Welcome to the season finale (for season two) of the podcast. We’ve spent the last seventeen weeks together, learning about real food and natural wellness. Today, I’m going to share a recap of season two and about the future of the podcast.

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Show Notes

Resources Mentioned In Today's Episode

We started this season with episode 27, talking about a balanced and body positive approach to exercise.

We talked about kids and real food in episodes 29, 30, and 35: picky eaters, getting kids excited about new foods, and teaching kids how to cook.

We explored the uber-popular keto diet with Dr. Josh Axe. We navigated the lies of the food industry with the Food Babe, and the issues surrounding food dyes with Rachel from Feast and Farm.

We also explored lifestyle topics, like a budget-friendly approach to real food, navigating non-toxic skincare products and marketing labels with This Organic Girl, and the importance of listening to your body’s symptoms and hashimoto’s with Carrie Vitt. Other lifestyle topics included: essential oils and non-toxic cleaning.

We also spent time talking about perfectionism and the dangers of embracing perfectionism with a real food and more natural lifestyle.

Finally, we spent a few weeks diving deep into the topic of traditional eating and why tradition is so important and how tradition ends confusion over what we should eat and what’s “healthy.” Jenny from Nourished Kitchen explained exactly what traditional eating is, Sarah from St. Pete Ferments shared all about fermented foods, and Greg Seymour helped us understand gluten and sourdough. Carla from Jovial Foods also came on the podcast to share all about ancient grains, like einkorn.

One of my goals with this podcast is to help end the confusion surrounding many topics in the real food and natural wellness space. I hope the last seventeen weeks have provided you with clarity, freedom, and encouragement to dive deeper with your learning.

The podcast will be taking a break this summer, with the goal of returning for a season 3. While the podcast is on break, I’ll still be sharing resources, recipes, and more on the blog and in the weekly email newsletter.

Until the next season, friend…

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  1. I sure love your podcast! I, too, have been moving toward a much more natural life in the past 10 years. But you have been such a help with the confusing topics, where my own research sends me down a rabbit hole!??. And I love hearing from your guests who are educated in their own areas. Please continue to make a difference to those of us seeking to improve our health with a joyful outlook.!