We’ve talked a lot about skincare on the podcast, but we haven’t talked about cleaning, yet. All that changes today!

I can’t think of a better person to have on the podcast to talk about non-toxic cleaning and navigating the cleaning aisle than the co-founder of Branch Basics, Allison. What I love about Branch Basics is their commitment to education that goes beyond selling a cleaning product.

Live Simply, The Podcast: Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Today, on the podcast, Allison shares:

  • her story, which all started with a diagnosis of PCOS
  • how she reversed her PCOS
  • how Branch Basics came to be
  • what the early days of building Branch Basics looked like
  • the major setback the company faced, which led to pulling their cleaning concentrate from the market
  • how to make the switch to non-toxic cleaners
  • if there’s regulation in the cleaning industry when it comes to ingredients and marketing labels

Live Simply, The Podcast: Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

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Show Notes

Resources Mentioned In Today's Episode

Q1: Tell us about yourself.

Q2: PCOS is a big part of your story and something you were able to naturally reverse. Can you share what PCOS? 

Q3: How did you reverse PCOS? 

Building Branch Basics–The Business  

Q4: Tell us about Branch Basics as a company. How did you go from making changes in your life to creating a cleaning product to sell on the market? That’s a huge leap! And what made you want to create a cleaning product?

Q5: What did the early days of building Branch Basics look like?

Q6: One of the reasons I think Branch Basics really stands out in the market is your transparency as a company–something that’s missing in today’s market. Can you share more about the setback you faced as a company with your product and how you overcame that setback. 

Q7: Tell us about your mission as a company today. Your why.  

Making the Switch to Non-Toxic Products

Q8: Let’s talk about cleaning products. How can we know what chemicals and products are safe to use. How do you recommend navigating this as a consumer?

Q9: Is there any regulation in the cleaning industry when it comes to natural, green, non-toxic cleaning or disclosing ingredients? Can you share more about this…

Q10: How can we identify toxic home cleaners being used in our home?

Q11: One of the things you all talk about on your website is doing a home cleanse. Can you share more about how to do this?

Q12: As you mentioned in your story, you didn’t just change your cleaning products. Can you talk to us about the other changes you’ve made to live a more natural lifestyle. And what a healthy home looks like to you?

Cleaning with Branch Basics

Q13: Tell us more about cleaning with Branch Basics. 

Q14: Tell us about the other products you sell.

Q15: Where can people find the Branch Basics products?


  1. What a great episode! I sometimes think I am crazy for making all these changes, that no one else seems to think matter, so to hear the type of healing that can happen making these changes really reinforced in me that I am doing a good job and I am not crazy! : )

    And it is so nice to hear about a company striving so hard to do the right thing, they close for 18 months in order to do it. I keep hearing of green companies getting bought out by larger companies and they end up changing formulas so they are less green, and it is very upsetting and frustrating. So nice to hear a company that would never happen with.

    Thank you for this interview!

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