In today’s episode, I’m talking to Carla from Jovial Foods. If you’ve been around Live Simply for any length of time, you probably already know the deep respect and admiration I have for Jovial as a company. I purchase Jovial’s einkorn, pasta, and tomatoes regularly. And my kids love the sourdough crackers in their lunchbox.

Live Simply, The Podcast: Episode 34 What is Einkorn?

Today, Carla shares about gluten sensitivity and how she came to learn about and use einkorn in her own home, which eventually led to her starting Jovial. Carla also shares all about einkorn–what is this ancient grain, what makes it so special, why einkorn is so unique compared to other wheats, and how to use einkorn. Think of today’s episode as a class in einkorn 101.

Live Simply, The Podcast: Episode 34 What is Einkorn?

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Q1: Tell us about yourself and your story.

Q2: Tell us about Jovial Foods. Why does Jovial exist? What’s your mission as a company? What makes Jovial unique?

Einkorn 101

Q3: I first discovered Jovial after learning about einkorn. Einkorn is considered an ancient grain. Can you tell us more about ancient grains?

Q4: For people who haven’t tried einkorn before, how would you describe the taste and texture?

Q5: What are the benefits of using this ancient grain? 

Q6: When it comes to baking, working with einkorn is different than working with modern-day wheat. What are the essential things we should consider? 

Q7: Einkorn does contain gluten, but I know for myself and friends who have a sensitivity to gluten, it doesn’t seem to have the same negative effect on us as modern wheat does. This grain is referred to as a “good gluten.” Can you share more about what exactly gluten is, and what makes einkorn so unique in terms of gluten?

Q8: You produce berries and also milled flour, both all-purpose and whole wheat. Can you explain the difference between the two different flour options?

Q9: You can use the wheat berries for more than just baking. Can you share more about how to use the berries, beyond milling it into flour.  

Q10: What’s your favorite thing to make with einkorn? Your favorite dishes/baked goods.

Q12: For those with celiac disease, Jovial has a gluten-free line of flour mixes and pastas. When it comes to gluten-free baking, what are your favorite flours?

Q13: Before we go, tell us more about the other products Jovial produces? What makes these products so unique–the beans, olive oil, and tomatoes? And where can people find your products?

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    1. Hey Tamara, She did, just learned about her passing last week via Instagram. I’m not sure what happened, I believe the family has decided not to share right now. So sad, she was such a vibrant woman.