How to Store Green Onions and Keep Them Fresh for Weeks

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It’s discouraging to spend money on real food, only to find that food rotting in the fridge. Learning a few food storage tricks can be super helpful when it comes to eating real and saving money. We’ve already talked about how to store berries, lettuce, carrots and celery, and herbs. Green onions are another tricky produce item to keep fresh and crisp. I’ve found an easy trick for how to store green onions. This storage trick keeps green onions crisp and fresh for 2-3 weeks.

how to store green onions

What to Look for When Buying Green Onions

First, it’s important to point out that no matter how you store green onions, a bad bunch of onions is just that. No method will delay the inevitable if the green onions have already gone bad. It’s important to buy the freshest green onions. Here’s what to look for when buying green onions…

  • roots still intact
  • firm white ends
  • a vibrant green color in the middle area, between the white base/roots and darker green tops
  • a crisp feel and look, avoid green onions that are wilted or feel/look limp

what to look for when buying green onions

How to Store Green Onions

The best way to store green onions and keep them fresh for weeks is to store the onions like a bouquet of flowers. If you read my post on storing fresh herbs, you’ll notice I use this method to keep herbs fresh for weeks as well.

What You’ll Need

  • green onions, with the roots still intact (do not cut off the roots)
  • drinking glass, mason jar, or other tall glass/jar
  • rubberband
  • gallon-size plastic bag or reusable bag (such as a Stasher bag)

store green onions in water

Step 1: Fill a jar with water

Fill a drinking glass or mason jar a 1/4 full with fresh, clean water.

store green onions in water

Step 2: Add the green onions

Place the green onions in the jar so the roots sit in the water.

cover green onions with bag

Step 3: Cover and Store

Cover the green onions with a bag, then secure the opening of the bag around the top of the jar with a rubberband.

Store the green onions in the fridge for up to 2-3 weeks. Change the water as needed (I usually change the water once a week). There will be some moisture that builds up inside the bag. This is fine and normal. There’s no need to change the bag unless you feel there’s too much moisture. Without the bag, the green onions tend to go limp. To use the green onions, remove one onion or as many as needed from the jar, then wash and chop.

how to store chopped green onions

How to Store Chopped Green Onions

Sometimes I’ll wash and chop green onions on the weekend so they’re prepped and ready to use throughout the week. If you’d like to prep green onions in advance, chop the green onions, then place the onions in small jar with an air-tight lid (I love snap containers or mason jars). Place the lid on the jar and store in the fridge for up 5 days. Spoon out as many green onions as needed throughout the week.

best way to store green onions in jar with water

How and When to Wash Green Onions

I don’t recommend washing green onions in advance if you plan to store the onions in whole form. If you plan to chop the green onions in advance, wash the onions before chopping and storing.

To wash green onions, run the onions under fresh, cold water. Use your fingers to rub off any extra dirt on the onions. I also like to remove any wilted or slimy parts from the onions at this time. Thoroughly dry the onions using a towel. Check out this post to learn how to cut green onions.

If you want to use a produce wash, you can either soak the green onions before use in this homemade produce wash or spray the produce wash on the green onions before running the onions under water. Personally, I don’t use a produce wash on green onions.

green onions from farmer's market

How to Use Green Onions

I typically buy a bundle of green onions every few weeks at the farmer’s market and use the onions in a variety of ways. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use green onions in our everyday meals.

  • Add chopped green onions to stir-fry. The green onions take just minutes to cook, so add them near the end of cooking or sprinkle on top of the stir-fry.
  • Add chopped green onions on top of baked potatoes, frittatas, salads, omelettes, fried rice, and soups for a mild onion taste.
  • Add chopped greens to the filling of egg muffins for an easy grab and go breakfast.
  • Add whole green onions when making homemade chicken broth or vegetable broth. Store extra veggies in a bag in the freezer and use the veggies to make broth, this is a great way to use extra green onions.
  • Saute chopped green onions in butter before adding eggs when making scrambled eggs. The green onions and eggs pair perfectly together. I also love to saute up a bit of chopped greens (Swiss chard, kale, or spinach) with the green onions before adding the eggs.
  • Re-grow green onions after cutting off the roots and placing in water.

how to use green onions

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