Simple Homemade Moisturizer

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Simple homemade moisturizer. Just three basic ingredients. Nourishes the skin, naturally.

I love simplicity.

What’s the opposite of simplicity?


Who’s got time for complicated?

Certainly not this mom.

I take this simple philosophy when it comes to my kitchen. I try to keep things simple and stress-free while still nourishing my family with the very best real food. This year I decided this approach to simplicity needed to transfer to more than just my kitchen. After all, I do write a blog called Live Simply. Simply being a key word.

I’ve been busy applying my goal of getting back to simplicity in all areas of life.Ā  My focus these past few months has been in the bathroom and simplifying my beauty routine by making my own products. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I am on quite a kick with this new endeavor. If it goes on my body, I am determined there must be an effective, clean, and simple way to make it. So far homemade foundation powder and a luxurious body wash have been keepers. Trust me there have been many failures. Body odor and greasy hair are no laughing matters.

Don’t worry.

I only share the recipes that leave me feeling civilized, clean, and odor-free.

Simple homemade moisturizer. Just three basic ingredients. Nourishes the skin, naturally.

Gone are the days of believing beauty products need to be complicated, store-bought, and loaded with multiple ingredients.Ā  I’ve learned simplicity is usually the very best recipe one can find. Simplicity has been the name of the game for thousands of years, long before our modern age of complicated lists of ingredients which do more harm than good.

So, in the name of simplicity, I bring you a new tried-and-true beauty recipe, a homemade moisturizer. One which will leave you smelling of sweet lavender while at the same time moisturizes and heals your skin.Ā  This homemade moisturizer consists of a mere three ingredients.Ā  Yes, you heard that right. Three ingredients. And the best part? This recipe takes only seconds to whip up. Simplicity has never been, well, simpler.

Simplifying simplicity.

And smelling good while doing it.

Simple homemade moisturizer. Just three basic ingredients. Nourishes the skin, naturally.

homemade moisturizer
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Simple Homemade Moisturizer

This homemade moisturizer consists of a mere three ingredients. And the best part? This recipe takes only seconds to whip up. Simplicity has never been, well, simpler.

Course DIY
Cuisine Body
Keyword Moisturizer
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 Jar
Author Kristin Marr



  1. I warned you. This homemade moisturizer is simple. Here's what you do: combine the coconut oil, vitamin E or tea tree oil, and lavender in a bowl. Now mix. That's it.

If you’re making this moisturizer in the colder months, when coconut oil tends to be very solid (hard as a rock), you can whip these ingredients together with your hand mixer creating for a smooth, creamy product.

I use this moisturizer in the morning and the evening on my face. A tiny little dab goes a very long way. Avoid applying this wonderful moisturizer to your hair. Trust me.

I have very oily skin and find coconut oil provides my skin with the perfect moisture it needs without the greasy feeling I often get from store-bought moisturizers. The vitamin E and essential oil are both healing and refreshing.

Simplicity in a jar.

My kind of jar.

Simple homemade moisturizer. Just three basic ingredients. Nourishes the skin, naturally.

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    • I usually purchase it on amazon or through my local health food store. I keep it at room temperature so it is the perfect consistency!

    • 5 stars
      I love your site and your products! The coconut oil moisturizer has changed my life. I live in a high desert climate and have dry, sensitive skin to boot. I started using it on my face and it actually decreased my pore size in addition to making my skin so much softer. I started using it every night on my cracked heels and after a few weeks my feet were back to normal.
      You might not believe this, but I also have very dry, coarse hair. When I’m done moisturizing my face, I take a little more, rub it into my hands, and then run my hands through my hair! Makes my hair so much more manageable!
      Thank you!

    • I just made the homemade moisturizer with bergamont oil. I added 10 drops of the EO but the lotion only smells like the coconut oil. Suggestions?

      • Hey Charli, Some coconut oil brands have a stronger smell than others. My guess is the coconut oil just has a strong scent. You could try adding a couple more drops of essential oil, but I’m not sure the scent will be fully masked.

      • Hey Phyllis, Unfortunately, there’s really no way to keep the moisturizer solid in warmer climates, unless you’re running the air conditioning. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer when it’s melted, it performs the same way on the skin.

  • 5 stars
    I use straight coconut oil every night for my face so, I love this idea! I have to try this! Love those little spoons in the picture!

  • I have used this recipe too without the Lavender. My skin was still a bit dry…soft though. I added some unrefined avocado oil (great for dry or aging skin) and that did the trick! Just a tip for those with dry skin:)

    • You can skip the lavender and still reap incredible benefits from the coconut oil. You can also add a bit of tea tree oil if you’d like something a bit healing like lavender.

      • would a citrus (lemon) essential oil work, instead of lavender? This is going to be my first attempt at homemade anything, and excited to try it.

        • Lovely smell, but use of citrus essential oils on the skin can cause photosensitivity (basically if you go out in the sun whilst wearing them on the skin, you could burn badly and much easier), so do use caution with these. I did it and the resulting sunburn was very painful and it took a good week and a large tube of aloe vera to help heal it up, plus I couldn’t go swimming in the sun for the rest of the holiday, and had to use a hat/sunshade/blouses covering my arms in the sun until my skin had healed.

    • Roman Chamomile is a great alternative to Lavender for healing and it smells wonderful šŸ™‚ Geranium, frankincense and sandalwood (2-3 drops of any of them) would be great too for anti ageing/blemish relief.

  • Approximately how much does this recipe yield? I would like to make 12-4oz jars as Christmas gifts. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated šŸ™‚ Thanks!!

    • I get a little less than a 1/2 pint mason jar worth when I make it. Great Christmas gift idea! I gave away small little jars of this last year and everyone loved it!

  • Wonderful recipe – very silky and nourishing for skin. May I suggest adding carrot seed oil, sea buckthorn and tamanu oils for their regenerative and repairing properties. Also excellent for stretch marks. Essential fatty acids help penetrate the skins upper layers and take beneficial nutrients deeper into skin…this recipe is lovely, I’m going to make it with yang gland and neroli oils for scent.

      • i’m a bit confused then as to why the part that says “Avoid applying this wonderful moisturizer to your hair. Trust me.” for those who have a different hair texture than yours (and who may read your blog), you may want to refrain from adding info such as that; it can seem a bit misleading. i have naturally curly/coiled hair, and coconut oil and vit E are exactly what i use in my hair. i can see how it would be too oily for those with a certain hair type/texture, but for others it would work perfectly, and they may not know because you said don’t put it in your hair. on another note i am one who is considering phasing out certain parts of my face skin care, and thinking of using more homemade products. i’m a bit nervous about just oil as a moisturizer, as i typically have oily/combo skin, but we’ll see if it works. i figure why not, it’s about the only part of my body that i don’t use natural oils. i am wondering, did you mix yours in a blender or did you just stir? and if so did you melt the coconut oil first or not? have you ever made one with sunscreen?

    • Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for hair when used as a mask. It can, however, leave your hair very greasy until it’s washed.

  • Hi Kristine, Thanks for the really simple moisturizer recipe! I am looking for something I can make fresh which will reduce the likelihood I will have an allergic reaction. I have a question, I have a slight allergy to Lavender oil, can I use a different essential oil which would be compatible with E and coconut oil? Thanks!

    • After four months of research I decided Native American Nutritionals was the best source for essential oils. They are also food grade, and they share their gas chromatograph tests – Young Living does not. They are also quite a bit less expensive than YL. 15ml Sacred Frankincense from Oman is $65. I also love that they are not a MLM company.

  • Hi, thanks for this post! I have a perhaps silly question because I have never tried making my own moisturizer nor worked with coconut oil. Do you leave the moisturizer on the skin or wash it off after a certain amount of time?
    Thank you!

    • Not silly at all, Tanya :). For this moisturizer, just simply apply to cleansed skin and leave it on your skin. The coconut oil will feel oily at first, but will be absorbed into the skin.

  • Does the lavender and vitamin E help solidify the coconut oil? I ask because the picture shows something that looks more like refrigerated coconut oil then the clear liquid I am used to at room temperature.

    • Hi Arlie, The lavender and vitamin E are just for the skin benefits, they don’t help the texture of the coconut oil. Coconut oil at room temperature will be solid, when heated will be liquid. If your house is really warm you can place a cup of coconut oil in the fridge and then whip it in a mixer (for softness).

  • The homemade moisturizer with cococnut oil started to dry out my face. i think it needs some other oil added with it.