Homemade Foundation Powder

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Homemade Foundation Powder made with all-natural ingredients. I've been using this homemade foundation powder for years and love it!!

I love makeup!

In fact, I find makeup to be pretty magical!

I can wake up in the morning, gulp  graciously sip down my lemon water, coffee, green juice, eat breakfast, and dab a little makeup on and suddenly I go from “Who is that woman?” to “Wow! Who is that woman?”

Okay, maybe I’m not stopping traffic, but for a mom of two little kids, makeup somehow possesses the magical powers to make me feel “put together.” I can go from frumpy to polished, ready to hit the playground and looking half-way decent while doing so.

Who pays attention to the multiple stains from morning breakfast splattered on my shirt, the 5 dirty wipes stuffed in my pocket about to fall out, and the hair that hasn’t been washed in two days, when I have makeup on?

At least that’s what I am telling myself…please don’t burst my mommy bubble!

I love makeup, but I have a problem.

Makeup does NOT love me.

I have seriously sensitive skin.

The moment any foreign substance comes in contact with my skin, it attacks! Leaving behind some serious battle scars.  In my late teen years I began to battle break outs here and there. I believe this was largely due to my poor diet and the amount of chemical-ridden “beauty” products I used. My face would always react poorly and I would turn to more chemicals which promised to help “beautify” my skin.

Real food has certainly helped my skin!  The past few years I have seen huge improvements in the condition of my face in particular.

About 6 months ago (update as of September 2014: I’ve been making homemade products for two years), I decided food wasn’t enough and so I ventured down the world of “natural” beauty products: soaps, deodorant, and toothpaste.

I’m talking real, natural products.

I scoured the aisles in stores and was greatly disappointed to find all the “natural” products (Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, even Arbonne) were far from real ingredients. Since the skin absorbs anything that is placed on it within a mere 26 seconds, I wanted my products to contain ingredients I would feel safe floating around in my bloodstream. I wanted products made from ingredients I could eat.

I finally found what I was looking for. I use a local line of products which contain food-grade organic ingredients for soap, lip balm, and toothpaste. I purchase Primal Pit Paste for deodorant.  Even after searching and searching I couldn’t find makeup products which suited my new requirements. Why not make my own?

Homemade Foundation Powder made with all-natural ingredients. I've been using this homemade foundation powder for years and love it!!

Homemade Foundation Powder made with all-natural ingredients. I've been using this homemade foundation powder for years and love it!!

My first concoction was homemade foundation powder makeup.  I have fallen in love with this homemade mineral-like foundation powder. I have tweaked it a bit over the past few months, adding a few ingredients. I love the coverage this makeup gives me without drying my skin or leaving me looking like a pan of bacon grease at the end of the day. Homemade foundation powder is made with ingredients that are be safe to eat. In fact, many of these ingredients you may already be using in your real food kitchen.

Homemade Foundation Powder made with all-natural ingredients. I've been using this homemade foundation powder for years and love it!!

Want more good news?  This makeup is super inexpensive to make.

To think I used to pay $30 for a container of toxic makeup! The initial cost of purchasing ingredients may be pricey, but these products will last through dozens of batches of homemade foundation powder makeup and can be used in the kitchen, too. The true cost is significantly less expensive than many toxic makeup options.

Homemade Foundation Powder made with all-natural ingredients. I've been using this homemade foundation powder for years and love it!!

Homemade Foundation Powder Make-Up
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Homemade Foundation Powder

An easy homemade foundation powder made with simple kitchen ingredients. Customize this face powder based on your skin. 

Course DIY
Cuisine Beauty
Keyword Foundation Powder
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 6 ounces
Author Kristin Marr



  1. Gather your ingredients and a non-metallic bowl (Bentonite clay should not come in contact with metal). The amount you use of each ingredient will greatly depend on your skin complexion.

  2. Mix all your ingredients in the bowl, starting with the arrowroot as your base. Add each ingredient, adding the cocoa powder slowly, one tablespoon at a time, until you reach the desired shade. Whisk together.

  3. Test the color by placing a small amount on your face (or arm) with your finger or a brush. It may take a little tweaking the first time to make the perfect shade for your complexion.

To Use:

  1. Store your foundation powder in a small container and use a dry sponge or brush to apply. I use a liquid foundation (2017 Update: Here's a list of my favorite store-bought natural makeup products.) under this foundation powder. You can also use this foundation powder without a liquid foundation for light coverage. 

Recipe Notes

My original recipe called for adding a few drops of vitamin E oil and lavender oil. Since this post was originally published, I've decided to remove these ingredients to keep this DIY budget-friendly. If you'd like to add a scent, feel free to add a few drops of your favorite skin-friendly essential oil. If you want to add a few drops of vitamin E oil as well, you're welcome to do so. 

Bentonite clay is very detoxifying and absorbs excess oils on the skin. If you have sensitive or mature skin, kaolin clay is the best option. 

Store your foundation powder in a small container and use a dry sponge or brush to apply. I use a liquid foundation under this foundation powder on days when I want more coverage. You can also use this foundation powder without a liquid foundation for a lighter coverage.

Homemade Foundation Powder made with all-natural ingredients. I've been using this homemade foundation powder for years and love it!!

Now you’re ready to face the day, Mom.

And I think making your own homemade foundation powder makeup might even give you a bit of bragging rights at the playground today.

Q & A

Q: What kind of coverage does this provide?

A: This foundation powder will provide a light to moderate coverage. If you’re looking for heavy coverage, this powder isn’t for you, at least not as a solo makeup product.  If you’re looking for heavier coverage (without the makeup looking heavy), I recommend using a liquid foundation underneath this powder foundation. My current favorite brand is 100% Pure. I use their Second Skin Foundation under my powder. I recently shared everything you’ll find in my (natural) makeup bag, here. You can also use this foundation powder without a liquid foundation for a lighter coverage.

Q: This doesn’t stick to my face. Help!

A: I guarantee I’ve made countless jars of the powder (around one jar a month), and I haven’t ever had this issue. Truthfully, I’m not sure why a few people have sticking issues. Listed above in the ingredients are the actual brands I use to make this powder. I’d recommend buying ingredients that are high quality and very fine. Since I’m not in your kitchen (or bathroom) making this with you, I simply don’t know why the powder didn’t stick. I’d recommend wiping your face with a damp cloth to see if any powder stuck to your face. It may be that you are experiencing the difference between heavy, cake-like, store-bought powder and homemade, light powder. A few other questions to ask: did you wash your face and then apply this powder? Did you moisturize before applying this powder (this is my recommendation)? What kind of application tool did you use-powder brush, finger, washcloth? (I recommend a powder brush.)  It shouldn’t roll-off your face, there should be stick. You can find my video tutorial for making homemade foundation powder, here.

Q: Does the cinnamon irritate your skin?

A: No, it doesn’t. This recipe calls for very little cinnamon compared to the main ingredients. The ratio is very low. Cinnamon can cause skin irritation, if you are worried, leave it out, or test a small amount. I would not suggest applying cinnamon directly to your face without a mixture like this foundation. Cinnamon is actually beneficial for your skin and helps heal, particularly with blackheads. I feel more comfortable applying a small amount of cinnamon found in this powder than the chemicals in store-bought powder.

Q: If I don’t like it, did I waste my money?

A: No, you didn’t. I personally love this foundation powder. I literally use it daily and know many other readers and friends who do as well. I’ve bought countless foundation powders over the years and thrown many away. Talk about a waste of money! Everyone has different tastes. If you don’t like this powder, I’m not hurt, it’s just a difference in taste. Here’s the great news–when you buy powder and don’t like it at the store, you’ve lost $10-30. Ouch! When you buy the ingredients for this powder, you’ve gained kitchen and bathroom ingredients. The cocoa and arrowroot can be used in the kitchen. Arrowroot is basically corn starch without the GMOs. The clay makes a fantastic mask! Add a little with water and apply to the face. Your skin will thank you. The spices are common cooking spices.

Q: Can I skip the clay?

A: I don’t recommend skipping the clay. You can still make a great foundation without it, but if you are looking for corrective issues, like redness or mild acne to be resolved, the clay is needed. French clay or kaolin clay are also good choices.

Q: I want to turn this powder into a liquid foundation, can I just add coconut oil?

A: I’ve experimented with liquifying this recipe with zero success! Adding a liquid like coconut oil just darkens the cocoa and you end up with a nice edible chocolate. Freeze it and you’ll have a chocolate bar. I recommend purchasing a liquid foundation from a natural brand. My favorite brand is 100% Pure. I use their Second Skin Foundation under my powder.

Q: I love your recipe so much I want to feature it on my blog. Can I do that?

A. So glad you like the powder and I’m honored you’d like to feature Live Simply’s recipe on your blog. The content here at Live Simply is copyrighted so we don’t allow duplication. If you’d like to use a picture with a link back (recipe needs to stay here at Live Simply), please contact me here and we can talk. I love a good blogger shout-out and am happy to work with you so the recipe is properly featured with credit. Of course, feel free to share across social media or mention the recipe in a blog post with a link back.

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  1. says: Lisa Beck

    I am going to try this again – there are a couple of ingredients (clay) that I will need to acquire. I do not like to venture out of my home without at least foundation or face powder on. I am still on the search for an effective natural deodorant – unfortunately, primal pit strong paste is not working for me.
    Thanks for perfecting and sharing this recipe. Looking forward to the blush recipe too!

    1. says: Kristin

      Give it a go again! You could actually add a bit of oil to the recipe or even some natural lotion to add a bit more coverage…like a liquid foundation if you wanted. I have been playing around with that too, but the summer doesn’t help…I am already very oily!

      1. says: Angela

        5 stars
        Hi Kristen!!! I LOVE THIS POWDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use cover-girl foundation underneath it. before, with just the foundation, it looked chalky, and never covered that great. I mixed up this recipe of yours, IT’S AMAZING!!! but all I used was regular flour, cocoa, cinnamon, and ginger. nothing else at all! but it works like magic!!! even to cover acne! (which I’m a teen, so I have it) definitely going to make more than one batch! it leaves my skin feeling wonderful!!!! thanks so much for putting it on your blog!


          1. says: Naddia

            4 stars
            I actually tried this foundation with the vitamin E oil but without the bentonite clay. I did not use it because I could not get it and I do not want to mistakenly use something else that will spoil my foundation. My foundation is great and it is working well for me because my face is very oily and acne prone. I am praying that it will help to remove the acne permanently. thanks for your formula.

    2. A bentonite clay deodorant would help detox your pits. Or it could be a magnesium deficiency. Some deodorants are made with magnesium oil. Making your own really isn’t that hard and it’s very rewarding and cheap compared to buying a nice natural one. I’ve used the recipe from bulkherbstore.

    3. says: Zoe

      Thanks for the DIY, I’m going to give this a shot! Just wondering though whether you use Bentonite in powder form or with liquid added?

    4. says: hhdhyani

      Hello! I just tried out making this foundation powder. Incredibly simple, and although it’s been only 5 minutes or so, my face feels light and fresh. Much better than putting on the store bought foundations. Thank you!

    5. 5 stars
      I am going to try this recipe, I love to make my own bread and condiments and now it will be make up as well! I will use corn starch as I use Rumford which is non-GMO! I saw a question about deodorant, I love the Tom’s brand as it uses hops (a natural deodorant) and they have a lavender scent which works much better than the crystal deodorants (which you actually use at night before bed I found out).

    6. says: Jasmine brown

      Can I use Argiletz argile rose pink clay instead of bentonite clay as I don’t have any. The pink clay is used for face and hair masks and beauty baths but I was just wondering if it would do the same things as the bentonite clay.

    7. says: Bee

      The darkest I saw on the site was ” dark tanned complexions” …so you just mean tan white people? I’m black so when I say dark I don’t mean like a dark olive. I mean like actually brown. I just want to be sure before I purchase

      1. says: Kristin Marr

        Hi Bee, I don’t have much experience with darker complexions, so you’d have to play around with color. I’m thinking you would need more cocoa and less arrowroot.

        1. says: Elemina

          Hi Bee,!
          You can also try using Oveltin or Milo but you have to blend it to a powder first. I am so sorry that I answered it somewhere else. I truly hope that this works for you.

      2. says: Toni

        I was about to ask if this would work for my darker skin. I hardly ever find store bought foundation that matches my skin so I was hoping someone with dark skin had experience with this. Did you try it?

    8. says: Krystal

      Hey! I just came across magnesium oil and its benefits. apparently it makes you not smell… so if you used magnesium oil daily liberally arms legs and stomach… that would reduce any smell and then you could use a natural deodorant and not smell 🙂 try it out I’ve only just started but all the feedback i read on it says this will happen!

      1. says: Elemina

        Hi dear! You should try using Sandalwood oil and a few drops goes a long way, use it after your shower and when you are in the public watch how heads turn because you will smell like a millionaire.

    9. says: Tatiana

      Hey, I was reading the comments on this foundation powder and someone was saying something about deodorant. I have experienced that simply baking soda does a fabulous job. Also the foundation…. I originally was looking for some scrub and mask recipes and as one thing lead to another I ended up here!! I haven’t tried this recipe but I am very keen on trying it! I also run a beauty business so I’m always trying to keep up with my face. If anyone is interested my website is: lovingbeauty.com.au. I make and sell moisturisers and lip balms. My products are all 100% GMO free. Also we try to use as much organic ingredients as possible. But if we are not able to source them organically they’re 100% GMO free!!
      -and hope you have success with the baking soda!!

      1. says: Elemina

        Hey there this Elemina!
        You could use Milo or Ovreltein but you will have to blend it so it can be grounded before you use it.

    10. says: Kathleen

      I am concerned a bit re the Bentonite – industrial grade Bentonite often contains lead and other heavy metals and is really NOT healthy!

      1. says: Robinella

        bentonite clay is extremely drawing! it draws toxins (including heavy metals) out of the skin and body two inches deep. so, it won’t be putting anything in the body. it will be removing toins and protecting your skin from the sun and heavy metals you encounter a lot these days 🙂 I’ve been giving bentonite clay body masks for 27 years 😀

        There are also several colors of Sandalwood powder. I know it is about $50-80 an ounce but one ounce lasted me for two years and i even used it as a talc when i wanted to wear slippers in the summer but didn’t want to be slipping around. The added benefits are Sandalwood is protective to the skin and has a scent that is very clean and fresh ~some say spiritual scent, even. 😉

        1. says: Robinella

          correction!: $50-80 A Pound ~Haven’t had to buy it for 12 years and use in homemade makeup if too thin. Frankincense is natural skin preservative and reflects sun off like bare minerals but a lot cheaper and wonderful aroma (they say a spiritual level aroma) in aromatherapy. Replace talcum powder for sure from all bad health reports on talcum, great replacement even for babies butt. I tiny bit but don’t let it fog up by using too much. Main thing is I corrected that it is not $50-80 an ounce but a pound. Lasts one person 12-15 years and never goes bad or loses its aroma.

    11. says: Sam

      I know I am late to the game, but I also used primal pit paste to no avail. My favorite deodorant is NATIVE! It’s the ONLY one that works!

    1. says: Kristin

      It could be skipped. The oil just adds a bit of “stick” to the powder, but with the vitamin E in there, you will be fine. You could actually skip both if you wanted 🙂

    1. says: Kristin

      I haven’t used it as a liquid very much. I have tried adding lotion to it though and it works great as a liquid foundation when I have desired to have that consistency as a bit more coverage. I would make sure to use a good lotion that is as natural as possible. Let me know what you think.

      1. says: Robinella

        Hi Kristin 🙂 I misquoted the cost of my sandalwood powder ~it is a POUND not an OUNCE for $50 to $80 but i found it for $50 and free shipping. It was hard to find though! The last pound i bought was nearly 15 years ago. I have always put it on with a big powder brush. It is “dusty” as well (i noticed a lady complain about that) but i know clear back in the 80s that they warned that all TALCUM POWDER causes CANCER. I can’t remember what kind but i would think maybe lung or brain. So i would rather breathe in a little cacoa powder or sandalwood than talcum.

        Also, for the first time I made a liquid makeup with my sandalwood. I simply mixed in some of my all-natural lotion (i have tried coconut oil on my face and for my skin it’s good for cleansing but if i use it as an emollient/moisturizer, it breaks me out a little and i haven’t broken out in years so it really surprised me. I use Calendula ointment, Chickweed ointment for a rich emollient and/or Purity Castor Oil as well as Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is a natural preservative. Adding Jojoba oil to anything you make homemade will help ensure it doesn’t go bad even if you don’t refrigerate it.

        The cacoa powder is a bit dark for my complexion (medium beige) but was nice under the cheek bone as a defining, contour blush. You can put Sandalwood powder in your shoes and even is GREAT on BABY’s for anti-rash and I shudder to think that people use talcum on babies. Sandalwood powder smells exactly like high=end Sandalwood incense and never lets up. We get so many compliments on the scent of our skins when we get a kiss on the cheek 🙂

        Just wanted to add here that all CITRUS oils cause our skin to be a lot more sun sensitive and even BERGAMOT oil is considered to be a citrus oil. So, in the summertime, try to stick to herbal, spice, cucumber, and any fruit scent but never use Citrus oil in the summer. Enjoy Bergamot (so good for skin) in the winter when you won’t be getting as much sun. Those bonnets the ladies wore back in the 19th and 20th century really did help keep their skin looking younger. These days a nice large brim straw hat or an extra long visor is always recommended if hiking. On the water, though, we get sun reflected up from the water. I am on the water a lot in the summer and i EAT WATERMELON as a natural (believe it or not) sunscreen ~but i also use pure ZINC from a tube mixed with oils or lotion to keep my skin looking younger and protect from sun=spots (or liver spots as some call them). I do tend toward sunspots and even had a few when i was 18 but i am 62 now. I’ve been a massage therapist for 30 years but used natural cosmetics and foods since i was a teen.

        What a great forum!!! Kudos to you for all you do to help us be more happy and somewhat independent of store bought personal care products. Natural is always best, even if store bought, of course.

    1. says: Kristin

      I also have acne-prone skin. And living in the heat of summer in Florida never seems to help, but I have really enjoyed this make-up without problems. You can also add a couple drops of tea tree oil to help with the acne and healing too.

    1. says: Kristin

      Thanks so much! I love this recipe! I really do use it daily. I experimented a lot with homemade make up before finding this combo. Hope you like it. Thanks for pinning and tweeting it!

  2. says: Kerry

    I am so intrigued– I dislike makeup just because (I guess I am lazy) but now that I am working outside the house, I feel like I should put some makeup on. I think if I had something like this, I wouldn’t mind makeup so much! Have you ever tried witch hazel for cleaning your face? My kids use witch hazel and for the occasional break out some tea tree oil. Both of them have very good complexions now that we use this (the store bought chemical laden stuff was horrible).

    Thank you for sharing on A Humble Bumbles Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop, I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

    1. says: Kristin

      Thank you. I have tried Witch Hazel in the past and have had good success with it. Today I just use coconut oil to clean my face and moisturize. It works really well. Looking forward to coming back to the Blog Hop again 🙂

      1. says: Elemina

        Try using Alovera leave, first clean your face with baking soda then peel the Alovera and massage it into your face then leave it to dry then rinse it off with cold water.

  3. says: Amy

    I just made this, and its AWESOME! I consider myself to have fair to medium skin, but I followed your recipe and it matched my skin tone perfectly. Thank you so much! I’m going to share this with some girlfriends at a party this weekend!!

  4. says: Holly

    I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THIS! I am tired of spending money on foundations that have all these ingredients that I have no idea what they are. I want something natural that isn’t going to mess up my skin. Thank you for this DIY FOUNDATION!

  5. 5 stars
    I so need to try this! I love wearing Make-Up but like you I break out whenever chemicals come in contact with my face, and I keep on thinking about what I am putting on my face at the moment, and its not healthy. I love this homemade Foundation Powder recipe, will be checking back for your blush for sure 🙂

  6. says: nox_lumen

    i have some questions. but my skin tone is a tough mach, so i may NEED to make the color myself.

    my skin tends to be dry, so is white french clay ok to switch for bentonite?

    it looks like the cocoa and spices are colorants, but can you explain how each affects shade?

    i am pale but rosy, so this will probably need some serious play, and i am thinking i may need to start with a smaller batch of oil free powder for shade refining.

    oh, and finally, have you tried DIY cream concealers?

    1. says: Kristin

      The recipe in the post is just suggested amounts so you will need to adjust the quantities to match your skin color. The cocoa adds color, if you didn’t use it you would just have a greenish/white powder. The spices add warmth to the color. I haven’t tried any DIY cream concealers. Once I started oil cleansing and using homemade make-up without the chemicals, my skin cleared up so much I didn’t need concealer anymore 🙂

    2. says: ivy

      5 stars
      i love the idea i done a cream concealers it does work. my daughter is in dance she need all this makeup i buy cover girl and all super red lipstick for her dance

  7. says: nox_lumen

    That’s great

    unfortunately my dark circles are genetic, so i still need concealer even for clear skin. and my shade, once again has been discontinued.

    once i can get my powder color down i will have to do some experimenting with cream yellow and cream skin tone.

    but once i fine tune the mix, i won’t have to worry about the industry taking my products away as soon as i find them.

  8. This sounds like a great recipe for homemade foundation. I am going to try it and see what it looks like. I never really think of making homemade make up except I do use mineral make up sometimes. Visit my blog Beauty Lists sometimes for more beauty tips, guides, clothes and accessories to buy

    1. says: Kristin

      Yes, the oil mixes with the powder. You would never know there was oil in the mixture. It helps the powder “stick” better. For a tanner complexion I would use more cocoa powder and cinnamon. You can start with the ratios I give in the recipe and adjust the cinnamon and cocoa powder to produce a color that complicates your skin complexion best.

  9. says: Jerica Michael

    I have everything but the vitamin e. Is there any way to do without? We most likely won’t be able to get some for a long while.

  10. says: Kelly

    Do you need the clay? I figure it’s a prominent ingredient, but we don’t have any, and from what I’ve seen, it’s kind of expensive.. I don’t want to buy it ‘just to try it’, as I NEVER wear make up.

    1. says: Kristin

      You can try it without the clay. Just up the arrowroot powder (that’s the most expensive ingredient). The clay is really good for your skin. I also use it weekly as a masque for my skin.

    1. says: Kristin

      I was a liquid foundation girl too. It has great coverage. Not too thin, but not super thick either. It lasts all day on my face even in the Florida heat and running after two kiddos 🙂

  11. Hi, I just found your site in searching for DIY natural makeup, and yours looks the most helpful so far! (Though I’m still looking for a full-coverage liquid base to cover some residual issues I’m waiting to clear up…I’ve read I can just add oils though.)

    Anyway, I had one question…is your liquid Vitamin E a pretty viscous liquid? When I went looking for it for a bodywash recipe, the only option that was purely 100% vitamin e without other ingredients, was a clear liquid ‘goo’ that was pretty thick and slow moving (kinda like honey). So I’m curious if pure Vitamin E actually comes any more ‘liquid’ than that, or if I need to look somewhere outside my little local health foods store for it in that form.


  12. says: Terri

    I have medium to tanned skin tones and do not (yes, you read that right) like the smell of chocolate. I’m assuming cocoa powder/cacao powder has that smell…right? Does anyone have a suggestion for a substitute? I love the idea of making my own make up. 🙂 TYIA!

      1. says: Terri

        Thanks for responding so quickly! I’ll have to do some experimenting with different ingredients. I’m thinking I’ll start with adding extra cinnamon. Thanks again!

    1. says: Stacie

      The recipe listed has 4 TBS of cacao powder. I have fair complexion and this was waaaay too dark for me. I remixed with just 4 tsp of it and it worked much better. Trust yourself and just give it a try. And yes, if you make it with 4TBS it does smell like your making brownies on your face lol. Good luck!

  13. says: Brooke

    Could you give an estimate of the entire cost? I googled some of the items and they seemed expensive. I just want to get an idea before heading to the store. I’m excited to try it!

    1. says: Kristin

      It was a pricey endeavor for me to gather all the supplies the first time. Around $30 for everything. I figured that was about 3 of the store-bought foundation powders. I have now been making this for over a year and still have 1/2-3/4 of everything I bought the first time around. That means each time I make it the true cost is just a couple dollars. The initial cost is pricey, but nothing compared to the price of repeatedly buying the pricey store stuff :).

  14. says: Anne

    Thank you very much for this natural foundation powder as I have been trying to go as natural as possible. I would just like to ask though, whether using vitamin e oil will work, as I don’t have vitamin e (liquid). Or will vit e as an oil be too sticky and cause clumps or the whole powder to stick together?

    1. says: Kristin

      I’m sorry to hear that. I haven’t heard of anyone having a rash from using the foundation powder. What do you think caused the rash? What kind of make-up do you normally use? Was it all over or in one isolated place?

      1. says: G

        I honestly don’t know. Thankfully, the rash has gone down now. I wear my powders on my cheeks, because that’s where I have acne scars that need to be covered up. Those are the areas I got big hives/rashes after using it. I usually use Mineral Fusion’s pressed powder.

        1. says: cp

          It was likely one of the spices, cinnamon is a common culprit for such a reaction. Try using only arrowroot powder and cocoa powder and see if that causes a problem. If it does, try cornstarch instead of arrowroot or carob powder instead of cocoa powder. Try different spices, and test it out in an inconspicuous place first. For a reddish tone, you could try annatto, hibiscus, or beet powder. For a yellowish tone, you could try tumeric or ginger.

  15. says: Sandra

    Thanks for the recipe ! Funny how i had all the ingredients under 2 weeks for other purposes (cocoa unsweetened for my son who can’t eat sugar ; spices for my black tea ; green clay for masks…), i decided to give it a try, since it doesn’t required to much product !
    I follow the recipe for the dry ingredients (didn’t have vitamin E and HE), but only put 1 tbsp of cocoa instead of 4. It’s match perfectfly with my light/medium skin, i think it might be due to the brand of cocoa (french and bio here).
    The texture on the skin is amazing : very very thin, good smell, and above all very good coverage for oily skin (not for acne however). I will use it as a powder face !

  16. says: CeAnne @ Sanctus Simplicitus

    Very affordable arrowroot powder & vitamin e oil and bentonite clay can be found at Vitacost. for under $6 now on sale:http://www.vitacost.com/bobs-red-mill-all-natural-arrowroot-starch-flour-20-oz-1

    1 lb of bentonite Clay over at Mountian Rose Herbs for $6

    Anyone had any help with acne and reddness? Anything you might add to help cover this up. I use to have a lady make powder for me but I don’t know what was in it and she quit making it. I buy the expensive natural $30 pressed powder but I like this idea much better. It doesn’t seem to cover up the acne and redness though like the others… it seems too dark and not red enough or something. Back to experimenting with it!

    1. says: Kristin

      Hi Alison, I find this powder wears very much like a powder you purchase at the store. It provides a good coverage and should provide a nice even skin tone and cover-up any light redness.

  17. says: Alison

    I have Green Montmorillonite clay and Matcha Green tea. Its like a mask. Will it work? Also I don’t have ground nutmeg can I just use cinnamon?

  18. says: Angie

    I tried this recipe but it gave me the most horrible rash in my life! I think it was because I used a lot of cinnamon. I have darker skin and cocoa powder didn´t matched my color very well.
    Could I use nutmeg instead? is it itchy too?

    1. says: Kristin

      It sounds like you used too much cinnamon. Cinnamon will aggravate the skin in large amounts. I keep the ratio of cinnamon to arrowroot and cocoa powder very low. The cinnamon just adds a bit of warmth not really color. The nutmeg is used to add a bit of glow. The color really comes from the arrowroot and cocoa with the spices just a small touch to add warmth and glow to the foundation.

  19. says: brendaruth

    Does the cinnamon irritate your skin at all?? like, make it burn or turn red? Sometimes when my kids get cinnamon sugar on their face from eating a cinnamon toast, it turns red there. So, I’m a bit leery of putting cinnamon in my powder.

    1. says: Kristin

      It can if you use too much. The ratio of cinnamon to main ingredients is very small. I don’t recommend adding more. It’s just there to give a bit of glow and depth of color. You can skip it if you feel uncomfortable with cinnamon and play around with the other ingredients.

  20. says: SPE

    I just tried this, so far so good! I am Latina, with light/medium skin. I added maybe two teaspoons more of cocoa powder. I didnt have any Vitamin E or lavender essential oil, so I added Argan oil and Clary Sage essential oil. I keep it in a dark container since argan is photosensitive. It has light coverage for me, which is good because I dont like a lot of coverage. It reminded me of how the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil looks on the skin if you just wear that instead of that and the foundation. Thanks for the recipe!

  21. says: Jennifer

    What type of container do you use for this and your blush? I have been acquiring all the ingredients and am finally almost out of my makeup and am ready to start creating! Thanks

  22. says: vanessa

    Hi! I really find your idea helpful! By the way, is this homemade powder good in covering Rosacea? Because I have lots from cheeks. Lots of redness in my cheeks from my old pimples it leaves scars there.. Does the powder stays the whole day? I am interested to do it!

  23. says: vanessa

    Can I buy all of the ingredients in Supermarket here in Germany? Is the homemade blush on looks good when you have very red cheeks because of the acne before? Because I have red scars in my cheeks from acne..

    1. says: Kristin

      I’m not sure if you can find all the ingredients in Germany. I’ve never looked in another country for these ingredients. It provides a moderate amount of coverage similar to a mineral powder.

    2. says: Indrani

      You can find everything in Germany! I live here. For the (calcium) benthonite/montmorillinite clay – I would suggest getting Luvo’s “Heilerde” 2 – that’s exactly what it is, and it’s for external use (there’s also Heilerde 1 by Luvo’s but that’s for gastrointestinal upset). But I think you need to buy this in a Naturkostladen or Bioladen – I’ve never found it in a regular supermarket. Instead of vitamin E, I use tea trea essential oil. You’d probably need to look for this and the lavender essential oil in a Naturkostladen as well. Everything else of course you can find in a regular supermarket in Germany.

      1. says: Indrani

        Oh also the arrowroot powder – you can’t find that in a regular supermarket in Germany, but also a Bioladen (Pfeilwurzmehl).

        A question about the powder – for women of colour, is it just a matter of using the cocoa powder as a base instead of the arrowroot powder? Or simply adding more cocoa powder in general?

  24. says: vanessa

    Hi! Thanks for the reply! Do you have topic about how to treat when you lost too much hair? My baby is almost 4 months old now and after giving birth I lost hair but it is around 1 weeks from now on since I lost. I read that it is normal after giving birth but still it bothers me.. I have red acne scars on my cheek. How do you treat it? God bless you!

  25. says: vanessa

    Hallo, what do you mean by the arrowroot that is is similar to corn starch…used as a thickening agent in cooking without the GMOs? Thanks a lot..

  26. says: vanessa

    Hi! By the way, I already have all the ingredients needed for this. I have a daughter, she is 4 months old now. Are all the ingredients safety even if you are breastfeeding? Thank you soo much!!!

      1. says: livi

        I really love the idea of an all natural makeup as I’ve found more and more how sensitive my skin is, I have a yellow undertone to my skin and was wondering if there’s something that could be added to accomplish this or will adjusting the amount of cocoa powder /cinnamon do this for me?

    1. says: Kristin

      The cinnamon brings a rich warmth to the color of the foundation. You could leave it out and still make a great foundation powder.

  27. says: Stephanie Pantano Reynolds

    Hi Kristen,

    thanks for this recipe, I have all my ingreds and want to make, how did you whisk if the clay can not come into contact w metal? All my tools to mix are metal
    thank you for your reply

  28. says: Tenshi

    Hello! I wanted to know if there was another alternative for the coccoa powder as I do not think I will be able to acquire some any time soon. Thanks for the wonderful recipe~

  29. says: Hye-Yung

    I am very excited to try this DIY Foundation. I have been getting more interested in natural beauty products, and as I have such sensitive skin, I thought this would be a great starter. I received an adorable vintage Hello Kitty jar for Christmas, and I was wondering if I would be able to store the powder in that? I am asking in reference to your note that Bentonite Clay should not come in contact with metal. Do you mean ALL times, even when stored, because it is a glass jar with a metal lid. Thanks!

  30. says: Jamie

    5 stars
    Do you mean cocoa powder like the kind you cook with? I know that sounds silly but I just want to make sure! Thanks!!!! LOVE this idea!

  31. says: Dawn

    You mentioned the clay can’t come in contact with metal. What about piercings once the foundation is complete? Most are stainless steel or silver. I wouldn’t want a reaction. Is there something that can be used instead that could come in contact with piercings?

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Dawn, I’m not really sure about piercings as I’ve never had personal experience. Basically, the clay just doesn’t work as it should once it comes in contact with metal. I don’t believe it will cause a reaction, just won’t work (from a chemistry point of view) on the skin as it would without the metal contact. That said, I’ve had a bit touch earrings (while applying) and I’ve never had a reaction on my skin.

  32. * I did not read all the comments so if this is a repeat I apologize.
    A note on the cinnamon, that you should test what you are using on the back of your hand to make sure it does not burn. Not all cinnamons are created equal. The oils can cause really painful welts/burns even for people who are not allergic or have sensitive skin. We did an all natural spa night and had to stop using the cinnamon for that reason. It may not affect anyone at all in such a small amount, but having experienced it, better safe than sorry.
    In fact, it probably would be a good idea to test all the ingredients out on your hand before you mix it up. Then if you react to something you know what to omit.

  33. says: Alicia Wilson

    5 stars
    Omg!! I love your recipe!!! I am 18 and ever since I was really little, I have always been about using all natural, home made products. Funny thing, when I was about 9 or 10 I remember seeing all these young girls wear makeup in my school (yeah crazy right?!!)so I would MAKE my own! I would mix cacao (no not a typo!) powder (which my mother purchased at Whole Foods) and cinnamon and wear that as a foundation. I also would open powdered cranberry capsules (which my dad got from work; he is a manager of Penn Herb Ltd.) and use that as a blush. For eyeliner and mascara, I would use charcoal capsules and water (using the screwy thing dislodged from an old Lip Smackers chap stick tube to apply both). I still use my homemade foundation recipe BUT yours is so much more sophisticated and probably works a lot better so I am definitely going to try it asap! Thanks!!!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      That’s awesome. You were a very smart teen, going down the natural route to skincare. I really wish I had cared for my skin back in my teens. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the powder. I just love it and use it nearly daily.

  34. Hi Kristin! I’m new to your blog and absolutely loving it! I was just diagnosed with celiac disease several months ago and looking for the most natural makeup and skin care products as much as possible. I will definitely give this a try! I have yellow undertones and wonder if this will be fine….I think so! I have to be careful of that vitamin E as that may contain gluten but I think I would try to replace it with Rosehip Oil…thoughts? Hope you get a chance to visit my blog…if this works nicely I will do a video post and credit your site for sure! Thanks again….my site is: http://www.hotblogsforwomen.com

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Nuccia, Welcome! Glad you found Live Simply. The make-up should work well for your skin tone. You will probably need to play around the amounts of each ingredient to get it just right, but that’s the beauty of this recipe. Rosehip sounds wonderful. You could also try tea tree oil as it provides the healing and soothing properties for the skin. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out for you. I popped over to your blog. It looks wonderful. I’ll spend some time exploring over there :).

  35. Thanks Kristin! I will definitely try it and let you know….I nifty little trick I learned is to add ‘turmeric’ and that is huge for yellow undertones….i’ll definitely play with it and let you know. you have an awesome blog…truly enjoy it!

  36. says: Nuccia

    Hi Kristin! I’m making this shortly and have 2 questions: 1) I was only able to find liquid bentonite clay..is that ok? Also 2) I hear that powder foundations accentuate fine lines….do you find it does that? Don’t want it make me look older…thanks!!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Nuccia, I don’t think the liquid will work. You really need the powder. The powder won’t accentuate fine lines anymore than a make-up would. I haven’t had any problems with fine lines.

  37. says: Nuccia

    Hi Kristin! Happy Tuesday! 🙂 Sorry to be a pain but I have one more question….I tried this on the weekend and I really like it but I find i’m not getting a lot of coverage…could it be the missing Bentonite clay? I upped the arrow root though to compensate. What do you think I did wrong? or maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to look…I have a couple of light freckles but they won’t hide with the foundation so I ended up putting concealer…let me know…thanks!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Nuccia, The powder will provide a moderate coverage. If you are used to a heavy coverage, you may want to use an organic concealer underneath. Extra arrowroot powder may actually provide even less coverage. The clay definitely does help.

  38. says: Tammy

    I put the 4 TBSP of cocoa in and it was way to dark, had to start over…is that the correct amount? The second time I used 4 tsp, much better:-)

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Glad you found the appropriate amount for your skin tone. I use 4 TB mixed with the arrowroot, but that does change in the winter, due to less sun exposure. One reason I love this recipe is the fact that I can play around with the shade, each season.

  39. says: Laurin

    I was reading the comments and I saw mention of using coconut oil to give it more of a liquid foundation coverage, how would I go about mixing that? I made the powder, but it doesn’t hold to my dry skin very well.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      I Laurin, This powder will act as a loose powder, but it should stick to your skin. Can you describe what’s happening when you apply it? I’ll try to help troubleshoot. I’ve tried coconut oil and it just darkens the powder and doesn’t apply well. I personally haven’t had success with that method. If you are looking for a liquid foundation Scratch Mommy has a wonderful recipe, I’ve started using it under this powder for fancy events: http://www.scratchmommy.com/smooth-finish-diy-organic-foundation-sunscreen/

  40. says: Jay

    So I just made some and tried it on but the powder is invisible! It didn’t cover up redness and looked no different than before I put it on. I didn’t have the clay or vitamin e oil (used tea tree oil instead). Could this be because I skipped the clay? Or could it just be my skin?

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Jay, I don’t recommend skipping the clay. You can still make a great foundation without it, but if you are looking for corrective issues, like redness or mild acne to be resolved, the greenish bentonite clay is needed. If you want a corrective powder, the bentonite is what I recommend and use in my recipe. For more of a white clay the French clay is a good choice. This powder will provide a light to moderate coverage so if you want a bit for coverage for certain areas I recommend an organic concealer in the beginning. I used an organic concealer in the beginning and I actually found this recipe helped heal (the clay helps in the healing too) and over time I felt comfortable wearing it without anything underneath.

      1. says: Jay

        Thanks for replying so quickly! And thank you for answering my question with such a detailed answer. I will definitely try and locate some bentonite for the next time I make this recipe. 🙂

  41. says: schnappxplo

    Hi, I’ve tried your recipe but I am having two problems I was hoping you could help me with.
    I’m using Arrow root powder, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, Vit E, Lavender Essential Oil, and Bentonite clay.
    1. It does not stay on my skin at all
    2. Clumps continuously form.
    I would really appreciate some advice from you! Thank you!.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Truthfully, I’m not sure why a few people have sticking issues. Listed above in the ingredients are the actual brands I use to make this powder. I’d recommend buying ingredients that are high quality and very fine. We are working on a video tutorial which I hope will help the handful that have expressed this issue. Since I’m not in your kitchen (or bathroom) making this with you, I simply don’t know why the powder didn’t stick. I’d recommend wiping your face with a damp cloth to see if any powder stuck to your face. It may be that you are experiencing the difference between heavy, cake-like, store-bought powder and homemade, light powder. A few other questions to ask: did you wash your face and then apply this powder? Is your face greasy, did it just sink in? What kind of application tool did you use-powder brush, finger, washcloth? (I recommend a powder brush.) It shouldn’t roll-off your face, there should be stick. Also, for clumping be sure to whisk the ingredients together. There will be a couple small little clumps, size of a dot from a pencil, but nothing large or continuous throughout the make-up.

      1. says: TGP

        I have the same problem, does not stay on my skin, uneven coverage, and clumps form. Not sure of the purpose of the vit E oil. My store bought powder foundation goes on much thinner and smoother. I washed my face, I have very dry skin and am very fair. In fact only 1tbsp of cocoa powder was almost too much. Tried my finger tips so I could grind the powder more finely and control application. I have not read all of the other posts yet, any other suggestions? Thanks

        1. says: Kristin Marr

          Hi TGP, The arroworoot and cocoa powder should be fine in texture. The bentonite should also be fine enough to not clump or stick. You can try sifting the mixture (like flour) to get any clumps out and even whisking. Also, make sure you apply to a moisturized (not oily, just moisturized) face. The vitamin e oil provides moisture for the skin as the bentonite can have a drying effect when used alone, for some people. It also helps give a bit of “stick”. Try applying with a brush too. The unevenness may be coming from applying with your finger- the brush should help.

  42. says: Tylere

    I’m allergic to ginger and was wondering how it would affect this recipe if I just omitted it? Or could you suggest something I could use to replace the ginger?

    1. says: Ashlynn Kaplan

      Try ground mustard! It is a creamy yellow color, more finely ground (with better quality brands). It also has almost no scent, whereas ginger can give a nose-stinging scent. Try it!

    2. says: Stela Bartošová

      5 stars
      I have the same problem. The powder does not ´´stick´´ on my face. It is like it does not want to spread. It merges in one small places. It is like powders particles was electrically charged.
      I am sorry for my english but i it is not my native language, but i wanted to make my own powder and i do not know why it does no work.
      In fact i use only corn starch powder + cocoa powder + cinnamon powder because i dont have other ingrediens yet but have found a receips and it should work.
      Please help me, i dont want to give up DIY powder 🙂 Thanks so much

  43. says: Robyn

    Two questions: could I use rhassoul clay instead of bentonite and could I use a different EO or just leave it out completely? Thanks! I can’t wait to try it!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Robyn, I haven’t used rhassoul clay before, but from my reading it sounds like it will work well. My only concern would be color. The rhassoul looks a bit more gray to pinkish in color. You may need to play around with the ratios of ingredients to achieve the best color. You are welcome to use any essential oil safe for skin. I personally like the smell of lavender, but any EO will work perfectly. You can also leave it out. Enjoy the powder :).

  44. says: Kristen

    Just thought everyone here would like to know our hilarious experience with this powder. Four of us made it, ranging from rosy white to African -American and the same mixture worked on everyone’s skin. Feels just like a powder. So…. My friend gets home from work yesterday and announces she can no longer wear the powder to work (she is a daycare teacher-2year olds). She said three of her kids licked her face, LOL, then…. A parent licked her face!!! She said she was handing a kid to his dad and he licked her face!!! Said she smelled like chocolate and he wondered if she tasted like it too!! OMG!! We coud NOT stop rolling in laughter, it was so funny! So either we used the wrong kind of cocoa powder or it just smells chocolate-y. Either way thanks for the recipe and definitely thanks for the laughs…. I told my friend maybe she needs to test out your pumpkin lotion next! ROFL,

  45. says: Jenny

    I wondered about the color. I’m also fair skinned and made the recipe. Is it really supposed to be 4 Tablespoons of cocoa? Mine seems quite a bit darker than yours so I was just making sure. Thank you!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Jenny, 4 TB is the amount I use. I use less during the winter as my skin isn’t exposed to the sun. The wonderful thing about this powder is you can play with the clay depending on season and your need. If it’s a too dark add a little bit of the arrowroot.

      1. says: Jenny

        Thanks, that makes sense. Would you mind sharing what your winter recipe is for when you’re more fair skinned? I have a good brush that helps with coverage and it seems to have pretty decent coverage, possibly buildable coverage too. It’ll be awesome to cut out that expense every couple months!

  46. says: Susan

    Do you happen to know if the bentonite clay powder packages sold with winemaking kits are the same thing? (I work at a brew your own facility)

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Susan, I wish I knew the answer, but don’t know anything about the bentonite clay that comes with wine-making kits. I believe there’s only one kind of benonite clay.

  47. says: prezshannon

    5 stars
    Just want to say I LOVE this powder ! It’s so soft and smells amazing ! If anyone hasn’t already come across this.. here’s a tip I discovered.. I applied it with a makeup sponge for more coverage around areas that need it. Works great ! Thanks for this recipe !

  48. says: Kirsten Thomas

    5 stars
    I love this recipe, and am going to try it, but I know that cinnamon and cloves and other spices sometimes make me sneeze. Don’t think I will have problems with the cacao. Have you ever run into this, or should I just go for it?

    1. says: Karen

      Hi, I tend to sneeze a lot, especially with dust & fine powders, but this powder didn’t make me sneeze. I was pleasantly surprised!

  49. says: G

    Can I use tapioca flour/starch instead of arrowroot? Also, is cocoa powder and the starch comedogenic in any way?

  50. says: Karen

    Hi, I made your recipe today & was really impressed with it. I made a half batch & other than being a tiny bit yellow on my skin, it was a good mix. Next time I’ll use less ginger. I traded the vitamin e for tea tree oil, it was easier to find. I read some comments & was worried about it not sticking, so I was generous with the bentonite clay & the lavender. After 10-11 hours of wear, I could still feel with my fingers that it was still on my face, but my face felt great. Thanks!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Karen, Thank for coming back and sharing your experience. The beauty of making your own powder is being able to play with color, sounds like you are already doing that by adding less ginger, and figuring out a great color combo for your skin. Enjoy the powder :).

  51. says: Shannon

    I was looking up bentonite clay since that is the ingredient I don’t have and need to get. The one I saw on Mountain Herbs says it’s 18% aluminum. I made my own deodorant to avoid aluminum. Is this really harmless to be putting on my skin? Otherwise, I can’t wait to make it!!!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Shannon, I make all my own products to avoid toxic ingredients too. Aluminum is part of the structure of all clay. The aluminum found in natural bentonite clay is safe and naturally-occurring, not the man-made aluminum found in most store-bought beauty products. Natural aluminum can’t be absorbed by the body like man-made aluminum, and isn’t toxic. I actually use this clay to make toothpaste (recipe on the blog) and many people use it for detox purposes as it pulls out toxins. It’s also a fantastic facial mask as it draws out impurities.

  52. says: Amanda Bruette

    5 stars
    I love this! I have 100% carob powder. Do you think I could use this in place of the cocoa? Thanks!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi rweich, I don’t have any experience with Kaloin clay. From what I’ve read Kaloin clay should work for cosmetic use, but you may have to adjust the cocoa powder as the clay is very white.

  53. says: stella

    Wonderful info. Pls for Africans, do we use less or more of cocoa powder and will corn starch come out well instead of arrowroot powder?

  54. says: Heather Teeter

    4 Tbsp of cocoa powder? Is that correct? I followed your recipe exactly because I assumed that since you were fair skinned and I am fair skinned, the ratios would work for me. That being said, when I added in that amount of cocoa powder the color was WAYYYY too dark for me. I ended up quadrupling the other ingredients to make up for the excess cocoa powder. Maybe I am missing a step, or could it be that the cocoa powder is to read 4 tsp? Just checking. Thanks for giving people with sensitive skin a recipe that may work for them, regardless 🙂

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Heather, 4TB is the amount of cocoa powder I like to use. I live in Florida and while I have fair skin, I also have a tan for a good the year, so the 4TB works great. This recipe is great for the fact that you can play around with the amount, adjusting as you mix. So glad you found the right combo for you. Enjoy!!

  55. says: Darla

    I just had to leave a comment regarding the homemade foundation recipe: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have never had anything feel so good on my face, or control oil like this. I made my batch following your recipe, except I didn’t have nutmeg so I just added an additional amount of ginger. I also left out the vitamin E oil and per your recommendation, used tea tree oil instead since my skin is the exact opposite of dry.

    I hate thinking about how much money I have wasted over the years on products!
    I don’t need a lot of coverage, but the one thing I have that I hate is oily skin, and NOTHING ever has worked like this. I want to broadcast this recipe to the world and all the others that struggle with controlling oil on their face lol.
    I had even used the bare minerals line of products, and all it did was settle in my pores and look cakey. This recipe goes on smooth and looks great, and I have far from perfect skin. I am so happy, and I just thank you so much.

  56. says: Katelyn

    Can’t wait to try this! Have you thought ever thought about or heard of people adding Maca powder? I just always have some in my kitchen and am curious if it could be a good addition.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Katelyn, I don’t have a lot of experience with Maca powder, so I’m not sure if it would work in this recipe. If you try it, I’d love to hear what you think!

  57. says: sariyan

    hi kristin,, thank you for the recipe sharing..may i know how long it takes to last longer? Is it one month?

  58. says: Roxana

    would this work without nutmeg and ginger?? I don’t have those and I wanted to know if they are a must, or not! Thank you for an answer and THANK you for your amazing website! oxoxox

  59. says: Julie

    I have a comment and two questions.

    If you have a food coop nearby, check it out. Our local coop has a bulk area with many of the ingredients in this and some of Kristin’s other recipes available to be purchased in whatever quantity you choose (arrowroot powder, beet powder, cocoa powder, lavender and calendula blossoms). There were three different cocoa powders with slightly different shades which would allow an additional way to customize your shade.

    Now for my questions. My skin is quite dry; I’m not dealing with acne or redness, so would it still be best to include the bentonite clay? Does it have any benefit for dry skin?

    I understand that you like the scent of lavender. Have you tried any other essential oils whose scent you like for this recipe?

    Thanks! I love your website.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hi Julie, I’ve tried making the powder with the clay and without. When I first started using this recipe I didn’t use the clay, but found I liked the added benefits of clay and started incorporating it into my recipe. You can leave it out and still make a good powder.

      I have tried other oils. Any oil that’s safe for direct contact with skin (meaning no need for a carrier oil) would work great.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Loren, I generally whisk the powder for about a minute after adding the vitamin e and essential oil. You could also run it through a spice grinder, if you desire, but that would be more work.

        1. says: Kristin Marr

          Hey Sarah, Yes, you’re right about the spice grinder–good catch! Thank you for mentioning that. Considering the metal inside, if a spice grinder is needed, then add the bentonite afterward. The bentonite is naturally very fine; I think some people have more of an issue with the cocoa powder (cocoa can vary with brands). A whisk doesn’t have to be metal, and other materials can be used as a whisk, if needed, like a plastic or wood fork, etc.

  60. says: pinky

    i tried the powder today but it didnt match my indian skin.we usually have orange tint in our cosmetics to suit our skin colour.i tried it with turmeric powder but none suited my complexion.plz help me to get that orange shade

  61. says: Tracy

    I just made your foundation powder and am amazed! I left out the vitamin e and lavender oil because I didn’t have it, but intend on getting some later and adding it. I used shea butter as a moisturizer underneath so the powder would stick since i left the oils out. I cannot believe how much this looks like my expensive foundations, maybe even better. It soaks into your skin later so even though it looks powdery, that only lasts about half an hour. Also wanted to mention I think your video tutorial on this is great, and now I have utensil envy. Must get some wooden spoons! 🙂 Thanks so much for your blog. It’s been so informative.

  62. says: Sue

    I made this yesterday and it goes on nicely! I added an extra T. of cocoa powder to adjust the color for my complexion. The only thing I was worried about was smelling like a spice rack – not that that’s a bad smell, but, well, you know…Anyway, the spice smell dissipates quickly, I even had my hubby smell it after a bit and he agreed – no smell 🙂
    I may add a few more drops of the vitamin E oil as I live in New Mexico and it’s dry dry dry here!

  63. says: Rachel Dow

    I can’t wait to try this out! But I do have a question: do you have a recipe or idea for concealer?? I have a ton of acne scars & continual acne (trying my best to find out the most natural way to clear up my face) and my currant foundation (all mineral, but costly!! ) does not even come close to covering my scars.. 🙁

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Rachel, I’ve experienced the same issue with scars, so when I go out for an event I use an organic concealer and this foundation powder powder over the top. I’ve used Physician’s Formula brand with good success. They make an organic line which isn’t perfect (for ingredients) but much better than other store-bought alternatives. Scratch Mommy also sells an organic foundation, although it’s not as thick as what you’ll get from a store-bought concealer: ScratchMommy.com.

  64. says: Katie

    I apologize if someone already asked this; there’s too many comments to sort thru! Does the lavendar serve any purpose other than scent? Can I leave it out and get the same results?

    Thank you!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Katie, There are a lot of comments on this thread, so no apologies :). The lavender adds a pleasant scent, but also a soothing and healing property for the skin, but it can be left out. You’ll still have a wonderful foundation powder without the lavender EO.

  65. says: Cindy

    In your frequently asked questions you ask, “If I make this and don’t like it did I waste my money?” You can use it as a dry shampoo if you don’t want to use it as a foundation! Apply with a brush to the scalp and brush out.

  66. says: DeAnna

    Hi –

    You may have already answered this (sorry I did not have time to read all of the wonderful comments) but what kind of brushes do you use since the benonite clay can not come in contact with metal? All of my brushes have metal at the base.


    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey DeAnna, It’s okay for the brush to have metal on the end, just as long as you’re using the tip of the brush (the end of the brush) for the powder. My current brush (pictured) has a metal base, but the metal never touches the bentonite.

  67. says: Ashlynn Kaplan

    I tried this powder last night! I ordered good, quality ingredients and spices. I did find that ginger is a tad course, so I put everything in the grinder before adding the Bentonite clay. I had trouble with this sticking. I followed the recipe, although I did have to use less cocoa powder. It smells absolutely wonderful! But, it seems to just roll off my skin. I used the same amount of oil and lavender, but it doesn’t stick. I use argan oil as a moisturizer and it does a great job matifying, but it is invisible with not even any light coverage. I will be trying again tonight using Bob’s Redd Mill White rice flour, since it is very fine, and mustard powder instead of ginger. The ginger is a bit coarse, even my high quality brand, and has a “stingy” scent. Mustard is very powdery soft with almost no scent and gives more of a yellow tone but not like tumeric! (which I will also try in small amount). Nutmeg is a bit course too so I eliminated that. My skin felt so soft after applying this with my Eco tools Kabuki brush, and smelled so great! My husband was smelling my face… but the only problem is getting any tiny bit of coverage, its just a clear powder really. Any tips? I did include the clay and added a little more, which helped. Perhaps spices just are not pigmented enough for coverage.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Ashlynn, I’ve never tried using rice flour before, so I’m not sure how that will work. The cocoa powder, clay, and arrowroot should stick enough that by the end of the day, when you wipe your face off, the powder rubs off on a wet washcloth. Ground ginger is usually very, very fine and powdery. I’m not really sure what’s happening.

      1. says: Ashlynn Kaplan

        Perhaps I will try finding a different brand of ginger, I would still like to reap its benefits in my makeup! I will be experimenting with this until I find something that works! My skin tends to be dry so perhaps I need more moisturization!

  68. says: Ashlynn Kaplan

    5 stars
    I made this again with arrowroot, cocoa, mustard powder, bentonite clay, and lavender with some argan oil. I absolutely love it now! No it does not give coverage because it does not have pigment, but it is a wonderful setting powder over concealed spots and under eyes! I use it also to lightly set my facial oil at night and it makes my skin so so soft and does help improve it I believe! I will also use it to set my mineral foundation I will be making soon, just because I do need more coverage until my skin improves!

  69. says: Kathleen

    I have a question (and this is JUST a question, NOT a judgement in any way shape or form). How much research/how many scholarly articles have you read about GMOs and their effects? I’m 17 years old, and my parents are super interested in science-type stuff and subscribe to a bunch of science periodicals.
    All SCHOLARLY research that I have heard of shows that GMOs are not actually harmful to humans. Additionally, there is another way of modifying organisms that is not GMO and actually seems more harmful, at least to me – radiating seeds and planting them to see what they produce, then cross-breeding them until the desired end-product is reached. This does not have to be labeled as GMO, because it ISN’T GMO.
    GMO plants, like golden rice, can also actually be extremely beneficial. Golden Rice, in case you don’t know, is a GMO strain of rice that is modified to produce beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A. It was intended to be used in areas of the world with major Vitamin A deficiency, which kills approximately 670,000 children every year.
    We are both from a first-world country, and therefore have the resources available to NOT use GMOs. However, there are large parts of the world where people cannot afford to not use them, and our refusal to see the good that GMOs can do will, I believe, eventually harm the rest of the world.

    I hope that you at least consider this point of view.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Kathleen, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. From all my research, I can’t endorse the way genetic modification is currently happening to products by the major King of modification. In fact, in many countries due to the lack of evidence that they are safe, GMOs are banned. There is a major difference between hybridization and genetic modification. I would also highly recommend you look into who is paying for that scholarly evidence. Also, I grew up during my teen years in West Africa (Ghana). Trust me when I say the third world doesn’t need GMO food. Did you have a question about the foundation powder?

  70. says: Ashlynn Kaplan

    Update! After changing my entire skin care routine: using rosewater, argan oil, essential oils (frankincense, lavender, tea tree) and eliminating all my cosmetics, my skin has greatly improved! I tried oil cleansing and it did not work for me at all, so, I stopped and now my skin has cleared and does very well cleansing with bentonite clay/tea tree/rosewater! I can now use this powder over some concealer on my remaining acne scars. I am so surprised at the rate of healing my skin is undergoing! I use bentonite clay (alone) first, over my argan moisturized face, as a corrective powder and primer. I then spritz with rose water and apply this powder. I did find an alteration of ingredient amounts to make this a very light, yellow toned powder! I then use cocoa powder with arrowroot to bronze, BUT, you cannot set this with spray because it will blotch! But the cocoa bronzer does stay all day without it. My face has been so soft and smooth and I don’t worry about transfer at all. I am now working on a beet lip balm and stain! Thank you!

  71. says: Betty Lynn

    Can I use good ole Hersheys cocoa powder?
    I have VERY fair skin…so fair, that people think I wear white stocking with shorts! LOL!
    Currebtly I use mary Kay Ivory 1 Pressed powder. I no longer wear any kind of foundation…just a quick swipe of powder to reduce shine , a splash of bluch and I’m good to go.
    I used to wear the whole Mary Kay face. SO tjos is a big change for me. I am into EO’s and am trying to transition into a natural powder & blush
    Im worried about the color.
    What would you suggest the porprtions be (spices) to be a very light ivory?

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Betty, You can use Hershey’s cocoa powder, just make sure it’s unsweetened (I personally don’t have experience with Hershey’s, but I believe it will work well). I’m not sure what ratio you’ll need, so I’d recommend starting with the base of benonite and arrowroot and then adding the cocoa powder until you achieve the color you need. Then add the spices, just a few pinches at a time.

  72. says: Rachel

    Hi 🙂

    I noticed in the article above you’ve saI’d this has a light to medium coverage, do have any other recipes or tips for a heavier coverage please?
    I have just made and tried this, I absolutely love the idea, love that it’s free of rubbish but it is too light for me. I added a little french green clay too (I have quite a red blotchy skin tone- why I like a heavier coverage- I’m too self conscious to suddenly drop to this one straight away, silly I know but we all have our quirks)

    Any help or tips would be fabulous

    Thank you
    It smells devine too

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Rebecca, I haven’t personally tried adding zinc oxide to this foundation powder recipe, but I think it would be a great addition to add sun protection. I would try a couple of tablespoons.

  73. says: Jay Key

    I work at a reception desk so I’m obliged to wear high collar formal shirts which are mostly light coloured. Won’t this powder stain my clothes? I remember wearing something once upon a time that was constantly on my scarf and shirts.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Jay, I’ve worn white collar shirts and scarves (even white scarves :)) many times with this foundation powder without any issue. Just like any loose powder, I recommend applying the foundation powder before putting your clothes on, if possible, to avoid dusting your clothes. As long as the shirt or scarf doesn’t rub your face consistently throughout the day, the foundation shouldn’t come off.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Amy, I’ve never added zinc to this recipe, but I think it would be a nice addition. I would start with a very small amount (a couple of teaspoons) and add more (up to a couple of tablespoons) depending on how the color changes with the addition of a white powder.

  74. says: Erica

    Hi I am having a little trouble with the powder appearing blotchy on my skin…….. And also do you have any suggestions on how to achieve a blush tint to this… my current mineral foundation is called “blush medium” just wondering any suggestions on what I could use to get that hint of rosey/blush coloring to the foundation?

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Erica, I usually have an issue with the powder being blotchy when the color is a bit off for my skin. When that happens I tweak the color a bit (usually making it lighter with more arrowroot) and the issue is corrected. For the blush, you could try adding dry ground hibiscus or beet powder to this recipe and then pressing the powder through a cheesecloth to remove any “grit”, creating a fine powder.

  75. says: Kaila

    5 stars
    Hello, just wanted to thank you for this recipe. I’ve been playing around with basically the same ingredients for awhile as recommended by other fairly similar recipes, trying to get a good match and stick, and the addition of E oil really helps. I don’t know why I wasn’t adding it before lol. I suppose I assumed the presence of oils would turn my powder to a gooey consistency. I’ve used evening primrose oil to make a batch when I was out of E oil as well and it worked just as good for me, so for anyone having trouble with the stick-the oils are pretty important. (though I would like to say that as much as I love and use coconut oil for many things, I wouldn’t recommend it here. It’s a great cleanser and awesome for oil pulling but because of it’s ability to pull bacteria from your own sebum and into itself, and also because of it’s ability to pull metals because of it’s positive charge and molecular structure, I wouldn’t let it sit on your face as a moisturizer or in your makeup-It will also react chemically with they clay and will probably cause oxidation and discoloration.)
    In regards to the covering power of this powder, I struggled with covering acne and acne scars for awhile when I started using homemade powder and even broke down and used a bit of my left over mineral fusion pallet to cover the redness at first (I do wish I could make a powder that covered like that pallet does) but I grew tired of even ‘natural’ makeup like mineral fusion coating my face with irritants that would ultimately bring the acne and irritation back, so I bit the bullet and stopped using it completely, only used my homemade concoction from then on, started taking food grade diatomaceous earth daily, and spritzing my face with colloidal silver and using masques made from bentonite clay or my kombucha scoobys. I don’t know which of those worked the magic, but my skin is pristine now. I know the role of foundation is usually to create an even skintone and cover imperfections, but it really does feel nice now to not have to worry about really using foundation for anything but occasional dark circles.
    Anyway, what i’m trying to say is don’t just rely on makeup to cover up what your body is trying to tell you about being irritated and out of wack (like I did), Treat the problem from within and you will glow-naturally.
    Thanks again for solving my sticking problem, great blog :]

  76. says: Soraya

    Hi! congratulations on this wonderful idea, I like it so much I’m going to put it into practice. I would ask if the bentonite clay can be replaced by another as the green clay or simply remove it. I have oily skin and this would help me, but in Spain it is difficult to find. And arrowroot flour, may be substituted corn starch? Thanks for conpartir your experience. Bye! Soraya

  77. says: Liz

    I just found this website (in the middle of the night while breastfeeding!) and was so excited to try it. Got all the ingredients and just made it following your recipe since it sounds like we have similar complexions and it came out so dark. I lightened it up but it still doesn’t look right and when I tried it on my face it wouldn’t blend right. Pretty bummed 🙁

  78. 5 stars
    Hi! I just found your site today by following someone’s pin on Pinterest. I, too, have super sensitive skin and was unable to wear any kind of makeup most of my life because of bad reactions.

    A few years ago, I discovered loose mineral makeup and haven’t looked back. I found after using mineral makeup for a few months, my skin was in a lot better shape, and the rosacea I was developing has gone away completely. My understanding is that the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in mineral makeup have anti-inflammatory properties, and are physical sunblocks (I can’t use sunblock either, and don’t want to because of the toxins). (You can find out more about mineral makeup at Web MD–http://www.webmd.com/beauty/makeup/the-lowdown-on-mineral-makeup?page=1.)

    Unfortunately, many of the major brands of mineral makeup contain bismuth oxychloride, which supposedly only a tiny percentage of women are sensitive to. I’m one of those women–it makes my skin feel like a million tiny ants are biting me all at once. (The inexpensive Physician’s Formula loose mineral makeup does not contain bismuth oxychloride, nor does the much more expensive LA Minerals.)

    I love the ingredients in your recipe on this page, but am a little reluctant to switch because I am having such great good luck with mineral makeup. Have you tried making your own mineral makeup?

    Also, a comment for the woman who had trouble with the makeup she made using your recipe falling off. She might need to apply a light layer of moisturizer (homemade from your recipe, of course!) and wait a few minutes while it sinks in, then try applying the powder.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Marina, Welcome to Live Simply! I haven’t tried making a mineral make-up (yet). I think you could successfully add a good zinc to this recipe and possibly create similar inflammatory properties. I’ll keep thinking about a homemade mineral-based powder :).

    2. says: Kristin Marr

      Marina, I just went shopping via Amazon and have a few ideas for making a mineral powder foundation (using minerals). Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully I’ll have a new recipe to share with you soon!

  79. says: Klaudia

    Hi! I just made this powder and wanted to ask you whether it should really be 4 tablespoons of cacao or rather 4 teaspoons? I used only 2 tablespoons … way too dark. Added more arrowroot, and still too dark. My complexion is very similar to yours. Need to toss it, unfortunately, but would definitely like to try again.

  80. says: Erin Lavoie

    5 stars
    I made this and I love it!! As a makeup lover with super sensitive skin this is wonderful for me. I made it just a hint darker and it just warms up my pale complexion without making me clownish. I used lemon essential oil since I dont much like lavander. I think the recipe needs the little bit of oil to stick to skin. Plus the e oil is anti aging. Thanks soo much for sharing.

  81. says: Ashley

    I just made this and followed your amounts for fair skin and it was too dark, so I doubled the arrowroot powder and it is still a bit dark and too yellow for my skin tone. I have red under tones not yellow, do you any suggestions on how I can adjust this recipe?

  82. says: bethanyb

    Do you think I could add this to a lotion recipe to make a liquid version? or do you think it would make it clump? I really only us liquid foundation and, like you, have NO luck finding ANYTHING this good! I find powder foundations never seem to get enough coverage for me.

  83. says: Kam

    Wonderful recipe! I also found that it doubles as a “dry shampoo” or oil absorbent for those days you don’t want to, or have time to wash your hair. (I’m a brunette, so I’m not sure how it would work on blonde or red hair.)

  84. says: Cindy

    5 stars
    I just wanted to let you know how this little post led to relief for my husbands eczema. I was busy putting all of your recipes on my Pepperplate and I saw the ingredient for clay with a where to buy. So, I went to your where to buy link, and as I was following the links on the clay to see if there was help for complexions and a woman said she used cold sore cream for her eczema. I bought it and his skin is clearing up beautifully. So, I know you didn’t say it, but if it wasn’t for you …! Now I’m going to make that foundation for my daughter’s skin. Thanks!! Love your site.

  85. says: Amy Van Natta

    Hello! I love this recipe, but I am having a very hard time getting it to stick to my skin and offer a little, if any coverage. Please let me know if you have any ideas for how to remedy this!

    Thank you!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Amy, A couple of suggestions that may help:

      1. Moisturize your face first before applying the powder. This can really help the powder to stick.
      2. If the powder is too “coarse” to stick, then I recommend running it through a spice grinder (or even a blender) and then pressing it through a kitchen sieve to remove any particles.

      The powder should be light to moderate in coverage. For more coverage, one option is to use a concealer (I love Pacifica brand) underneath the powder. Another option is to play around with the cocoa powder so the powder provides a bit more color coverage.

      Let me know how it goes!

  86. says: Cait

    5 stars
    Thank you for posting this! I have been making bronzer with the same powder ingredients (minus the bentonite clay.) I love the idea of the lavender and Vitamin E added in. Going to give it a try! The arrow root gives such a smooth feeling, i love it so much! No more expensive mineral bronzers, and just too easy to make!!

  87. says: Sarah

    Hello again, I tried to make this today but it didn’t work out to well for me. I bought the exact ingredients you use from amazon. i am going to give it a try agian tomorrow. I can’t get it to stick to well it seems to all fall right off the brush any ideas? I put about 23 drops of vitamin E oil in lol and it still wont stick.

  88. says: Norma

    Can I add Zinc Oxide to your powder foundation to make it with sunscreen? How much? Have you tried that? Thanks.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Norma, I haven’t tried adding zinc to this recipe, yet. I recommend a non-nano zinc powder and adding a few tablespoons (depending on the amount of foundation powder). You’ll need to play around with the ratio based on your skin tone.

  89. says: Fluffy Duckling

    Hello Kristin! I truly love the sound of this and because money is a bit of an issue over here I think this would be great to make and use 🙂 I have a couple of questions though and hope you don’t mind me asking……

    I have a dark olive skin and was wondering how I could get a darker colour; would I need to add more nutmeg/cinnamon/cocoa powder? Will it smell kind of chocolately? I may want to eat it, lol 🙂 Also, I realise that this may sound strange but a few years ago I developed an allergy to lavender essential oil. I used to buy it from a reputable company here in the UK. Is there an alternative I can use to lavender essential oil? I’m in my 40s and I’m starting to get hormonal changes in my skin. I do not feel comfortable leaving my home without make-up on because of my skin. I hope this will help to improve my worries. Thank you so much for sharing and have a great day 🙂

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Fluffy Duckling,

      For a darker color you’ll need to play around with the cocoa powder ratio. It’s definitely possible to create a darker foundation powder, it’s just a matter of finding a good ratio for your skin. It’s much easier to darken this powder than lighten it. The powder will smell like chocolate-lol. You may walk around craving chocolate all day ;).

      Quite a few readers have experience similar lavender allergies. You could try a different skin-friendly oil. Maybe carrot seed or tea tree oil? You may also be able to skip the oil.

  90. says: Leo Monroe

    I know you can repair a broken pressed powder by dousing it with alcohol and compacting it again. Would that method work with this recipe to create a pressed powder foundation?

  91. says: Cary

    I made this up and am still tweaking because it came out a bit dark for me. I remembered to put it in a plastic bowl, but I think I forgot and mixed it with a metal spoon. What exactly is the reaction with the clay and metal? Should I throw that batch out and start over because I *may* have used a metal spoon?


    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Cary, The metal deactivates the clay. I wouldn’t throw out the batch that may have touched a metal spoon :). The clay won’t hurt you, it’s just not as powerful.

  92. says: Sagi

    5 stars
    Your powder is amazing!!! It is perfect for me and now I like wearing makeup because it feels so good on my skin. I also love how it washes off without needing makeup remover. – do you know if I could make blush using rooibos powder??

  93. says: devorah

    im allergic to chocolate especially cocoa powder and cinnammon. Will this powder work without these things or what else can replace them?

  94. says: Tina

    My market doesn’t have arrowroot, but has coconut flour/starch and white flour (both Bob Mill). Would either of these work? They look rather fine, but I’ve never seen arrowroot, so I have nothing to compare it to… Thank you so much!

    1. says: Tina

      I really wanted to make this tonight as my other ingredients came from Amazon, so I picked up tapioca starch aka tapioca flour from Bob Mill. I’m not crazy about using the corn starch! Do you know anything about this starch or if it should not be used? Otherwise I will gladly whip up a batch! Sorry to bother you!!

      1. says: Kristin Marr

        Hey Tina, I’m not really sure about the tapioca startch/flour. I would recommend trying a very small amount mixed with the other ingredients and see how it goes/feels.

        1. says: Evelyn

          Hi Kristin, thanks for all your great info and inspiring recipes – I’m so glad to have come across your blog. Just FYI in response to a few queries you’ve received and replied to: arrowroot is actually the same thing as tapioca starch!:)

  95. says: Lu

    5 stars
    Hey, I’ve tried it out and it really works! I’m very impressed!
    I believe it needs a thick layer than ordinary foundation but it feels and looks amazing! 🙂
    And I also skipped the ginger, used white clay and switched the arrowroot powder (I couldn’t find some) for Sweet Potato powder and it worked just fine!
    Oh, and my skin tone is like an olive one so I used a bit more cinnamon and cocoa.
    Thanks for the recipe! Loved it!

  96. says: Alba

    Hey Kristin,

    How you avoid contamination and for how long do you storage them? Do you keep it on the fridge or just in room temperature?

    Thank you!

  97. says: Stephanie

    Oh, this is a miracle! I am beyond excited that I found this! Make up can get so expensive when your skin is sensitive (though, I’m sure, not as much as yours), and not only that, it can be so full of chemicals! Yuck! So I am definitely going to try this (and perhaps tweak, I’m so pale), and share all around. Thank you!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Emgee, After much research, I feel very comfortable using bentonite clay. I wouldn’t recommend purposely inhaling large amounts of the clay (or any product–even cocoa powder). Bentonite clay is often consumed internally by some people looking to detox. Here’s a good article: http://draxe.com/10-bentonite-clay-benefits-uses/. You can leave it out, however, the powder just won’t be the same. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the deodorant :)!

  98. says: Cynthia

    5 stars
    Thank you for giving us the courage to try our own powder – and thank you for a great recipe! We adjusted the recipe only slightly for color and because I was able to find non-gmo cornstarch. Our teenage daughter LOVES the cocoa scent, loves the way it looks and that it lasts all day – longer than the expensive product she had been using!!

  99. says: Kristin

    What a great website you have here! It started me on researching and learning for myself how to incorporate a more natural and healthy skin regiment ! One of the things that I added was a vegetable glycerin to your powder to help with a little more coverage so far so good and I also learned that not make is good for a more medium toned skin color ! Keep sharing you’re awesome creations !

  100. says: Dianne

    I have concerns over the cocoa powder as sugars feed the bacteria that cause pimples. Can you suggest an alternative for that one ingredient?

    Just an FYI; when using essential oils, always spot test for possible allergic reactions. I know someone that breaks out in hives from lavender oil.

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Dianne, Real cocoa powder doesn’t contain any sugars (other than what may naturally occur)–look for unsweetened cocoa powder in the baking section. Alternatives would be cacao powder or carob powder.

      Great essential oil tip!

  101. says: Katja

    Hi Kristin, I love this recipe! However, I notice that my pores look bigger when I use the powder. Any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Katja, I have two suggestions that may help:

      1/ Use a moisturizer before applying the foundation powder, then apply the powder and use a cosmetic sponge or clean fingers to press the powder into your skin (for lack of a better phrase). The foundation brush may be applying a thin layer over the skin, causing the pores to look large.

      2/ If the issue persists, use a more natural concealer or liquid foundation over the problem areas, followed by the foundation powder.

  102. says: Anna S

    Hi Kristin,

    I am on day two of drying a light dusting on my face to make sure my skin is ok with it. So far so good (feels a bit odd putting cocoa on my face). It feels very light and gives a nice light coverage. I was just wondering if it was safe to put over my eyelids or under my eyes – I have quite dark areas around my eyes. Or would it be safer to get a concealer for that area?


    1. says: Kristin Marr

      Hey Anna, I use a concealer (from Pacifica) under my eyes or any dark spots (I had pigmentation issues with my second pregnancy) and then use the powder over the top. I would avoid getting the powder directly in your eyes, but if you close your eyelids when applying the powder over the concealer, I think you should be okay (that’s what I do).

  103. says: Elma

    I have a question. I want to make it for my friend whi has super light to pale skin. She tried this recipe that I made for her. Was too dark. Which ingredient that I can possibly cut in half or add to the recipe for super light skin? Pls help. Thanks

  104. says: Elma

    5 stars
    I made this for me which I normally use med beige( i have med skin). The recipe was perfect for my skin tone. One other friend of mine also tried and she loved it she has light skin.