Build a Healthy Lunchbox Cheat Sheet

A a mom to two kids, I know how difficult it is to come up with ideas for healthy lunches that don’t require spending lots of time in the kitchen and that will be enjoyed by the kids.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a list of easy, nutrient-dense lunches that we can rely on and rotate over and over again.

I use this list as a “cheat sheet” to help me easily plan and pack lunch and avoid decision fatigue and burnout throughout the school year.

The ideas on this list are loved by both the adults and kids in our family!

Print out the cheat sheet and hang it on your fridge. Turn to this list each week to mix and match the ideas and build a real-food lunchbox.


Live Simply School Lunch


Take the guess work out of lunch with my go-to lunch building cheat sheet. Nutrient-dense, quick and easy, real-food options that are kid and adult approved!