Months go by so fast!

I remember being a child and thinking time went by way too slow! It took forever to reach 13, 16, 18 in my young mind.

How is it with age, as we want time to slow down, instead it picks up speed and races by all too quickly? 

Please slow down!

I am still young.

I’ll be telling myself that for the next 70 years.

At least that’s how long I’d like to tell myself.

Even with my youth, time flies and I desire to slow down and capture the moments.

I plan to start a new recap, a capturing of what happened during the month at Live Simply and share some of my favorite things from across the online world.

Home Sweet Home

egg nesting box

A Farm in the Making: Our city backyard has been transformed this month into a mini-farm! Our family along with contributing writer Candice, adopted four new hens this month. Our mornings now consist of cleaning chicken poop, restocking fresh hay, and searching for eggs. You can read more about my four hens here.

Did I mention we made newbie farmer mistake number one…we named them! Since we plan to eventually use them as soup chickens this probably wasn’t the smartest idea we ever had!


No more diapers: After nearly 3.5 years of changing diapers, my three year decided it was time! Time to ditch the diapers. Can I just tell you how excited I am! And you heard that right, he decided it was time!

No potty-training in this house!

My laundry folding has increased. Piper is still learning he doesn’t need a new pair of underwear every time he uses the big boy toilet. So for now I wash and fold a million pairs of Thomas undies, but hey, I am not complaining! I invite you to read  Why I Don’t Potty Train!

In the Kitchen


Kombucha: I started making my own Kombucha this month! Thanks to a wonderful friend who gave my a SCOBY. Despite the SCOBY appearance, I am loving the various flavors I am able to make and the probiotic benefits. My gut is one happy place right now! You can read all about Kombucha making here.

Milk Kefir: I have some pretty awesome friends! They are always giving me unusual cultures and bacteria!  Another sweet friend gave me kefir grains a couple weeks ago.

Milk kefir grains are live active cultures consisting of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. Adding the kefir grains to fresh milk yields a probiotic drink within 24 to 48 hour source

The end result is a sour milk product boasting many health benefits. At first I didn’t know what to do with my kefir. I am slowly experimenting with the kefir in recipes and can I just say I have fallen in love with milk kefir! Seriously so good for you and so easy to make! I told you my gut was one happy place right now! I’ll be sharing more about milk kefir in a couple posts next month.

Around the Web

DIY Bug Repellent Sunscreen: I have been spending lots of time with the kids in the backyard. Between chickens and prepping for a fall garden, we are constantly out in the sun and a great feast for blood-loving mosquitoes. I am loving this 2 in 1 bug repellent and sunscreen! What a brilliant idea!


Watermelon Lemonade: 100 degree August summers are a killer in Florida! This lemonade is exactly what I need when the sweat just doesn’t stop! And it’s a hit with the kids! Nourishing, refreshing, and kid-friendly!

Grain Fee Graham Crackers: I am always looking for a special snack for my kids. When I saw these graham crackers I instantly knew they would be hit for both the kids and Dustin and I.


DIY Whipped Body Butter:   My bathroom has been undergoing a DIY makeover this month! I can’t wait to try this DIY Body Butter. I have always had a great love for lotion and moisture on my skin!

Homemade Chicken Feed: Organic and Soy-free: Now that I have chickens, homemade chicken feed is like music to my ears! Have you read the list of junk in commercial feed? There is no way I am feeding fillers and other questionable ingredients to my ladies and then feast on their eggs. This recipe is inexpensive and easy to and win!


Flourless Red Velvet Brownies: I have recently discovered a love for beets! These brownies look AMAZING! And they contain beets! Talk about delicious and nourishing!

I’d love to hear what happened in your life this month? Did you find any great recipes? Any exciting news? Cook anything new?  I’d love to hear from both readers and blogger alike. Links are welcome!

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  1. I like this post! I like the summary and stuff from around the web. Wow, you have great friends! 😉

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