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I once feared butter.

It’s true!

I know, I was crazy. I’ll admit it.

In fact, not only did I fear butter, but I regularly bought margarine.  That fake, yellow substance that resembles plastic rather than food.

I actually believed man knew better and could heat and tamper with oils, preservatives, and artificial flavorings to create a “superior” product than good ol’ fashioned, straight from the cow butter. Silly me to think man’s way to be better than God’s original design.

In case, you live in fear of the rich, nourishing goodness of real butter, as I did, let me bring you up to speed and help release you from the bonds of plastic fake margarine. No more “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” junk. Once you get a taste of real butter and discover its goodness for the body and the delight to the taste-buds, you’ll wonder how you were ever fooled.

Why Eat Butter?

1. Butter Is Traditional: Butter is a traditional fat. It has been consumed for thousands of years. Your great-grandmother swore by it! If it was good enough for great-grandma, it’s good enough for me!

2. Butter Is Real: Butter is simply made from cream separated from milk. Thanks to the process of homogenization and Ultra-Pasteurization which heat milk to dangerous temperatures that result in a dead liquid, cream is no longer found at the top of milk bottles. When fresh raw (or low temp pasteurized, non-homogenized milk) is left to sit for a few hours, the cream naturally rises to the top and can easily be skimmed off and used for delicious treats such as ice cream, added to coffee or tea, or made into butter.

3. Economical: Butter is economical! A gallon of fresh raw milk (read more about the choice to go raw) in my local area costs $8. During the summer when the local cows feed on lots and lots of fresh grass, the cream is extra plentiful which means I can get about 2.5 cups of cream out of one gallon of fresh milk. For $8 I am able to get milk for making waffles, biscuits, and pancakes, drinking, and enough cream for ice cream and to make butter! That’s affordable butter from the best source possible.

4. Does The Body Good: All those years I feared butter I believed it was evil because of one key word fat! I feared fat! What I didn’t know was hurting me…THE BODY NEEDS FAT! It’s true. Good fat from animals that have been pastured (God’s design) contain important fat-soluble vitamins that your body needs. Those vitamins help with sending signals to your brain that you are full (ever wonder why a low-fat diet leaves you hungry?) and aid in digestion. Butter was consumed in large amounts up until the 1950’s when margarine was introduced to the Industrialized World. It was at that time butter consumption plummeted from 18lbs per person to only around 4, per year. While the consumption of butter and other healthy saturated fats have plummeted over the years, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are on the rise. The thought of heart disease was rare in the days of great-grandma’s butter-laden pies. She really did know best!

Now, are you ready for some butter?

Surely, you must be.

Let’s make some butter!

What you will need

How To

Watch the video to find out how to skim fresh cream and make fresh butter.

Important Note: If you would like to store the butter wash the butter “ball” under cold water for a few seconds until the water runs from cloudy to clear. This will help the butter keep for a longer period of time.

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    1. Hi Rachel, The skim (the remaining milk after removing the cream) is simply skim milk. It’s perfect for drinking, baking, etc. The liquid leftover from making butter is really buttermilk and can be saved for baking (or drinking).

    1. Were you able to view the video? The first part of the video shows how to separate the cream from milk and will be very helpful for seeing how to do this. Basically, allow your milk to sit for a few hours in the fridge up to 24 hours and you will notice the cream will separate from the milk. It will rise to the top. Skim off the cream, as shown, and place in a separate bottle. This is the cream. The result in the milk jug will be skim milk. It’s important the milk is not ultra-pasteurized and non-homogenized for this to occur. We use raw milk.

    1. Thanks becca! Ha it was fun.. but that lense is more intimidating then it looks..kuddos to t.v. personalities..who make it look so easy!

  1. I love butter! Alas, my local store sells one gallon of raw milk for $17.49!!! (they used to sell it for about $9, but now they’ve changed it…).

  2. Love it! I made butter once in my Blentec. The directions I read online somewhere said you could put the cream in your blender and leave it running for 20- 30 minutes. So, I planned to let it run while I took a shower. I put it in, walked out of the kitchen, came back in for something, and it was done already! 🙂

    1. Great idea. It took about 5 minutes in the Kitchen Aid. I may have to try the blender next time and get a shower in there too 🙂