Interested in learning about Faster Way to Fat Loss? As a member for 2+ years, I’ve lost 20+ lbs, transformed my body, and achieved life-changing fitness goals. In this series, you’ll find insights on my fat loss journey, macros, coach interview, and workout tips.

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about the Faster Way to Fat Loss Workouts: the schedule, where to access the workouts, the variety of exercises, and even enjoy two complimentary workout sessions from the program today!

Faster Way to Fat Loss Workout Collage: app, Kristin with a barbell, flexing in the mirror.

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What is Faster Way to Fat Loss?

The FWTFL program is a virtual fitness and nutrition program started by Amanda Tress that teaches clients how to burn fat and build muscle. The strategic program focuses on (safe & effective) intermittent fasting, carb cycling, science-backed nutrition with macro tracking, whole food nutrition, and strategic workouts. 

Learn more about the nutrition side of the program here.

Before and after side by side photos from December 2021 to February 2024.

They Key Components of Faster Way 

  • Whole Food Nutrition Macro Tracking – Any weight loss program works because of a calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than your body needs). Most weight loss programs put people in a very low-calorie deficit, causing people to lose a rapid amount of weight quickly. This weight is not just fat but also vital muscle. These super low-calorie deficits are not sustainable, so when the person goes back to eating “normal” again, they binge and gain back all the weight. Faster Way focuses on losing fat and building muscle by placing a person in a slight calorie deficit (specific to you!). Instead of calories, Faster Way focuses on macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats). Concentrating on macronutrients (which total up to a calorie target) focuses on the quality of food you consume, getting enough protein to build muscle and lose fat, bringing in healthy fats for hormone health, and enjoying carbs for energy. You can’t stay in a calorie deficit forever, so your Faster Way coach will help you exit this stage and live in maintenance, where you’ll eat enough calories to maintain your results. Learn more about the nutrition part of this program.
  • Strategic Effective Workouts – Faster Way focuses on building muscle through strength training. Building muscle is the best thing a person can do, both for longevity and for their metabolism and hormones and to maintain a healthy weight. As we age, particularly women starting in their 30s, we lose muscle mass. Faster Way pairs lifting weights with the nutritional aspect. The workout plan is uploaded to the Faster Way App each week and features 3 days of lifting weights (total body, upper body, legs/lower body), 2 days of HIIT workouts, and 2 rest/recovery days. You don’t need any prior experience with lifting weights (I had none). Each workout includes a video you can follow along with, form help, and a list of the moves for the day. The lifting moves are all basic compound moves and are built in a progressive manner (helping you get stronger/build muscle over time). Each strength training features a gym option and a home option. The workouts are like having a personal trainer without the big expense. In my opinion, the workouts alone are worth the cost.
  • Intermittent Fasting – Fasting is simply giving your body time for digestive rest. I still eat all meals, including breakfast and dinner, and fast for 12 hours each night. Your coach will help create a custom fasting schedule for you that’s safe and based on your goals and body. This is the beauty of Faster Way: once you learn how to track macros and strength training, use intermittent fasting safely, and have the help of your coach, how you utilize these strategies can be completely customized to you and your lifestyle. I discuss intermittent fasting in this interview with my coach; listen here
  • Carb Cycling – Faster Way uses “carb cycling,” which means eating more fat, fewer carbs (net carbs), and the same amount of protein 2 days a week (called “low-carb days”). Then, 5 days a week, eating higher carbs, lower fat, and the same amount of protein. This is a fantastic nutrition strategy to learn during your first 6 weeks. You don’t have to carb cycle forever (I only use this strategy when I’m in a caloric deficit, not maintenance- learn more about my journey). Again, the Faster Way program is very easy to customize with the help of your coach.
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Join a 6-week round with my incredible Faster Way Coach, Sandi.


The Faster Way to Fat Loss Workout Schedule

  • Strategic Programming – The Faster Way exercise program is unique in that the pro trainers strategically program the workouts in a progressive overload, strength-based format to maximize muscle building, getting stronger, and burning fat. The workouts are one of my favorite components of Faster Way. There are many strength training programs on the market now. Still, many are just random (and don’t allow you to get stronger over time progressively, which is essential for building muscle) or lack the all-important nutritional aspect (also necessary for burning fat and building muscle and achieving that “toned look”). The workouts alone are worth the ongoing VIP membership price. 
  • Strength Training 3x a Week- Faster Way focuses on building muscle through strength training and meeting your daily nutrition goals, which are essential for not only fat loss but also improved metabolism, body composition, and longevity. Strength training involves lifting weights through compound movements (squating, rowing, pressing, etc.). In the program, strength training is done 3 times a week for 30 minutes, including upper body, lower body, and total body. The trainings include a video you can watch (from start to finish with the trainers leading you through the entire workout), a list of the moves, and form videos. The weekly workouts are found in the Faster Way App and include both home and gym options. I had zero strength training experience when I started, so I followed the 30-minute home workout videos, following along every second with my 5-15lb weight selection. Today, over 2 years later, I’ve learned the mechanics of strength training (thanks to following the FWTFL workout videos) and follow the written gym workout list and form videos (as needed). Since I now lift much heavier than when I started, I like the gym option which includes barbell, smith machine, cables, and machines. Today, an entire workout takes me about 45 minutes. Building muscle (paired with macro tracking) has been the biggest gamer changer on my journey. 
  • HIIT Training 2x a Week- The fitness program includes 2 HIIT days (high intensity interval training). The pro trainers also video-lead the HIIT workouts, so you open the Faster Way App and press play- so convenient. HIIT days are strategically paired with low-carb days to maximize fat burning, so this is a great strategy to use in a fat-loss phase. When I started Faster Way, I HIIT trained 2 days a week, as the program prescribes. Today, I strength train 4 days a week (all from the Faster Way schedule for the week, breaking up the total body workout into 2 days so I can slow down and focus on lifting heavier) and participate in 1 HIIT day. 
  • Rest/Recovery Days 2x a Week- Rest is essential for recovery and building muscle. Faster Way incorporates 2 rest days a week into its programming. You can walk (still getting in movement, but nothing hardcore) or enjoy pilates, stretching, or barre workouts (all options provided in the App each week). 

What Do I Need For the Faster Way Workouts? 

  • Workouts Found in the Faster Way App – Each weekend, the next week’s programming is uploaded to the app. The workouts include a home and gym option for the strength days and a follow-along video or audio-guided sprint option for HIIT days. The workouts are organized by days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. I followed the provided schedule perfectly when I first started and for the first 18 months. Today, I use the weekly workouts as programmed but change the days they are performed to work best for my schedule.
  • Home Equipment Needed – You’ll need dumbbells (or you can use bands) to get started. When I started, all I had was 5-15lb dumbbells. My limited weight selection worked great for a couple of months, but as I tracked macros (eating enough to lose fat and build muscle) and strength trained, I got stronger and needed heavier weights. So I bought 20lb dumbbells, then 25lb dumbbells, and then 30 lbs, and so on over the next 18 months. I also eventually bought a workout bench. Today, when I choose to workout at home, following the Faster Way workouts, I still use this equipment.
  • Gym Option – Eventually, I found that I needed heavier options, and 18 months into Faster Way, I joined a gym and started following the gym workouts, which use cables, dumbbells, a barbell, and a Smith machine, allowing me to lift heavier and continue building muscle. 
  • Easy to Travel – I’ve spent many weeks traveling over the past 2 years and what I love is that I can take the Faster Way workouts with me! If I have access to a hotel gym, I can use the gym or home workouts. If I don’t have a hotel gym, I can bring bands and follow the home workouts. Just open the app and press play. Or, I may choose to take a complete rest while traveling.
  • Newbie Tip – If you’re a newbie, I recommend following the home workout videos and using whatever weights you have (I started with 5-15lbs). Through the videos, you’ll learn how to lift and strength train with proper form through the trainers’ guidance. It’s incredible how much I learned from following these videos each week! It gave me the confidence to walk into a gym and lift with all the big “gym bros.”
  • The Workouts are for All Fitness Levels – Again, I had zero strength training experience before I started, and I continue to follow the same workouts now as an experienced lifter. The Faster Way workouts are for everyone, no matter your experience/fitness level. 

Faster Way Workout Plan

Here’s how the Faster Way workout schedule is organized each week. You can also customize this schedule based on your time/availability (like I do). Each workout is 30 minutes long.

  • Monday – HIIT
  • Tuesday – HIIT
  • Wednesday – Total Body Strength
  • Thursday – Upper Body Strength
  • Friday – Rest/Recovery
  • Saturday – Legs/Lower Body Strength
  • Sunday – Rest/Recovery
Faster Way Workout Schedule
How Do I sign Up?

Join a 6-week round with my incredible Faster Way Coach, Sandi.


Strength Training Example Video 

Want a taste of Faster Way strength training?

Here’s a home total body option (below).

When you join the program, you’ll also get a list of the moves and form videos (along with the guided video). All of this can be found in the app each week, programmed to help you get stronger over time (progressive overload).

HIIT Training Example Video 

Want a taste for a Faster Way HIIT day?

Here’s a taste of a HIIT day workout.

The beauty of Faster Way is you don’t have to think about what you’re doing, just open the App for the day/week and press play!

How to Join Faster Way & The Cost 

  • The 6-Week Program –  First, you must join a 6-week round, which is $250. During this time, you’re paired up with a certified coach (I highly recommend my amazing coach, Sandi – watch my interview with Sandi) who sets up your custom macronutrient targets/calories based on your goal (i.e., fat loss, building muscle), get access to the Faster Way App where you’ll easily track your nutrition, get weekly meal plans (for ideas and inspiration, but you can eat whatever you love), and weekly 30-minute workouts (3 strength trainings for home or gym and 2 HIIT workouts). Think of the first 6 weeks as a crash course for a lifetime of success – you learn everything you need to know about tracking macros/calories to hit your goals and how to strength train, while having a coach to guide you the whole time. If you’re new to eating real food, you’ll also have access to a weekly meal plan (via the weekly meal guides with vegan and meat-eater options) and the Faster Way recipe library for meal ideas. 
  • Month-to-Month VIP Program – After the first 6 weeks and an incredible education, you may continue working with your coach, getting the weekly strategic workouts (programmed new each week), using the app. VIP is a monthly subscription costing $79 and worth every penny! I’ve been doing the month-to-month for 2 years now. 
  • The Faster Way App – The Faster Way App is included when you join a 6-week round and as a VIP client. This is where you’ll find the weekly workouts, meal plans (if you want ideas), a vast recipe database (for easy whole food ideas), your custom macros, and a macro tracker. When you join, even if your 6-week first round doesn’t start for a week or two, you’ll get immediate access to the app, where you’ll immediately be able to start the daily workouts and use the exclusive macro calculator. Once your round begins, you’ll get your custom macros from your coach and start your learning journey. 
Progress photos of my fitness journey with Faster Way to Fat Loss.

See my transformation following the Faster Way Program here.

How Do I sign Up?

Join a 6-week round with my incredible Faster Way Coach, Sandi.


Reader FAQs

Do you need prior strength training/lifting experience? 

No. You don’t need to know anything about strength training before joining Faster Way. Faster Way gives you all the education and tools you need to start lifting and the custom macronutrient targets to reach your goals! 

I don’t feel like the Faster Way workouts are challenging enough. 

A good strength training program should be BORING, meaning it’s the same simple moves repeatedly, just programmed in different formats to help you get stronger overtime.

If the workouts aren’t challenging enough, you’re probably not lifting heavy enough for your body, so pick up heavier weights!

Also, another point of confusion is that people think a high heart rate or breaking a sweat means having a great workout, but they are not indicators of this. A good strength workout is about lifting heavy enough so that it’s challenging for you and you get stronger over time (and build muscle). A good workout has nothing to do with sweating or feeling tired or sore at the end. 

Do you do anything besides the Faster Way workouts? 

No. I walk daily for movement and follow the Faster Way workouts. I don’t add anything else.

I’ve done Orange Theory, Burn Boot Camp, and other exercise programs; how is Faster Way different? 

Orange Theory is cardio based, along with Burn Boot Camp and other classes. These classes also don’t program in a way that allows you to get stronger overtime and build true muscle. Faster Way is a strategic strength program that builds each month, focusing on progressive overload so you get stronger and build muscle overtime using simple, compound moves.

Do I need a gym membership? 

No, you can follow the home workouts without a gym membership. I didn’t start going to a gym until 18 months into my journey and I still occasionally train at home.

How Do I sign Up?

Join a 6-week round with my incredible Faster Way Coach, Sandi.


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