Simple Grain-Free Chocolate Cake with Icing

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I’m blessed to have the world’s best mom. Okay, I know, I’m a bit biased. She’s pretty awesome, number one in my book.

When I think about Mom my heart is filled with joy. I fondly remember baking and cooking in my mom’s kitchen- flour all over the floor and pans scattered. I think about the long nights Mom spent in my room, laying next to me, because I was just too afraid to face the scary, dark room alone. Then there are the little things, which now as a mom I realize demanded much of Mom’s time, but she never spoke a word or complained. The laundry piles, dishes, homemade dinners, brown-bag lunches… all thankless jobs performed with a tender heart of motherly love.

grain-free-chocolate-cake with-dairy-free-fudge-icing

grain-free-chocolate-cake with-dairy-free-fudge-icing

Photo Credit: Christina Maldonado Photography

Now, as an adult and mother I reflect back on my childhood, grateful for the years I spent under Mom’s love and protection. That love and protection continues today, but takes a different shape. Today, Mom is my number one fan- rooting for me when times are hard or I just need a friend, always present to share in life’s joys and triumphs.

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grain-free-chocolate-cake with-dairy-free-fudge-icing

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mom than with a homemade treat made with a dose of love and pinch of appreciation. So, today, I’m baking a rich chocolate cake made with grain-free flours, and topped with a heavenly dairy-free fudge icing. It’s delicious, friends. Head over to The Nourishing Home for this simple, made-with-love grain-free chocolate cake recipe.

Find my full recipe here at The Nourishing Home

Tell me all about your mom in the comment section below. What made-with-love treat will you be making this weekend?

Happy Mom’s Day!

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  • You and your mom look so much alike! What a blessing to have moms who love and care for us! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and delicious chocolate cake recipe with us. It’s such a sweet way to say “thank you” MOM!! xo

  • Aww, I love your mom too! What a blessing to have been raised by such an amazing godly woman. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

  • This is probably a stupid question, but I am pretty knew at using coconut oil but haven’t tried it in desserts. I love it with everything else! But I am not a fan of the flavor or coconut. I haven’t noticed it changing the flavor of my savory foods but what about something like this cake? Does it taste like coconut?

    • Hey Tamra, The coconut oil depends on the coconut oil used. I’ve found that some brands taste more “coconutty” than others. In this dessert, I think the chocolate overpowers the coconut taste :).

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