Today, on Live Simply, The Podcast, I’m talking to Dena from Back to the Book Nutrition.

Dena is back on the podcast talking about hormone imbalances, ways to determine an imbalance, how to naturally balance hormones, and how to support and love our hormones. She also answers your questions about hormone health.

Live Simply, The Podcast Episode 19: Naturally Approaching Hormone Imbalances With Dena From Back to the Book Nutrition

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Show Notes

Live Simply, The Podcast Episode 19: Naturally Approaching Hormone Imbalances With Dena From Back to the Book Nutrition

Dena is a registered dietitian and holistic nutrition coach. Keep in mind, today’s episode is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a doctor or specialist for specific concerns about your needs.

Q1: How can a woman know for sure if her hormones are imbalanced? If she’s experiencing a few symptoms, what are the next steps to confirming this?    

Q2: What kind of tests are available for testing hormone levels? What should people be asking for when going to their doctor? Is this something a conventional doctor will order if requested? 

Q3: Should we be thinking about taking a hormone test at certain times in our lifetime, or only when experiencing some symptoms?

Q4: What can we do, as women, to support our hormones on a daily basis to avoid an imbalance? 

Q5: In general, how long does it take to recover from a hormone imbalance?

If you missed last week’s podcast episode about self-care, now is a great time to go back and listen. Last week’s episode on self-care and this week’s episodes on hormones go hand-in-hand. Intentionally taking care of ourselves is absolutely necessary. Self-care is about a lifestyle, not a one-time spa activity or bubble bath. Last week I shared how to approach self-care from a practical, balanced approach by asking yourself three questions.

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