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About Kristin Marr

Hi! I am Kristin.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m all about simple natural living and real food: sipping homemade lattes, enjoying great chocolate, and making (or sourcing) more natural cleaning and body-care products.

I’m married to Dustin, my teenage sweetheart and partner in the craziness of this life for eleven years. I’m a former first grade teacher and curriculum developer turned full-time recipe developer, food photographer, and full-time mom of two spunky little people:

Piper: My adventurous, dirt-attracting, (homemade) pizza-loving six year-old boy.

Londyn: My spunky, strawberry-loving, princess-obsessed four year-old girl.


I’m about returning to a time before processed food. A time when families worked together in the kitchen to enjoy real food that was grown and raised by trusted farms or backyard gardens. I’m constantly in search of ways to nourish my family: growing food, finding local farms, sourcing real food from every day stores, and getting back into the kitchen and around the table. I’m always exploring practical ways to provide my family with nourishing food within our budget.

I love to share my real food tips and ideas for feeding the entire family nourishing real food. Email subscribers receive exclusive information featuring my best tips and tricks for nourishing a family, a free month-long printable meal plan example, and two real food and natural crash courses. Joining the Live Simply email family is always free!

Along with simplifying real food, I love to share my recipes and tips for creating a simplified, natural home. I regularly share my simple natural-living recipes, such as: homemade facial cleanser, homemade foundation powder, makeup remover balm, 5-Minute laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and much more. I also share tips for prioritizing what to make versus buy.

I’m all about nourishing life by returning to the simplicity of real food and natural living. Let me help you simplify your real food and natural living journey.

Come join and live simply!


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