Have you ever had an event happen in your life, that when you look back, you realize that one single event drastically changed your life? My event happened three years ago…the day my son was born, Piper.


With a healthy baby in my arms, I realized that my husband and I had a big job ahead… we had a new life to care for, one that was untainted by this world…what would we feed him? How would we raise him?  The addition of our son, started our family down a new journey, one of real foods and natural, gentle parenting. I left my career as a public school teacher and without much thought took on a new job title as “Mom, Chief Household Manager”.


We moved away from our standard American diet of processed food and a quick take-out lifestyle to a vegetarian plant based diet, after a dare from my husband, to now a nourishing, nutrient dense real food lifestyle. I expanded my knowledge of cooking from jarred spaghetti sauce and noodles to all things homemade. I took back my kitchen, no longer trusting big business to feed my family, but rather took full responsibility for the foods we were consuming. Farmer’s Markets became Saturday Morning field trips, cookbooks my late night reading of choice, and local farms my stomping grounds. I’m starting this blog to share my experience with real food… finds, tips, and ideas for feeding the entire family nourishing whole foods!


As a mother, I am challenged daily to allow the Lord to lead me as a parent, learning from Him. I’m starting this blog to encourage moms down this road of motherhood, finding love and humor in finger painted walls as well as 2am nighttime snuggles. I am learning daily to embrace play, love dirt, and find the magical in what seems everyday life as a mom.

So… that moment three years ago, has brought me to this momentstarting a blog!

Starting a blog about getting back to the simplicity of life, the simplicity of eating like our great-grandmothers and nourishing and encouraging our families.

I am excited to share this journey of life with you… as a mom, a cook, and a lover of all things nourishing!

Come join me and live simply! You can learn more about me here

Live Simply,



  1. I’m so excited you are doing this! Beautifully written! You are officially part of my Google Reader. 🙂

  2. Thanks! This is good stuff. We hardly started a new regimen on our diet, finally we did it, but there still lots of bad habits around home, so thanks for any help that you can bring here, blessings!

  3. So excited you are doing this, I am hoping to learn so much from you. While we have typically eaten healthy, I’m hoping to transition to all wholesome and organic foods. Please post lots of recipes!

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