Real Food on Vacation

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Real Food on Vacation

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My family and I have been eating whole, real foods for almost 6 months. Recently, we went on vacation.

Most people think of vacation as time away with family relaxing, and eating lots of good food, right? I certainly do. But, lots of times we end up spending way too much on restaurants.

I love getting away and leaving all my worries behind. I also agree it’s fun to go to a nice restaurant all dressed up and order something I wouldn’t normally make at home. Let someone else cook for me!

But what about the rest of the time?

Unless you can afford a world-class chef cooking whole, real foods in your hotel room or a summer timeshare, you’re like me and get sick of all there is to offer in the world of processed food restaurants and fast food joints. And by the end of the week your pining away for something home cooked or real.

I’ve been known, in the past, to sabotage my nourishing and healthy whole food eating habits because I simply couldn’t imagine being able to find good sources for real food, away from home.  I would sacrifice the integrity of my food choices in the name of, vacation. I was determined to enjoy my vacation without compromising the quality or satiety in the foods we ate.

Seeing we were going to visit family and friends in Maryland (where raw dairy is illegal)… Ahem… I asked where local farms, produce stands, and even  raw milk was located. I planned on searching Craigslist (as it’s a great source to find, but didn’t even need to.

I also menu planned.

I googled whole food stores in the area, which yes I will admit took some thought. However, not much time was wasted as I had my meal plans from Live Simply and for the most part knew what activities we had set for the week long vacation. With my meal plans and activities set,  I was ready to fly to Maryland with my family.

When I arrived, I set in motion my plan to prepare our vacation meals and snacks the same way we do at home, enjoying every minute and still splurging on a night out or in our case, in.

Once we arrived, we immediately went to a farm down the street from my in-laws home that sold an array of wonderful goodies. Things like raw honey, low-temp pasteurized milk, cream, cheeses, homemade yogurt and fresh eggs. A far cry from what I used to purchase at the store like pasteurized skim milk with synthetic vitamins, processed sugar snacks, and refined yogurt tubes all in the name of being  “healthy“.


In the past, we would have stopped at some fast food place to eat lunch by this time and spent a pretty penny.  We would have left with nothing other than bloated guts and tummy troubles to show for it.

Thanks to a friend, who is involved in an established food co-op, I was able to get my hands on fresh raw milk and have it waiting for me. A great vacation find.  Most states still allow you to purchase raw milk from farms. (Not for “human consumption”, of course.)

Next, we stopped at another farm with grass-fed meats, a bakery, and produce stand for fruits and some seasonal veggies.


And for everything else I couldn’t find, I found at the local whole food store.

Once I got to my in-laws, I prepped snacks like granola bars and cranberry orange muffins.  As well as desserts like simple vanilla bean ice cream. We were well stocked for the week with all our fresh, local foods and whole ingredients.

While on vacation, we visited a local petting farm that had all free roaming animals. The kids enjoyed learning about animals and what they eat and how they can live off the land.

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We ate fresh, real food morning, noon, and night. We didn’t skimp and we didn’t miss out. I found we had MORE energy, MORE money, and time to do all the fun things we desired.  All because of our high quality food choices on vacation.

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