Simplified School Lunch Course

An online course to help you reduce mealtime stress, develop time-saving mealtime routines, and simplify making and packing school lunch. JOIN NOW (SAVE WITH CODE SSL70)

Why this course?


How it Works

Get instant access to video lessons, a recipe book, meal plans, food prep and storage guides, and a community group for support.

meal planning

With actionable video lessons and guides, you’ll master routines and systems to simplify lunch and save time in the kitchen.

We’re all about working smarter, not harder. Keep lunch simple with the 50+ lunch and food prep ideas provided, stock your kitchen with healthy, time-saving food options using real-food guides, and have family-approved healthy recipes at the ready with the 90 recipes found in the recipe book (no more scrolling Pinterest for hours looking for ideas that may or may not work).


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Simplified School Lunch Course

  • You believe in nourishing your family with real, healthy food and minimizing ultra-processed food.
  • Meal planning? Some weeks it happens, some weeks it doesn’t.
  • You’re ready to develop routines and systems that automate school lunch so you can spend less time in the kitchen without compromising nutrition.
  • You’re ready to rock food prep, but you need tried-and-true methods for how to make food prep work in your busy mom life, what to prep, how to store food and healthy ingredients (so you don’t waste your time and money), and how to work smarter, not harder in the kitchen.
  • You don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen. Plus, you gotta think about breakfast and dinner, too. Whew! You’re ready to simplify.

Nodding your head?

This course will help you bring simplicity, routine, and ease to school lunch and family meals during this busy season of life.

I'm ready!

Join today and save with coupon code SSL70

I'll show you how to save time in the kitchen, pack healthy lunches, and nourish your family with nutrient-dense meals during this busy season of life...


10 years into a real-food lifestyle and I know one thing, without practical systems and routines that simplify healthy lunches and meals, you’ll succumb to burn out and the never-ending cycle of relying on ultra-processed food.  

In this course, you’ll learn the 3 key systems/routines that simplify healthy lunches and family meals during the busy school year.


Your new superpowers that end mealtime and lunch-packing stress

Einkorn Pizza Muffins


I know. Ugh! Meal planning? I used to feel this way, too, and honestly it’s why I seldom created a meal plan and spent most of my days “winging it.” But winging it doesn’t work. It leads to burn out, reaching for quick-fix processed food meals, and stress. I was tired of living this way. After much trial and error, I developed the easy meal plan system that I now teach in this program.


Say hello to your new best friend that will completely change those icky feelings about meal planning. In order to make meal planning easy and automated, you’ll create a rotational meal list. We’ll create this list together and I’ll provide you with a ready-to-go list in the program and over 90 recipes to get you started with ideas.


Food prep is the act of thinking about and preparing food before you need it. You’ll learn how to use your plan for the week to guide what you prep in advance, how to work smarter, not harder in the kitchen, and how to use your freezer and strategies like “cook once, eat twice” and healthy packaged food options to maximize your time and simplify your life.


I'm ready!

Save with coupon code SSL70


video lessons, meal plans and actionable guides, and lunch ideas help you get lunches packed and meals planned out and made easily and quickly this school year


Real Food Basics

Learn what real food looks like, how to eat healthfully as a family, where and how to shop for real food, how to find local food, what to buy organic, and the small steps to take toward ditching ultra-processed food.

Lunch-Packing with A Rotational Lunch Menu

Class 1

The Rotational List

You’ll never simplify meal planning without this key list. Learn how to create a rotational list of lunch ideas that your kids (big and small) will love. I’ll share my ever-growing list with you, which you can use as inspiration or print it off to use as your own.

meal planning

Class 2

Become a Meal Planning Ninja

It’s time to master the easy, no-fuss way of meal planning. I’ll walk you through how to create a lunch plan in under 15 minutes each week, share 4 ready-to-use meal plans with you and 50+ lunch inspiration cards that you can print or download to use throughout the year, and provide you with meal planners for creating future plans.

Food Prep Plan: 6 Foods You Can Make Now and Enjoy All Week

Class 3

Master Food Prep & Storage

Learn how to prep food in advance so you always have healthy options in the fridge that can be served/packed for lunch, used to speed up the dinner process, or to enjoy for breakfasts or snacks. You’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder and find the food prep method that fits your lifestyle. Download the food prep guide and food storage chart, take a tour of my fridge, pantry, and freezer for organizational tips, discover the best food prep containers, and learn how to spot truly healthy packaged food because you don’t have to do it all or make it all.

Class 4

Making Lunch Fun & Enjoyable

Pop the kombucha! You’ve mastered the 3 essential routines to simplifying lunch. Now, let’s talk about how to deal with picky eaters (and get them to love a variety of foods), tips for making lunch as stress-free as possible (i.e. organizational tips), and the best lesson ever…how to get your kids to take responsibility for their OWN lunch. <–Can I get a raised hands emoji, please?

Real Food Kids Lunchbox Gear: The Best Lunchbox


Lunch Gear 101

Curious about lunch gear? What is the best lunchbox for your child, what about water bottles, reusable bags and containers, those cute little containers you see all over Pinterest? Join me in my kitchen as I break it all down.

Plus, recipes and cooking tutorials

Download the recipe book with over 90 real-food, kid-approved, family-friendly recipes and then join me in the kitchen as we cook 10 essential recipes every cook should know how to make. Learn how to make homemade lunchables, my kids’ favorite quesadillas, cook a whole chicken (something I do every single week during food prep), and make muffins that your kids will want for breakfast and lunch.


Healthy Food Swaps

Bonus # 1

Real Food Swaps Class

Ditching ultra-processed food for healthy, real food is as easy as making swaps in your grocery cart. You’ll learn about key food swaps for a healthier lunchbox and lifestyle.

  • Video Lesson: Food Swaps
  • Digital Guide: make the switch food chart and how to find real food in the grocery store

How to keep your car clean and organized: Car Hack

Bonus # 2

The Easy Breakfast Club Class

Lunch isn’t the only meal of the day we need to think about. In this class, you’ll learn how to plan breakfast each week in an easy and effortless way. Learn how to use breakfast themes, rotate recipes, and prep food in advance.

  • Video Lesson: Practical Ways to Simplify Breakfast
  • Digital Guide: breakfast themes list, over 50 breakfast recipes and ideas, 4-week breakfast meal plan using themes, printable 4-week meal plan template

Mini Meatloaves and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner

Bonus # 3

The Easy Dinner Club Class

Learn how to simplify healthy weeknight dinners. Take action with strategies that will simplify your weekly dinner routine. Learn how to use themes, rotate meals, get your kids involved and excited about meals, and prep food components in advance and stretch those ingredients across multiple meals.

  • Video Lesson: Practical Ways to Simplify Dinner

Bonus # 4

Essential Routines to Simplify the School Year

  • Video Lesson: Simplify With Routines
  • Digital Guide: How to Establish and Practice Routines That Simplify Your Days
  • Printable Routine Cards: Build morning and evening routines with your kids and put them into practice with fun visual cards.



Bonus # 5

Healthy Snack Guide

  • 90-page digital guide
  • Simplify healthy snacking without compromising nourishment
  • Snack ideas and printable snack cards for year-long inspiration
  •  Healthy store-bought snack ideas list
  • Kid-approved snack recipes







Use the back to school coupon code SSL70

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

IF, after throwing yourself into the program for the first 14 days, you’re not experiencing any results, let me know what’s not working and we’ll hit undo on this whole simplify lunch thing.

Who is This For?

✔️Working moms

✔️Stay-at home moms

✔️Homeschool families

✔️Virtual school families

✔️Traditional school families

✔️Families with young children

✔️Families with teenagers

✔️Families new to real food who want to ditch processed food

✔️Families experienced with real food and healthy eating



Simplified School Lunch Simplified School Lunch


Simplified School Lunch


Join today and save with coupon code SSL70


What do I get?
When you sign up, you get lifetime access to the course content and any future updates that are made.

  • Video lessons and actionable guides
  • 82-page digital workbook to support you with meal plans, meal plan templates, lunch ideas, food prep charts and guides.
  • 216-page digital recipe book with kid-approved, real-food, family-friendly recipes (a few favorites include: pizza muffins, ranch dip, pretty pink beet hummus, roasted whole chicken, and easy homemade jam)

How many people can sign up?

Space in this program is unlimited, but the program is only offered once a year: August.

I homeschool or my kids attend virtual school at home, will this work for me?
Yes, 100%. This resource will help you intentionally simplify lunch (and other meals) so you have more time in your life. This resource is for any parent wanting to simplify healthy lunches.

We have allergies (egg, dairy, gluten, etc.) in our family, do you address packing lunch in this way?
This resource is about helping you simplify real food in the lunchbox. This resource does not address specific allergies; however, the strategies taught apply to everyone. Many of the recipes shared call for eggs, gluten (einkorn, spelt, wheat), and dairy. Modifications are suggested, when available. You’ll find a cheatsheet in the recipe book that clearly labels options that are dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and vegetarian-friendly. My children attend a nut-free school, so the majority (not all), of the options take nut-free schools into consideration. In the recipe book, 76 recipes are gluten-free (or may be modified to be gluten-free), 64 recipes are dairy-free (or may be modified to be dairy-free), 70 recipes are egg-free, 83 recipes are nut-free, and 66 recipes are vegetarian-friendly.

How do I access the program?
All lessons and guides are hosted on a professional, easy-to-access platform called Teachable. Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a link to create an account (if you’re new to Teachable) and log into your account. You don’t need to pay for this account, it’s included in your purchase. From there, you can access the program videos and materials.

What is your refund policy?
A 14-day money-back guarantee. IF, after throwing yourself into the program for the first 14 days, you’re not experiencing any results, let me know what’s not working and we’ll hit undo on this whole simplify lunch thing.

What topics are covered in this program?
This program is all about how to simplify making, packing, and serving healthy lunches with bonus content to help you simplify all family meals (dinner and breakfast and snacks). Expect to learn…

  • Meal planning
  • Using a rotational list to simplify meal planning
  • Food prep: how to make food prep work for your lifestyle, what to prep in advance, how to store food and ingredients, strategies for working smarter, not harder in the kitchen
  • How to develop systems and routines to simplify every aspect of lunch during the school year
  • How to encourage adventorous eating with picky kids
  • How to pack lunch when your kids have different food preferences
  • Getting kids involved with and excited about healthy lunches

Will I get one-on-one help?
This program is self-paced, so you can watch the video lessons anytime, anywhere. At this time, I don’t offer one-on-one coaching programs.

Breakfast Leftovers for a future lunchAfter working through Simplified School Lunch…

you’ll confidently approach your week with intentionality,  nourish your kids (big and small) with healthy meals, and…

  • save time
  • simplify mealtime
  • reduce stress

This program is about teaching you tried-and-true systems and providing you with the tools that make real food enjoyable and practical for today’s modern family.

You’ll feel inspired and excited and have the tools to immediately apply this knowledge in the way you meal plan, shop, food prep, make meals, and prepare meals. You’ll enjoy easy and family-friendly recipes, lunch ideas, and ready-to-use meal plans.


Use the back to school coupon code SSL70