Today, on the podcast, I’m talking all about gluten and sourdough with Greg Seymour from Pizzeria Gregario. Greg is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gluten, grains, and sourdough. He’s an important part of the real food movement in my area and owns a beloved pizzeria (Pizzeria Gregario) that’s committed to serving sourdough pizza made with locally-sourced and real food ingredients. When it comes to grains and sourdough, I can’t think of anyone more passionate than Greg. 

Live Simply, The Podcast episode all about gluten and sourdough

We start today’s conversation talking about Greg’s health story, and then get right into a discussion about gluten:

  • is all gluten created equal
  • is there a healthy or traditional way to consume gluten
  • what kind of bread should we look for (or make)

Our conversation then turns to talking about sourdough:

  • what is sourdough
  • why is sourdough good for you
  • how to make your own sourdough bread at home or how to source sourdough bread in your area if you don’t want to bake at home.

I learned so much from today’s chat with Greg and I know you will, too.

Live Simply, The Podcast episode all about gluten and sourdough

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Show Notes

Resources Mentioned In Today's Episode

Q1: Tell us about yourself. 

Q2: What does eating real food look like for you?

Q3: Let’s talk about gluten. I would love to hear your thoughts on gluten–why do you think it’s so feared, should we fear gluten? Is there a “healthy” way to consume gluten?

Q4: Is all gluten created equal? Is gluten a problem, or is it how we’re consuming gluten? 

Q5: What should people be looking for when buying bread? What type of bread do you recommend consuming? And how can we spot a quality store-bought loaf? (This is a question a lot of folks asked about.

Q6: Talk to us about sourdough. What is sourdough, what makes sourdough unique compared to “standard” bread. What does souring grains do to gluten? 

Q7: Why should we incorporate sourdough into our diet?

Q8: Can you share about your sourdough baking process? What does the process of making a sourdough loaf look like in your kitchen?

Q9: How can someone start baking sourdough at home? 

Q10: You’re a big advocate for getting to know your grain source. Why do believe this is so important? And how can consumers be more informed about where their grains are coming from? 

Q11: You also source ancient grains, like einkorn, for your loaves. Can you share more about ancient grains.  


  1. You both mentioned the book Nourishing Traditions . When I looked for it, there were several. One with cookbook in the title and one that is like 668 pages long both by Sally Fallon. Are either of these the books you were discussing?

      1. Hello,
        I’ve been enjoying making sourdough so much, thank you for the easy to follow method! I would love to be able to use this recipe to make a cinnamon raisin version? Any chance you have done this or could supply instructions? Thanks so much!

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