Today, on Live Simply, The Podcast, I’m talking to Suzi from Gurl Gone Green.

Suzi is the face behind the popular natural wellness blog, Gurl Gone Green and a licensed esthetician. In today’s podcast episode, Suzi shares why we should be concerned about the products used on our skin, how to break through the marketing and find truly natural skincare products, where to start when building a natural skincare routine, how to approach a skincare routine with your budget in mind, and she dishes on exfoliators, cleansers, serums, and all-things skincare.

Today, on Live Simply, The Podcast, I’m talking to Suzi from Gurl Gone Green. In today’s podcast episode, Suzi shares about all-things natural skincare.

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Show Notes

Today, on Live Simply, The Podcast, I’m talking to Suzi from Gurl Gone Green. In today’s podcast episode, Suzi shares about all-things natural skincare.

Q1: Tell us about yourself and what has led you to being such an advocate for natural skincare?

Q2: Why should we even be concerned about what goes on our skin?

Q3:  It seems like there are a lot skincare products being marketed as natural these days, which is amazing. But with the market becoming more saturated, it’s hard to know if a product is truly natural or just a marketing gimmick. What’s your best advice for finding truly natural skincare products?

Q4: What does your personal skincare routine look like right now?

Q5: When I look at the number of products on the market, it feels like I need to use a million different products on my skin. Give us tips for creating a basic, simplified skincare routine.  Where should we start? What products do we really need?

Q6: When making the switch to natural skincare products, and building a skincare routine, what would you recommend people start with first?

Q7: What about adding masks and exfoliators to a skincare routine? Should we use these products? How often? What should we look for when purchasing a mask and exfoliator?

Q8: Let’s talk about special treatments, like facials, light therapy, peels. What are your thoughts on adding these treatments to a skincare routine? (What are your tips on finding an esthetician that takes a more natural approach?)

Q9: Natural skincare products can be expensive. What’s your best advice for creating a natural skincare routine from a budget-friendly approach?

Q10: If you were to splurge on one skincare product, what would it be?

Q11: We all want healthy skin, what do you feel has made the biggest impact on your skin’s overall appearance and health? 

Join me next time as Gurl Gone Green, Suzi, returns to share about sourcing and using non-toxic, more natural makeup and answers your skincare and makeup questions.

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