Spinach  Omelette  Recipe

17 grams protein


1 tsp olive oil 1 cup fresh spinach  2 TB feta cheese 1 TB butter  2 eggs salt + pepper

STEP 1: Cook Spinach

Saute spinach in 1 teaspoon oil.

STEP 2: Cook Eggs

Melt the butter over medium-low heat.  Add 2 whisked eggs and let set for 10 seconds.

Use a silicone spatula to push the sides of the eggs toward the center while tilting the skillet. Repeat until the eggs are set but still appear soft on top.

STEP 4: Add Filling

Add to center of the omelette: cooked spinach and crumbled feta.

STEP 5: Fold

Carefully use a rubber or silicone spatula to fold the two sides of the omelette up and over the filling.


Visit the recipe link below for a video tutorial and serving ideas.