Welcome to Live Simply, The Podcast. Today, on the podcast, I’m going to answer a common reader question, “How do I get started with real food when my family loves processed food?” I’m going to share 11 tips that have helped me tackle this very same question along our real food journey.

Live Simply, The Podcast Episode 009: Reader Question,

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Show Notes

What’s your greatest challenge when it comes to creating a real food lifestyle?

The food budget?

Stocking the pantry?


For many families, family members are the greatest challenge.  While the budget can be tackled and kitchen time reduced and conquered, changing the minds and taste buds of a family used to the addictive pleasures of processed food can be difficult and frustrating.

Live Simply, The Podcast Episode 009: Reader Question,

At the time of our lifestyle change, Piper (my oldest child) was a toddler. Yes, we ate “healthy” before he was born (if you remember from my story, I was actually a vegan), but much of our healthier eating revolved around processed soy products and nicely packaged organic food. I’m not sure if my constant paranoia over food (mainly animal-based foods) caused his pickiness at such a young age, or he was just naturally a “picky” eater due to texture issues. Whatever it was, he would turn his nose up at most of the new foods I wanted to incorporate into our real food lifestyle. And as a new mom, new to real food, I usually gave up on these foods and offered him bunnies or something that seemed more “kid-friendly.”

I knew cooking separate meals was not sustainable, so I decided to take a more creative and hands-on approach. I had to figure out how to make real food work with a husband that was used to processed food and a child that seemed so picky.

Now, let’s talk about practical tips you can start using on your own journey. These tips are gentle ways you can nudge your family toward loving real food, even if they’re really into processed food right now.

1. Communicate what real food is and is not with your family.

2. Talk about favorite meals.

3. Recreate favorite foods with real ingredients.

4. Make food enjoyable.

5. Introduce new food experiences alongside favorite foods.

6. Don’t give up! Be creative.

7. Model by example and encourage a one-bite rule.

8.  Be prepared and make real food accessible.

9.  Encourage participation.

10. Don’t stock processed food.

11. Realize that we live in a processed food world.

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