Simplified School Lunch

The Simplified, Time-Saving Approach to Healthy, Kid-Approved Lunches

A Sample Taste For You

Coming up with lunch ideas is easy those first few weeks of school. There’s excitement and the lunch ideas are flowing–thank you, Pinterest! And then October rolls around and the lunch ideas come to a complete halt.

Simplified School Lunch equips you with the tools you need to keep the inspiration flowing and teaches you how to incorporate 3 key routines (rotational meals, meal planning, and food prep) into your life so that lunches become one less thing you have to think about each day.

Along with learning how to simplify and automate lunch, you’ll be invited to learn how to make easy and healthy recipes that are perfect not only for the lunchbox but also for breakfast or dinner and snacking.

Get a sample taste of the healthy and easy recipes that will become fast family favorites with this community-favorite homemade ranch recipe.

Sample Recipe: Homemade Ranch Dip

Here are just a few of the most popular tools in Simplified School Lunch…

✅ lunch ideas, including printable lists and over 50 photo examples of lunches that you can duplicate or tweak to make your own

✅ food prep ideas, food storage tips, videos of how to organize and stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer

✅ 90 easy-to-make, family-friendly recipes that work for lunch and also breakfast and dinner and snacking: 76 recipes are gluten-free (or may be modified to be gluten-free), 64 recipes are dairy-free (or may be modified to be dairy-free), 70 recipes are egg-free, 83 recipes are nut-free, and 66 recipes are vegetarian-friendly!

✅ lunch meal plans, including made-for-you plans and meal planner templates to use when you’re ready to create your own