Thank you for such an amazing response to the return of the podcast! Hearing and seeing your excitement makes me all the more excited to launch the episodes that are to come. As I mentioned in the intro episode, for this season, we’re going to dive into some topics that aren’t related to food. Today, we’re talking about one of those topics: minimalism. Why talk about things like minimalism? Because I truly believe that wellness is about more than just food or movement. When we’re stressed and living in clutter, it’s really hard to be “well.”

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Miranda Anderson about embracing minimalism. Miranda shares how to live a minimalist lifestyle with kids and a family. Her tips and stories will encourage and inspire you to say no to the clutter and consumerism and yes to intentional living.

Minimalist Podcast

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What's Covered in This Episode?

  • The More Than Enough Stuff Challenge (a no shopping commitment she made with her family for one year)
  • The history of consumerism
  • What is minimalism?
  • How to be a minimalist with kids and a family.
  • How to adopt a practical minimalist lifestyle.
  • How to get your partner and kids on board with minimalism.
  • The role gratitude and abundance plays in a minimalist lifestyle.
  • Miranda’s decision process for making a purchase or bringing something into her life and home. 
  • How to handle gifts from family and friends.

Minimalist Podcast

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Show Notes

Resources Mentioned In Today's Episode

Real Food Crash Course

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  1. 5 stars
    This episode really resonated with me, and I’ve listened to it a few times. You asked such great questions, and I really enjoyed listening to Miranda explain her journey and realizations – you’re both so well-spoken! I’ve naturally lived a minimal lifestyle (without really knowing it, until it was a “thing”), and I could relate a lot to what she talked about while also learning something new. Thank you so much for doing these podcasts, yours is by far my favourite one to listen to! Take care!