient Creamy Tomato Pasta (dairy-free, GF option)



● ½ jar (oz) tomato paste

● 1 can full-fat coconut milk (like THIS)

● ¼ red onion

● 1T healthy cooking fat for onions (I use bacon grease, but coconut oil, butter, etc. are all great; I just like bacon a


● ⅛t garlic salt

● ½t garlic powder

● Splash (~½T) of- raw, organic apple cider vinegar

● Pinch of- sea salt (like THIS), white pepper, dry basil (like THIS), all to taste

● Secret ingredient- 1T smoked paprika (like THIS) – If you love smoked paprika like me, use 2T

● Optional for spice- 1T red pepper flakes


● BEST- Homemade pasta (like THIS)

● BEST/BETTER- Gluten-free pasta (we love THIS GF pasta)

● GOOD- An organic pasta (like THIS)

Make It

First, this is enough sauce to cover ½ package of noodles (so, about 6-8oz).

Cook your pasta according to package (or homemade) directions while you are making your sauce…easy peasy!

Sauce directions…

● In a large pan, dice (or slice, if you prefer) your onion and add to pan with cooking fat; saute until translucent

(about 3-4 minutes on medium heat).

● Add tomato paste, coconut milk, and apple cider vinegar. Turn heat to low and let it simmer for at least

15 minutes.

● Add in all other spices and continue simmering for at least 5 more minutes. Taste it…add more spices to taste.

● Turn off heat and toss pasta in sauce; sauce will thicken after standing for a few minutes.

● I garnish with a little more basil because, well…it tastes good and it’s pretty!


You have now one UhMaaaZing creamy tomato pasta dish (dairy-free w/a GF option) to enjoy. Thanks so much for welcoming me here on Live Simply…it’s a place I like to visit often. Maybe I’ll see more of you here or even over at my little corner of the world HERE!

Thanks so much for having me and enjoy your pasta! Until next time…


Jess, aka Scratch Mommy


MePicJess, aka Scratch Mommy. I create yummy *real* food recipes & non-toxic household products from scratch. You’ll find DIY products all over my home and kombucha brewing on my counter. I am a WAHM, mother to 2 yr old Mr. O, and wife to a wonderful traveling salesman. I’m a lover of music, reading,dancing, karaoke, cooking, and spinning circles with my son. Oh, and I LOVE creating healthy, organic, *real* skincare solutions! You can take a look at my organic skincare products (body butters, body lotions, deodorants, sunscreens, and much more) here in my online shop.

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