In today’s podcast episode, we’re talking about growing your own food with Lacey from The Rab Farm.

Lacey grows and raises a large majority of her own food in her backyard known as The Rab Farm. Personally, I’ve been interested in growing just a small portion of my own food, but I’ve definitely faced challenges in this area. Talking to Lacey was just the encouragement I needed to try growing something again this year. Lacey is honest about what it takes to grow your own food, the challenges she has faced along the way, the benefits she has experienced, and ideas for getting your family involved in the process.

Live Simply, The Podcast Episode 023: The Encouragement You Need to Grow Your Own Food with Lacey from The Rab Farm

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Show Notes

Live Simply, The Podcast Episode 023: The Encouragement You Need to Grow Your Own Food with Lacey from The Rab Farm

Q1: Tell us about yourself. 

Q2: Tell us about your farm.

Q3: What’s your philosophy on growing your own food? Your mission, your why.

Q4: Share with us what growing your own food looks like on a daily and weekly basis. 

Q5: What have been the greatest challenges you’ve experienced with growing your own food?

Q6: What positive benefits have you experienced, due to growing your own food, as a family?

Q7: Can you give us ideas of age-appropriate ways young kids can help with growing food? 

Q8: How does growing your own food change with the seasons? 

Q9: What’s your favorite food to grow? You also grow flowers, what’s your favorite flower to grow?

Q10: How do you put to use all the harvested food? 

Join me next time as Lacey shares practical tips for getting started with growing your own food and also raising backyard chickens–from the easiest food to grow to what we should be thinking about before planting the first seed.

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