DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

A couple of weeks ago, after publishing the DIY Honey Face Wash, a Live Simply reader commented, Do you think this could be incorporated into DIY face wipes? Maybe not even disposable ones, but a jar of cloths that I washed regularly. I have gone to bed in make-up a few nights because I was just too tired.”  Immediately my head began spinning with DIY possibilities.

What a brilliant idea!

For this reason and so many more, I love each and every one of you. You’re the reason Live Simply is such an amazing community of like-minded people looking to simplify the often complex world of real food and natural living.

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

Reusable wipes are not a new thing here at Live Simply. Two of my favorite DIYs are the reusable floor and surface wipes. Both are super easy to make and leave my home sparkling clean (which is no small task with two dogs, two kids, one husband, and eight chickens).

While many people feel overwhelmed with the idea of making homemade cleaners, I’ve found both reusable cleaning recipes require less time and effort to make and use than ordering and/or going to the store for a bottle of cleaner. Plus the savings are quite significant.

When a homemade product is super simple to maintain and packs major cleaning power, I’m much more likely to incorporate the product into a long-term lifestyle. That’s why you will never find complicated homemade products here at Live Simply. Who’s got time for that? Not this gal. Simple is the name of the game around here.

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

DIY Facial Wipes are the epitome of a simple beauty routine. Baby washcloths are used to make the wipes extra soft, durable, reusable, and affordable. I spent $3.99 for a pack of four washcloths at Target. A simple cleansing solution is then poured over the washcloths. This solution is created by only using four natural ingredients. Let’s take a look..

H2O. Because this solution sits on the counter for weeks, I recommend using distilled or boiled water to keep bacteria from growing.

Witch Hazel. Witch hazel is a well-known, natural astringent that’s used to remove excess oil from the skin. Witch hazel is also known for the treatment of acne.

Nourishing Oil. Since oil dissolves oil, it’s only natural to add a nourishing oil to a homemade facial cleansing recipe.

Castile Soap. One of my favorite multi-purpose DIY ingredients. Castile soap is a concentrated vegetable-based soap with easy to recognize ingredients.  I use castile soap for everything from homemade laundry detergent to body wash and hand soap. I recommend using either the  Baby Mild Castile Soap or Tea Tree Castile Soap  for facial cleansing.

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

The creation of homemade facial wipes came at just the right time. Last weekend our family enjoyed a mini-vacation. We spent one night at a hotel and the following day at Disney World. I didn’t want to pack all of our personal care items for a 12 hour overnight vacation. Instead of packing a face wash or oil bottle, I grabbed two reusable facial cleansing wipes and placed them in a snack-size baggie. The facial wipes were the perfect travel solution!

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

If you travel frequently, these wipes will dramatically reduce the weight and volume of your suitcase. Trust me, I have first-hand experience. My only caution is to skip the castile soap if you don’t have access to water during your travels.

Even if traveling (let alone getting out of the house to go to the grocery store once a week) isn’t your thing right now, DIY Homemade Facial Wipes are an affordable time-saver for removing make-up at the end of the day, or facial cleansing without the need for an actual bottle of soap.

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!
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DIY Homemade Reusable Facial Cleansing Wipes

DIY Facial Wipes are the epitome of a simple beauty routine. Baby washcloths are used to make the wipes extra soft, durable, reusable, and affordable.
Kristin Marr
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course DIY
Cuisine Beauty, Body
Servings 7 Washcloths



  • Place the baby washcloths in the storage jar. Set aside.
  • In a medium-size bowl, combine the distilled water, witch hazel, nourishing oil, and castile soap.
  • Pour the liquid solution into the storage jar, covering the baby washcloths with the solution. Press the washcloths down into the liquid.


To Use: Remove one washcloth from the jar. Use the washcloth to wash your face and remove make-up and dirt. Rinse the washcloth under warm water and then wipe your face with the clean washcloth. Moisturize your face with a coconut oil moisturizer, lotion, or facial serum.
The “where to buy” links provide links to the actual products I use. As always, I recommend shopping around online and at local stores for the best prices and products you love. Find my favorite DIY ingredients and tools, here.
Tried this recipe?Let me know how it was!

When you introduce water into a product without a preservative you always run the risk of introducing bacteria, so use water-based products quickly.

DIY Facial Cleansing Wipes: The simple way to clean your face and remove make-up naturally! Reusable, affordable, and all-natural!

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  1. We have the citrus Dr. Bronner’s castile soap on hand. Do you think that’d be fine for the face, and maybe just steer clear of the eyes?

    1. Hi! Is there any substitute for witch hazel? Its just cz there isnt any available in my country…..

      1. Thank you! Will this solution stay fresh? If so for how long have you found it to stay fresh smelling? Thanks!

        1. Hey Dolores, For longer use (around 4-6 weeks), I recommend using distilled water. You could also add 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil to the solution as it’s believed to be a natural preservative. After about 6 weeks I would toss the liquid.

      2. What do you do with the wash cloths after use.? Can you wash in the washing machine and re use them to make a new batch?

  2. Hello!
    I am so excited to have found this post! I am awaiting the arrival of my baby washcloths from Amazon so I can try this out. I have peaked around your site and am so happy to have discovered you! Your passion for real food and natural products is so inspiring. I look forward to trying out more of your DIYs and recipes. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Tamara! I’m so glad you found Live Simply.

      You’re going to love the facial wipes. They are one of my favorite DIYs and so easy to put together. Enjoy!

  3. After using a wipe and rinsing it, do you put it back in the jar? Or does it need to be kept separate and washed before using again?

    1. Hey Jessi, I wash the wipes in the washing machine after each use, but you could probably rinse the wipes and use them a couple of times before actually washing them with the laundry.

    1. I know this is an old comment-but I just made this and was wondering the same thing. Without factoring in the cost of the jar and wipes, it cost me roughly $5/batch.

      1. Hey Barbara, I’m not sure of the cost, since it will depend on where the materials are purchased, etc. I keep everything on hand since the ingredients are used in other products in our home, which helps with the overall cost.

        From my experience, DIYs with natural ingredients are expensive up-front. The true cost effectiveness comes into play in the long-term as nearly all the ingredients used in DIYs may be used to replace other store-bought products.

  4. 5 stars
    I love this idea! I have been doing this for about 4 weeks now and noticed an improvement in my skin. So simple to make. I will never buy facial wipes any more. One of my favorite things about these, is the ability to tailor the ratio of the ingredients to your skin’s needs. Thanks!

  5. I am mainly looking for something to remove the oil on my face during the day (I seem to be getting oilier as I get older). Could I use coconut oil and witch hazel? I don’t plan on using soap, since soap of any kind makes my skin do this funky oily flaking thing lol. Is the water to dilute the witch hazel? Or, since I just want to freshen up mid day, could I just use witch hazel on the cloths?

    1. Hey El-e, There is a slight difference between filtered and distilled water. If you’re using filtered water for short-term use (say 10 days), it will be just fine. But if you’d like this batch to last a bit longer, I’d recommend boiling the filtered water first, allowing it to cool, and then adding it to the solution.

  6. I have a couple of questions: first, do you cover the jar that is containing the wet washcloths, and second when I added oil to the mixture it turned a cloudy opaque white color, is this normal? Any thoughts?

  7. 5 stars
    I saw this and thought what a fantastic idea. Could I use a plastic container from baby wipes so I would have it like a pop up one by one container?
    Wonderful sight wonderful ideas.

  8. 5 stars
    Love this wipe recipe. I use it for baby wipes and just add a tbs of aloe Vera gel to it for extra skin care for my baby. Thanks again kristin

  9. Hello!
    I’m new to your website and to the world of natural beauty and I have really been enjoying reading through your recipes and posts! I was wondering how you travel with these? I know you mentioned in this post that you popped a few in a baggie to take with you. Are you wringing them out before putting them in the bag and how long do you think these would still be useful out of the solution? I’m planning on some extended trips and want to know if you think these would last for a week or two out of the solution. Do you think getting them lightly wet would help before using?

    1. Hey Marissa, Welcome to Live Simply!

      When I transfer the wipes to a baggie from the container, I include a small amount of the solution to keep the cloths damp (not submerged in liquid, just damp)–no wringing is necessary. My longest trip using this method was 6 days. The wipes never dried up and traveled very well.

  10. 5 stars
    Hi Kristen, I started making your wipes about 3 months ago, my husband loves them so much he freaks out when he comes close to running out.
    I took my left over flannel cut them into 6″ squares rounded the corners with a cup put 2 pieces back to back and stitched them together, they are soft and clean well, we also ziplock our wipes and they go wherever we go.
    Thanks so much.

  11. Hey Kristin. I used to make my own baby wipes with a roll of paper towel cut in half and pouring a similar solution to yours over the top. Could I do that with this as well?
    It worked great as baby wipes, just wondering what you think.

  12. 5 stars
    I love these! I just cut up a few old cotton t-shirts for the cloths and they work great! So nice at the end of a busy day to not have to worry about mopping up a counter or spending half and hour just cleaning myself up before bed! Thank you ?

  13. 5 stars
    Thanks so much for this great recipe…I’ve often used the Acure argan oil facial wipes or other big brands that boast moisture and aloe, and they tend to strip my skin way too much for daily make-up removal and leave me with dry spots or sensitive skin. Your formula (I opted for bronner’s baby castile, witch hazel with aloe, and jojoba) makes a noticeable difference in the feeling of my skin (smooth and soft!).

    Initial investment is pricier, but when you factor in the cost of non-reusable wipes in my area ($7-10) It’s well worth it to have a great quality solution that doesn’t hurt my skin with continued use. FYI, I found reusable muslin facial cloths online for less than $4 a 10 pack. I bought a slightly larger jar, and this only needs replenishing once or twice a month…The best part I’ve noticed is that it is super effective at make-up removal…often times with store bought, I have to use 2-3 cloths to get all my eye make-up off, which just adds to the cost savings…such a great DIY, truly.

  14. I love the great ideas. Gentle, simple ingredients, & easy to make, and loads less chemicals that I can barely pronounce. Cost effective, the list goes on. Thanks so much!

  15. I saw the suggestion of using a Tea Tree castile soap. While reading on Tea Tree oil I found several mentions not to consume because it can have hallucinatory affects and also stomach cramping. Since in a face wipe all ingredients would be absorbed into the skin at some degree, would it be safe to have Tea Tree oil or scented soap in a face wash?

    1. Hey Leah, I wouldn’t ingest tea tree essential oil (or any essential oil, unless under the care of a practitioner), but using tea tree on the skin in appropriate amounts is deemed safe. It’s actually one of the few oils some people apply neat (undiluted) and is very beneficial.

  16. Thank you so much for this recipe! I have very oily skin and love how smooth, soft, and CLEAN my face feels when I use these wipes. Every product I have purchased left my skin either very oily or very dry and irritated, especially after continued use. No such problems with these! I bought a couple dozens cloths and just keep a small trash can near the sink to toss them into until laundry day.

  17. 5 stars

    Awesome site. What a wonderful idea. I will try this. Thanks for sharing. Have learned loads from all your DIY items. You are truly are a blessing. No matter your age, your DIY items works for all ages. My new to go DIY site. Love it.

    1. Hey Laura, You could use tea tree essential oil in the recipe, just a few drops. Or use a different variety of castile soap. The tea tree version is just an option :).

  18. Hello, I’m new here 🙂 I wanted to know how many times you can use these before you should wash them? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Mary, The number of times you can reuse the wipes will depend on if you wear makeup, etc. Since I used these wipes to clean my face and remove makeup, I only used each wipe a couple of time before washing.

  19. HI Kristin! I just came across this post, and I’m looking forward to trying it! One question I have… am I supposed to wring out the liquid first before wiping on my face, or use it as is (i.e. wet and soaked with liquid)?


  20. Hi Kristin! Few questions:

    1. Do you recommend using the cotton facial cleansing muslin cloths you use to wipe off your aloe and honey cleanser for these reusable facial cleansing wipes?
    2. If not, where do you get your baby washcloths?
    3. Is grapeseed oil considered a nourishing oil that can be used in this recipe?

    Thanks so much! Love your blog!

    1. Hey Susie, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! I think the muslin cloths would work great. They are thin (which is why I love them for washing my face), so you’ll probably need to wring them out a bit before using them (when used in this solution). That said, I’ve mainly used baby washcloths for this recipe. I found the washcloths at Target, in the baby aisle. Grapeseed oil is a fantastic nourishing oil. Aura Cacia makes a grapeseed oil that I’ve used for skincare purposes.

  21. Just made this, the witch hazel is a little strong smelling for me even after adding sweet orange essential oil. Any suggestions on calming that sent down? On the super positive note, I just used the solution with my round hemp and cotton scrubbie, and MY SKIN FEELS FABULOUS, and is soft as a baby’s skin.

  22. I just made this after finding the perfect glass jar for a bargain at a garage sale today, and they’re wonderful! It made my skin feel so soft. Just one question, when you reuse cloths more than once, do you just rinse it and then put it back in the jar to resoak? Thank you so much!

    1. Awesome, Bryna! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the wipes. If I’m wearing makeup, then I’d only use the wipe once before washing it in the washing machine (with a load of laundry). If I’m not wearing makeup, then I’d rinse the wipe and place it back in the jar, reusing it a couple of times.

  23. Hi, I always enjoy your diy blogs. I have one question about this recipe.
    Is there something I could use as a substitute for the witch hazel? In my country it’s almost impossible to come by.

  24. REALLY like your site! I’m just getting into this & have been reading lots of different sites, keep ending back on yours & comparing your info-I like the way you think & share info. I have used a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar & 3 parts water on a cotton pad to clean my face for over 30 years, I’m 66 and still have people comment on my complexion, so I guess it has worked pretty well for me! You have a beautiful family! Thanks for all your wonderful information.

    1. Hey Jo Ann, Thank you so much for the sweet compliment. I’m honored that you keep ending up back at Live Simply :). That’s so awesome about your skincare routine. I love that you’ve been using such simple ingredients, and the results have been so fantastic! What a great testimony to using simply, pure ingredients.

  25. Thank you Kristin for all of your great recipes and tips!

    I have a question about distilled water. I have a gallon jug that I bought to use with these types of recipes, but it has been sitting on the counter for several months, as I usually only need a cup at a time. Do you think that this is ok, or do you know if affects the way they bacteria could grow?

    1. Hey Elizabeth, I’m not 100% sure, but if it’s been sealed and properly handled (not dipping hands or dirty in the water), then I think it should be fine.

  26. Hi, I’m loving your website, just found this recipe. Is it ok to top the jar up with a bit more water, the mixture doesn’t seem to cover my wash cloths, but I don’t want to weaken the mixture and take away the good effects. Thanks.

  27. 5 stars
    Wow! I just tried it, it works so amazingly and is so much cheaper than the ones at stores thank you for this quick diy……..??

  28. Does the solution for facial wipes HAVE to be stored in a glass container? I know sometimes plastic isn’t recommended but this will be going into a teen bathroom. Thank u

    1. Hey Dee, You could put it in plastic, especially since the wipes and solution will be changed fairly often. Generally, my concern is with anything stored for a while.

  29. 5 stars
    I have made these for my 8 and 10 year old girls and they just love it! (I do too!). I am having trouble with the oil separating quite a bit from the rest of the ingredients. Is there anything I can do to lessen this?

    1. Hey Tiffany, I’m glad you all are enjoying the face wipes! There’s not much you can do about the oil since an emulsifier isn’t used–separation is common for natural products like this. If possible, shake the jar before using. The only other option is to skip the oil next time.

  30. I am new to your site, but am experienced with diy natural products. I think this is such a great idea and cannot wait to try it out! I love your site and will let you know how mine turned out 😉

  31. We have hard water and Castille soap leaves an oily film on everything. Is there another soap I can use as a substitute?

    1. Hey Carolyn, Oops, I thought you were referring to cleaning :). Yes, it’s for cleaning, not to use on the skin as a skincare product. For the skin, my best advice to dilute the castile even more than a recipe calls for.

  32. 5 stars

    LOVE THIS! Quick question, I used disposable wipes since I travel overseas a lot in areas that don’t have access to laundry easily. Right now I have them soaking in a mason jar. I’m planning on transferring the wipes to a baby wipe container to take with me. Do I put the mixture in the container with the wipes after they’ve soaked, or will they be fine without the mixture ?

    1. Hey Sarah, Perfect! Hmmmm, that depends on how long you’ll need them to stay moist. I would add just a small amount of liquid, if they will need to stay moist for a few days. Maybe 1 tablespoon worth of liquid?

  33. I’m interested in trying this! Is this effective at removing both mascara and eye liner? And is this irritating to the eyes?

  34. I have eczema on my face and cannot really use any kind of towelettes or facewash because my skin is so sensitive. All these ingredients seem to be natural. Have you had anyone comment with eczema?

    1. Hey Kayla, I realize your comment is 2 years old, but here’s my 2 cents anyway:

      I haven’t made these yet, but plan on it for my next camping trip. I have eczema and sensitive skin, and I actually use witch hazel and jojoba oil as my regular skin care products on their own, with just a bar of aloe soap to wash. My only concern with this recipe will be the castille soap – Dr. Bronner’s is usually pretty good – I use it for a sugar scrub I make for a whole-body scrub every once in a while, including my face with no reaction, but it’s not an everyday thing. If you use the Baby soap version it should be fine, but the only way to know for sure is to test it, unfortunately.

  35. Hey! Love this post. I was wondering if anyone has unlocked a recipe for a DIY version of Olay’s water activated cleansing cloths? I CANNOT figure it out, but I think they’d be helpful for when I travel (which is a lot). I don’t typically like to use disposable wipes, but the reusable ones are a major pain to travel with for me. What are your thoughts?

  36. How long could the cleansing mixture sit for before bacteria grows once waters added? If i added oregano oil into the mixture, would that perserve it? How do you know when the mixtures gone bad.

    1. Hey Leah, I can’t say for sure a time frame since this will depend on many factors. That’s why I recommend working in small batches when it comes to homemade products. I’m not sure how much oregano oil would be needed to preserve the amount of liquid used here.

      You could skip the water and use witch hazel instead. This would be my recommendation for extending the “life” of the mixture.

  37. 5 stars
    Hi, I adore your site and have been wanting to try these face wipes for years as store bought are so expensive and irritate my skin. My daughters faces needed something to get clean from oil and acne lately and I was looking for natural and remembered these! My question though is that I don’t have liquid in the jar once poured. The washcloths soak it right up. At first I thought it was the cushy bamboo cloths I had so I bought cheap thin baby washcloths and same. I doubled the liquid recipe too. Is it normal for the cloths to absorb it all? I thought in your pics it looks like the cloths are sitting in liquid. Thanks so much for so many amazing recipes and tips!

  38. I love the idea, of using a reusable wipe, to clean my face at night. I am very lucky to have good skin, but I’ve noticed age catching up with me. What do you think about fractionated coconut oil? I use avocado oil for cooking but I concerned about the scent. I would like to do my best to keep it scent free.

    1. Hey Sue, You can use fractionated coconut oil. Coconut oil isn’t for everyone’s skin, so make sure your skin does well with it. Grapessed oil would be another choice.

  39. 5 stars
    I have never liked washing my face in the sink what with the cold water, getting my elbows damp, the splashing etc so i didn’t wash my face as much as I should. Store bought face wipes leave a film that irritates my skin and encourages breakouts. I’m trying your DIY out as of this morning (Instead of castille soap, I’ve substituted natural saponins from infusing the distilled water with california lilac blossoms) and love how my face feels. It smelled great and was very gentle and soothing. Here’s hoping my skin will like it long term and thank you for the DIY.

  40. I read that tea tree and vitamin e oils work as preservatives, would adding one of them make the wipes last longer? Also, is there a particular reason you use a glass jar? Would I be able to use a baby wipe dispenser?

    1. Hi Skye,

      Neither one will preserve. Tea tree may but the quantity needed would be substantial. Vitamin e keeps oils from going rancid. I recommend distilled water for longer shelf life. You can use a baby wipe dispenser.

      LS Team

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