Detox Bath Recipe: How to Make a Detox Bath

Detox Bath

A detox bath is a way of removing toxins from the body. Toxins don't just show up in the chemical form (as many of us might think about), but also in the form of stress, tension, and constantly being attached to our phones (social media, email). This can take a toll on our body. Also, a side note, our skin is our largest organ so soaking in a warm bath is a great way to sweat and pull toxins that have built up.A detox bath is a way to relax, recharge, and "detox" from all the things that may be pulling you in a million different directions.

Course DIY
Cuisine Beauty, Body
Keyword detox bath
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 bath
Author Kristin Marr


Special Equipment:

  • non-metallic utensil for measuring the clay, if using bentonite clay


Make Bath Salts:

  1. First, you'll need to make the bath salts. I shared an entire post about this, so I recommend reading this post first. To do this, you'll need a jar and 4 cups of epsom salt or sea salt (or a combination of both epsom salt and sea salt to equal 4 total cups), 1 TB nourishing oil, and 5-20 drops essential oil of choice. 

    Pour the salt of choice into the storage jar. In a small bowl, combine the nourishing oil of choice and essential oil of choice (between 5-20 drops, depending on aroma desired). Pour the oil blend into the bath salts and carefully stir to blend everything together. Seal the jar and store away from direct sunlight.

Take a Detox Bath:

  1. To take a detox bath, fill a bathtub with very warm water. Of course, use common sense when it comes to the temperature of the water. 

  2. While the tub fills with water, add your bath salts. (The essential oils will begin to evaporate in the warm water when you do this, but I find they're still worth adding to the bath salts.) I like to add around 2 cups per bath, but you can go as low as 1 cup. The bath salts should fully dissolve in the bath. You might need to use your hands to swish the salts around until fully dissolved. 

  3. Add the clay (and/or apple cider vinegar) to the bath water. 

  4. I try to soak in the tub for about 20-30 minutes. That said, do what works for you. The goal is relaxation and stressing out about timing isn’t going to help you get in the zen zone. 

  5. While soaking, be sure to drink plenty of water (preferably room temperature water since you're in a hot bath). You will sweat. This is normal. Of course, use common sense. This is how I take a detox bath. If you don't feel well, trust your instincts, use common sense, and get out of the bath.