On today’s podcast, I’m talking with Yamel from One Love Doula Services about pregnancy, the 4th trimester, and motherhood. Yamel shares her wisdom, both as a mom and doula (and RN) about what mothers (and anyone preparing to be a mother) should consider when approaching pregnancy, how to be educated about childbirth choices, and self-care for mothers.

Live Simply Podcast 4th Trimester

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What's Covered in This Episode?

  • What is a doula?
  • What is a doula’s role?
  • Who is the right fit for having a doula?
  • How to find a doula
  • How to prepare the body for pregnancy
  • How to nourish the body during pregnancy
  • How to prepare for post-baby nourishment for Mom
  • Postpartum self-care and the fourth trimester
  • The importance of finding your village and asking for help
  • How to handle other people’s opinion

Live Simply Podcast Motherhood


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  1. Hello! It was a really useful podcast. Thank you for talking about this. It is very pleasant to hear you and I want to believe you. My wife and I are now at the stage that we are ready to have a baby and are starting to prepare ourselves. It’s good that I found your podcast. I think that now this is exactly what I need to put everything in its place and understand where exactly we should start in this difficult matter. We now have a starting point for that, and I hope we succeed. Thank you for bringing up such topics.