In today’s podcast episode, I’m talking to Vani Hari from Food Babe.

Live Simply, The Podcast with Vani Hari Food BabeLive Simply, The Podcast with Vani Hari Food Babe

Vani is known for exposing the food industry and calling on companies to improve the quality of food products. Vani shares how she created Food Babe, how to navigate the grocery store and food labels, and 3 questions that will transform your health. Vani also shares why she focuses on processed food companies and changing ingredients and how she handles all the criticism.

Live Simply, The Podcast with Vani Hari Food Babe

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Q1: Tell us about yourself. 

Q2: Tell us about Food Babe. 

Q3: What is the Food Babe Army?

Q4: You face a lot of criticism for your food activism. How do you handle this criticism? 

Q5: Why focus on changing the ingredients in packaged and processed food, why not just focus on real food? Does changing a particular ingredient–say a company removing yellow dye– in processed food make people feel like it must be healthy to consume processed food?

Q6: I think people assume that if a food is sitting in a store and can be sold to the general public it must be safe to consume. Why should we question the food being sold today?

Q7: What ingredients concern you the most in today’s food industry?  

Q8: If some of the ingredients being used today are potentially harmful, why aren’t they banned by the FDA? And why do companies continue to use them in their food products?

Q9: It’s really confusing to navigate the marketing messages of food companies. How can we spot fake marketing and news?

Q10: Another topic you address is the tricks food companies use to make their food addictive. What should we know about these tricks?  

Q11: When it comes to shopping in a supermarket, how can we get past the food labels and marketing and find the healthiest food? How can we be more informed consumers so we don’t fall for all the marketing hype?

Q12: Are there are any food labels used today that particularly concern you? Labels that aren’t what they seem to be?

Q13: Share with us the 3 questions that you believe will transform our health. 

Live Simply, The Podcast with Vani Hari Food Babe


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