Ultimate Fall Baking Giveaway

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Ultimate Fall Baking Giveaway

Congratulations to Angie C!!!

We’ve reached the end of the Ultimate Fall Baking University. It’s been a delicious six weeks. We’ve measured flour, crumbled butter, and only burned one or two muffins along the way, with the end result of practical flour knowledge and experience to help our fall baking be the ultimate success story.

Ultimate Fall Baking Giveaway

Over the last six weeks we’ve covered:

I truly feel like a giant celebration and diplomas are needed, along with the official cap-in-the-air tossing, but since I can’t actually issue you a diploma, let’s celebrate with the only way that seems appropriate…more flour!!

I’ve been honored to team up with a few of my favorite companies to bring you this amazing series, two of these companies are: Jovial and Bob’s Red Mill. Both of these companies are leaders in the real food baking world. Both Jovial and Bob’s baking flours are always stocked in my pantry, fridge, and freezer. I know that buying from these companies means using products that I can trust and will result in delicious homemade goodies for my family.

Ultimate Fall Baking Giveaway

Jovial and Bob’s Red Mill not only provided me with flour to bring you this series, but want to provide you with the opportunity to use their products this fall! I’m excited to partner with both companies to bring you a huge Ultimate Fall Baking celebration and giveaway! Are you ready to celebrate?

Live Simply Giveaway

The Ultimate Fall Baking Giveaway

One Live Simply reader will win:

How to Enter the Giveaway

1. Check out the links above to take a look at the prizes.

2.  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway.

The contest runs from November 16, 2014 to November 30, 2014 (11:59pm).

The winner will be announced within 48 hours of the giveaway ending, here on the blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ultimate Fall Baking Giveaway

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      1. says: Marcy

        Would love either cookbook, I just found this blog and love it! We had the whole roasted chicken tonight and starting the bone broth in the morning! Option #2 would be my first choice- so much to learn.

  1. says: Roxana S.

    The Homemade Flour cookbook because then I have a whole world of choices of what I can cook depending on the month’s budget and what is allowed on someone’s diet.

  2. says: Tammie Rovetuso

    I would love the Homemade Pantry cookbook. Both books look awesome! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!

  3. says: Leslie Hosterman

    I would love a copy of the the Homemade Pantry. I aspire to be a better baker and feel like this is just the practical tool I need to hone my skills!

  4. says: Mrc

    Would love to experiment with different types of flours so would really like the cookbook that teaches all about using a variety of flours for healthier cooking!

  5. says: Danielle

    I would love The Homemade Pantry. It’s been on my list of cookbooks I’m interested in for quite awhile. This giveaway really gets me excited for exploring new flours!

  6. It’s a tough choice, since I really want both! I would choose The Homemade Pantry, because I can always use new recipes to feed my very picky eaters, and I love cooking from scratch instead of buying the questionable ingredients processed items at the grocery store (while, like the author, on a very tight budget!) Thanks!

  7. says: Marilyn

    I’m just so glad I found you. Everything else is a wonderful bonus. Bob’s Red Mill I know and I was affiliated with the people who were setting up a virtual tour online way back in the late 90’s. ( a lifetime ago!) Such forward thinking people with a love as big as ….. well, bigger than most companies out there! There presence in my rural locally owned grocery store is getting bigger all the time as you let me know of more uses and products. I don’t do Pinterest but found you through Hometalk. Your blog has been a wonderful addition to our nutrition! Thank you!

  8. I would love to have a copy of the Homemade Pantry. We are on such a tight budget and I would be thrilled to find additional ways to cut back. Due to my many food allergies, we don’t eat many prepackaged food, though the children DO love potato chips. I know, though, that this book will show me MANY areas I don’t even realize I’m overspending and can create better food products from home.

  9. says: Angela Vincent

    I’m guessing that I don’t qualify to enter the competition, since I live in England?? The gift cards wouldn’t be usable and the flours and other packs would be too heavy to send. Oh my…..

  10. says: Jen Bordonaro

    Thank you for this opportunity to win such an awesome prize! If I were to win I’d chose your book The Homemade Pantry and gift it to my daughter who recently discovered the joys of home made cooking and baking!

  11. says: Rachel Dow

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’d be happy with anything! But the cookbooks do sound the best!! Thank you for the chance to win!! 🙂

  12. says: Sarah Backes

    The homemade pantry looks like a great book to have, since you’re making me choose. I love jovial foods. I buy their flour, spaghetti noodles and spiral noodles. They are so delicious and much sweeter tasting then other noodles. My favorite!

  13. says: Shauna G

    As many as commented before me, both books look great, but if I had to choose, The Homemade Pantry would be my first choice.

  14. says: Kerri L

    Both books sound great, but I think Homemade Pantry. Also, I found your blog a few months ago, and absolutely love it! So many great tips and recipes, thanks for sharing!

  15. says: Heidi Bennett

    I really want both, but I would have to pick the Homemade Flour cookbook. I’ve been trying to reduce wheat, and I’d love to check out some options.

  16. says: Wendi

    Both would be awesome but would choose the homemade pantry. Thanks for all of the knowledge and heartfelt work you put into your blog!

  17. says: Cathy Schmidt

    Even tho’ Bob’s Red Mill is in my hometown, I recently started using their flour and seeds and oats. I LOVE them!! (I’m a late starter!) But I have room for a couple more cookbooks on my shelf and Pantry Cookbook would be a wonderful addition! And be used diligently because I had a stroke a couple years ago. My comeback was slow and after burning my hands a few times, I hung up the apron! Now that I have that under control, I am going to start baking again, (dismay at my husband’s waist line!). Thanks to you and all the other bloggers for getting me going!
    Happy Holidays to you all. That includes Christmas and New Years and Hanukka and Kwanza and the “holiday” of all people enjoying the winter foods!

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