In today’s podcast, I’m talking with Carrie from Deliciously Organic all about Hashimoto’s.

Live Simply, The Podcast: Hashimoto's

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Carrie has quite the story. In 2009 she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, which through lifestyle changes she has been able to reverse. Today, she shares her incredible story and we dive deep into the topic of thyroid disease and Hashimoto’s. Carrie shares some of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s, why it’s important to listen to your body and warning signs, what to ask for when getting lab work, how often to get your thyroid checked, and the impact of diet and lifestyle choices on Hashimoto’s.

Live Simply, The Podcast: Hashimoto's with Carrie Vitt

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Show Notes

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Q1: Tell us about yourself.

Q2: You were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s back in 2009. Can you tell us more about what exactly is Hashimoto’s.

Q3: How did you know something was “off” with your health. 

Q4: What steps did you take to reverse your Hashimoto’s? What worked for you?

Q5: It’s been almost 10 years since you were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. What is life like for you today? What does your lifestyle/diet look like today? 

Q6: What are some of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s?

Q7: If someone is experiencing some of these symptoms, what are the first steps you would recommend taking? 

Q8: Can you share about getting down to the root cause and why this is important? 

Q9: When it comes to checking on your thyroid, are there specific labs people should be requesting? How often should we be getting our thyroid checked via labs?

Q10: Can you share more about normal ranges for labs? And when there should be concern?

Q11: Something I hear you talk about often on Instagram is adrenal fatigue and stress and how they relate to thyroid disease. Can you share more about this.

Q12: What steps can a person take to improve symptoms if they’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s?

Q13: One of the questions that came in from readers was how to naturally heal Hashimoto’s. Can you speak to this?

Q14: A big part of your story is going grain-free. You’ve written two cookbooks to help people embrace grain-free cooking, too. Why is cutting out grains so important when you have Hashimoto’s?

Q15: Cutting out grains is a huge diet shift for many folks, what tips do you have for someone who needs to cut grains from their diet?

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