Last week, we talked about non-toxic cleaning on the podcast. Today, we’re going to explore another lifestyle topic. This topic can be very controversial. Nope, not vaccines. That’s a topic I probably won’t touch on this podcast. We’re diving into the world of essential oils.

Personally, I’ve tried and used a variety of different essential oils over the years, from a variety of companies. Essential oils aren’t something I use daily, or even weekly. But I do have a few essentials in my medicine cabinet and a diffuser in my living room for times when I want to diffuse something for a specific purpose or just to freshen my home with a natural scent. That said, today’s podcast isn’t intended to promote or put down any particular company.

Live Simply, The Podcast: Essential Oils 101

One of the companies I’ve come to respect in the essential oil world is Plant Therapy. I love their commitment to education and safety. They’re a company that really goes beyond just selling oils, as they employ many aromatherapists with the goal of educating the public about essential oils. Today, I’m chatting with two aromatherapists, who also work for Plant Therapy. I’ve known Retha, one of the aromatherapists I’m chatting with, for many years. Retha is also joined by Emilee, a fellow aromatherapist.

Retha and Emilee share:

  • what is an essential oil
  • what’s the purpose of an essential oil
  • how to determine if an essential oil is pure
  • what marketing terms actually mean
  • misconceptions surrounding oils
  • how to use essential oils in a safe and responsible way

Live Simply, The Podcast: Essential Oils 101

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Q1: Tell us about yourself. 

Q2: Tell us about Plant Therapy.

Q3: What exactly is an essential oil? 

Q4: Are essential oils similar to oils used for cooking?

Q5: As a consumer, it can feel confusing when trying to navigate the world of essential oils. There are claims everywhere. How can we be informed consumers? What are the most important qualities to look for when purchasing essential oils?

Q6: Are there any enforced standards, when it comes to terminology? Such as: pure, therapeutic grade, etc.

Q7: There’s a lot of talk about pure essential oils. What’s the best way to know if an essential oil is pure?

Q8: Essential oil prices can vary quite a bit between the essential oil brands on the market. Does a higher priced oil always equal a better essential oil? 

Q9: Can you tell us about Plant Therapy’s process for obtaining essential oils.

Q10: What are your favorite ways to use essential oils? 

Q11: What are some of the biggest misconceptions you hear/see in the essential oil world?

Q12: What’s the best way to use essential oils? 

Q13: When it comes to applying essential oils to the skin, what are your tips? What should people consider for safety and usage and also getting the most of an essential oil?

Q14:Are essential oils safe to use around kids? And what about with pets in the home?

Q15:Can you share more about safe practices/precautionary measures to consider when using essential oils.

Q16: What excites you most about the future of essential oils?

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