Christina Maldonado Photography

I have a great love for my local farmer’s market.

Every Saturday morning, the family and I rise early to make the twenty minute drive across town. The excitement of tables filled with fresh local veggies, gorgeous artisan bread, and gourmet cheese, never gets old.

The market has become more than just a place to gather food. It’s a place that brings our family together.  Though our lives are busy during the week, each of us going our own way, Saturday morning unites us. The car ride to the market, sipping morning smoothies, the small-talk about what we will find that day. Once at the market, we “ooh” and “aah” over the bright orange carrots and bundles of herbs, the smell of fresh baked goods, and juicy seasonal strawberries.

Christina Maldonado Photography

This time will come and go. My kids won’t always be around to visit the market, our lives will change. This is a season I want to remember and embrace.

A local photographer, Christina Maldonado Photography, who specializes in life-style photography, was gracious to capture this season of our life. Unlike a smile-and-pose session, lifestyle photography grabs the moments one holds dear, capturing them through simple, elegant photos. Photos that will be cherished forever.

The beauty of these photos is amazing. Christina perfectly captured the essence of our market trips, down to every little detail. Today, I’m sharing a glimpse into our Saturday mornings. Mornings spent gathering food and celebrating time together. Moments perfectly captured through this talented photographer’s lens.

Christina Maldonado Photography
Christina Maldonado Photography
Christina Maldonado Photography
Christina Maldonado Photography
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Christina Maldonado Photography


  1. I am incredibly jealous just now~ We live in frigid Ohio and I so wish I could shop at THAT Farmer’s Market every Saturday! All we can do is a local grocery 🙁 that is- until summer comes again….But your kids are darling and the pictures were fabulous!

    1. Hey Heather,I feel incredibly blessed for our market. Come May it will disappear until October, but for now I’m loving it. Thank you, I think the kiddos are pretty darling too ;).

  2. You are so lucky to
    a) have a gorgeous market like that
    b) have the opportunity to engage your kids in it and teach them about food
    and c) to have such adorable kids!!!!!
    We have two farmers markets in our town and neitherlooks as nice as that one!!

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