Easy Homemade Body Butter

What is body Butter?

A rich, moisturizing skincare product made with skincare butters.  Body butter can be used as an alternative to lotion. Its primary job is to moisturize the skin.

Finally a body butter that actually FEELS like butter! After months of trying many many recipes, this one is the key!


1/4 cup shea butter (41g) 1/4 cup mango butter or cocoa butter (41 g mango butter or 34g cocoa butter) 1/4 cup oil (42g) 1 1/2 tsp arrowroot flour starch, optional (5g) 36 drops essential oil of choice, optional


Melt the butter

Place the butters of choice in a glass bowl and allow them to fully melt.


Add Arrowroot

In a small bowl, add arrowroot flour and oil. Whisk to combine. Set the mixture aside.


Combine the ingredients

Carefully remove the bowl from the heat source. Add the oil mixture and stir to combine the ingredients.



Place the mixture in the fridge and allow it to solidify.


Remove from fridge

Once the mixture is a bit firm, remove the bowl from the fridge. Add the essential oil of choice, if desired. And whip!

Store homemade body butter in a storage container for  up to 1 year!

Learn how to make your own body butter and watch the step-by-step video!